Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream Review

New CC creams from various brands keep coming out to the market, from IOPE, Mizon, Holika Holika, Peripera, to Chanel, Smashbox, and many more, but Elishacoy seems to be one of the first Korean brands that released their CC creams. If you read my introduction to Wishtrend, you'd know that this CC cream was on my wishlist back then, and that was several months ago. And thanks to Wishtrend, I finally got my hands on this fabulous looking CC cream. Even when I saw the promotional pictures I already fell in love, I love any cosme products in a tube, and classic white and gold, and this is it.

Elishacoy is a Korean brand, though it's may not as well known as other mainstream brands like Etude House, Tonymoly, Holika Holika,etc. but this brand has many great makeup and skincare products with pretty packaging. Some of the highly rave products are its CC cushion, Pore Solution Kit and Always Nuddy BB cream, as well as the CC cream.

The CC from this Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC cream stands for Complete Correction. When applying several layers of cosmetics in a hot and sunny day (it's always summer all year here where I live), it is easy for makeup to be heave and overlayered. Elishacoy Always Nuddy (Nudy? lol) CC cream is a light tinted product that offers hydration, wrinkle reduction, whitening, and glowing effect all at once. Healthier and clearer skin can be expected when applied continuously. This CC cream claims to be a 10 in 1 formula. Yes, ten, doesn't it sound promising? It has color encapsulated spheres that burst when it's rubbed on skin, and change color, blending into the skin. It claims to be hydrating skin with 20 skin moisture ingredients. It also gives healthy glow to the skin upon application. I always stare blankly (while drooling) whenever I see those beautiful Korean actresses with dewy glowy natural looking skin in K-dramas. Who doesn't like glowy natural skin? Well I know my skin is shiny after 6 hours, but I still want that kind of healthy glowy face too. But CC cream can be tricky for me as I have blemishes I would love to conceal cause most CC creams I know offer light coverage. But don't worry, I will show you in this post how to use CC cream, looking natural, while still covering blemishes. So keep reading :D

I absolutely love the box. It's glossy but sleek with the white and gold lining, also the polkadot with nude background, it's just lovely.

It is in a tube with gold twistable cap. I can't find the ingredients list on the box or the back of the tube, but I found it online that the main ingredients are mainly consist of natural herbs like black bean extract, olive leaf extract, cactus flower extract, shea butter, avocado oil, cranberry extract, jojoba seed extract, lavender flower water etc. So it's completely safe. 

elishacoy always nuddy cc cream

Unfortunately, it doesn't come in a pump dispenser (which I like). It's still pretty easy to get the product out of the nozzle, but sometimes it can be a little messy. But of course I can always wipe it off and clean it afterwards.

It has tiny beads that burst when rubbed on the skin 3-4 times and do its job to change the white color to match the skintone. The consistency is a bit runny though still creamy, but it's really lightweight. It has soft floral scent. 

It does help brightening my skin a bit, and it settles into the skin really well. It claims to be anti wrinkle, I do have fine lines under my eyes and while it doesn't completely conceal the lines, it does help covering it. I must say it has sheer coverage though but it covers redness pretty well. 

Now I'm going to share you how I use CC cream. 

bare face
As you can see, I have redness, large pores, acne scars, discoloration, and dark circles under my eyes. Wow that's a lot lol. It's just my skin condition is slightly better lately, but normally I have redness around my cheeks and around nose as well. 

1. CC Cream

elishacoy always nuddy cc cream
with only Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream
This CC cream is really lightweight and have pretty light coverage for me, definitely not enough to conceal my acne scars. But as you can see most of my redness is covered and it also covers my dark circles a bit. It brightens my skin and gives slight natural glow. It's really good for daily use cause it's almost transparent I don't feel like wearing anything. But wearing it alone for combination to oily skin might not be a good idea cause the oil control isn't that great for super oily T zone like mine, so I still need to blot throughout the day. 

2. CC cream, BB cream

elishacoy always nuddy cc cream

First, apply the CC cream and then let it settle for few minutes before applying BB cream on areas that need more coverage. This is really nice but for people with oily skin, it may feel a bit heavy after hours especially when your face starts to shine. Or you can also substitute the BB cream with your favorite concealer. 

3. CC Cream + BB Cream

elishacoy always nuddy cc cream
mix CC and BB cream
I need more coverage, so I mix CC cream and my favorite medium coverage BB cream (in this case I use TN Blemish Zero BB cream) with 1:3 ratio. Blend the creams with brush for more even result. This way I still can get the effects in the CC cream but also get the coverage from the BB cream, it's also more long lasting. 

elishacoy cc cream
wearing CC + BB cream
 You can see my face looks more smooth and even and no more blemishes! Also, this feels lighter way more than the CC cream, BB cream method cause the blended creams apply once so it feels like you only apply one type of cream. I just love the subtle glow with full coverage finish.

4. Blended CC Cream + BB Cream, and Powder
elishacoy cc cream
blended cc cream and bb cream with powder
For more long lasting result, I set my face that was applied with blended CC and BB creams with loose powder, no highlighter. And this is the result. It's matte (cause I use matte loose powder) but some parts of my face looks dewy thanks to the subtle glow. Just add blush, and my face look healthy and less pale :D I love this the most. If you follow me on facebook, do you remember when I posted about I found a way to have matte face almost all day? Yes, this is how. I applied Elishacoy CC cream and BB cream (can be matte BB cream like Lioele Dollish Vita or Skinfood Peach Pore Sake) and set it with loose powder (I use Dodo Palgantong Theatrical Powder). Apply oil free primer before the CC cream to get longer lasting result. The whole day I only blot once, or twice if I use nose makeup (cause more products on my face give me more shine) during the day. I love how I look luminous, but still oil free for at least 7 good hours. Of course, results may vary from one person to another as we all have different skin types, but it's worth to try :D 

- Brightens skin
- Color change
- Suit all skin types
- Lightweight
- Doesn't clog pores
- Covers redness

- So-so oil control
- Light coverage

This CC cream brightens my dull skin and covers my redness and some scars. It's quite moisturizing. Though the oil control isn't my favorite, but with applying more coverage BB cream or foundation, and setting it with oil free loose powder, this CC cream is part of my daily routine now. Though I feel naked when I wear the CC cream alone, but I absolutely love the subtle glow it gives. And with my favorite method of wearing CC cream, which is blending the CC cream with the BB cream, I get the semi matte with dewy finish I always want. If I need more matte finish, I'd just puff some loose powder all over my face and it'll keep my oil at bay for good long hours. I notice that my skin condition seems to get better after continuous use of this CC cream everyday.

You can get Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream from Wishtrend with free worldwide shipping for first purchase. Thank you all for reading this review. Hope this is helpful for you who requested new CC cream review ^^

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