Pond's New White Beauty Jernih Putih Merona Relaunch Event

Couple weeks ago I was invited by Pond's and Female Daily to Pond's White Beauty event at Mulia Hotel. The purpose of this event was to introduce the new formula of its White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White products. On September 25th, Pond's released their latest inovation in skin treatment. The new Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White is a skin brightening cream line that was specially formulated and designed for all skin types with natural ingredients such as Korean gingseng and saffron that's proven to brighten and beautify skin. If you're addicted to Korean dramas and variety shows, you'd know how Koreans value their gingseng that they'd want to consume ginseng drinks everyday if they could. Saffron is also known as the most expensive spice in the world. Now you know how rich the ingredients in these White Beauty products, right? But I came pretty early as I was the third beauty blogger to sign the guest book. The friendly and lovely people from Pond's then greeted me. While waiting for my friend Aullia, I constantly texted Rini who was supposed to come to the event but couldn't make it thanks to her work. 

The ballroom was decorated with white, red, and pink just like its theme: Pinkish White. And after a while I got to talk to some other beauty bloggers until Aullia came. Then we took series of pictures (a lot) before the event started. We took pictures like there was no tomorrow lol using polaroid, digital camera, and phone camera. It was like photoshoot madness. Anyway...

There are 4 new products in this new line:

1. Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White for all skin types.
2. Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Even for Sensitive Skin. It contains green tea and it's also dermatology tested, perfect for sensitive skin. 
3. Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Spotless for Acne Prone Skin. It contains spotless complex which was dermatology tested and very perfect for oily and acne prone skin.
4. Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Advanced SPF 15. It is a moisturizer and sunscreen in one. 

At first, the host, Nadia Mulia opened the event with brief introduction about the products. People, well girls used to wish to have fair skintone but now we may think that to have just white or very fair skin isn't enough cause sometimes it looks pale with no color. Now many girls want to have bright, clear and fair skin but with more natural blush to achieve the popular "no makeup" look without actually applying too much makeup. 

Then Dr. David Birtwistle, South East Asia and Australasia R&D Regional Director, explained in detailed more about Pond's latest innovation. He explained that Pond's have been researching to find the right formula for Asian women to effectively brighten and texturize skin. It was all started when Pond's Institute became the pioneer in using Niacinamide as active ingredient in whitening products. And now they combined their brightening technology with saffron extracts and Korean gingseng to give healthy radiance and glowy white skin that's called translucent pinkish white. 

Korean gingseng was formulated to help brightening the skin to look more radiant and translucent while saffron flower extract helps brightening dark spots and redness. So you can imagine how effective the products are with the combined natural ingredients and Pond's latest innovation. 

Dr. David also conducted a test, before and after using Pond's New White Beauty. If you see the first picture, you can barely see the background behind the transparent bubbles thingy. It looks so dull, and after, the background can be seen way clearer. That's how the skin would change after using Pond's New White Beauty. Dull skin with dark spots can be brighten, plain skin can be enhanced to look translucent and radiance. 

We were also given the opportunity to try swatching the day cream and night cream. The left one is the night cream and the pinkish one is the day cream.

Aullia secretly took pictures of my chubby hands when I was swatching and critically asked about the creams and please ignore the pink ribbon on my pinky finger I didn't even remember why I tied it there lol. I only felt the creams briefly on the back of my hand, but I liked the day cream already cause it gives matte finish while the night cream is more moisturizing and thicker in consistency. 

After the event, we could eat some sushi and pasta, as well as some cute pink cupcakes while mingling with others. By the way the dress code is pinkish white so almost all the beauty bloggers present wore pink and white outfit. Unfortunately I am not a fan of pink and didn't have any pink dress to wear, so I wore peachy dress with white cape lol. 

Aren't they cute? Though it's too sweet for my liking, but I want to bring them all home as my pretty home decoration lol. Now, photo spam time :D

Taken with various cameras, with other beauty bloggers: Riyanti, Aullia, and Sasya. We all wore different shades of pink. 

Oh, I also got a very cute goodie bag from Pond's. It's all pastel pink and white again. 

Personally, I'm pretty familiar with Pond's products as I've been using Pond's cleansers for a long while. I always use Pond's Clear Balance Oil Control Skin Mattifying Facial Foam every morning, and Clear Solutions Anti Bacterial Facial Foam every night and they work like charms to my skin. This time I got the day and night creams. The night cream is more watery and white. It blends easily and gives this soft and moisturized finish while the day cream is slightly pink and once blended it's matte but not drying. The effect is almost instantly, you can see my skin looks more brighten. I especially love the day cream. It acts as makeup base and moisturizer. I always apply it before any other products everyday. I notice it helps my oily T-zone stay shine free a bit more. I've been using it for the past 2 weeks, and while I don't notice that much difference maybe I should use it more, but my face looks less dull now without makeup. 

Overall, I'm content with these creams. Pond's New White Beauty products are now available in stores. Follow Pond's on facebook and twitter for more information and updates. And thank you for reading~

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