Etude House 5th Anniversary Event

Last October 17th (gosh that was more than a month ago!), I was invited to Etude House Indonesia 5th anniversary event which also celebrated the launching of Etude House Almight Foundation Any Cushion. It was held on Ratatouile Bistro & Bar. I was so excited to go there cause it's Etude House after all, how cute it would be? But to my disappointment, I was stuck in traffic and late to the event. And by late, I mean 1 hour late. How terrible was it? I was so anxious in the car. And I was more anxious once I reached the H Tower, on the way to Ratatouile, I could tell how crowded it was from the sounds. The moment I stepped in, yes it was full house. There were tons of people, from the media mostly, and some were bloggers. But I couldn't find an empty seat so I had to roam around and could just take pictures. It was quite dark inside though so I had no luck, until I met Sasya and before anything else, we took picture first lol. And then she directed me to a really nice empty seat in front of hers, at the very front row, kinda awkward there XD But fortunately I was able to see what was going on the stage once there. The moment I arrived (since I was super late), some beauty bloggers were having a 10 minute makeup challenge using Etude House Any Cushion and other Etude House products.

I was amazed while watching them applying full makeup, cause I honestly don't think I can do it within 10 minutes. And the room lighting didn't help either, it was pretty dark there. But most of them finished their makeup, all using Etude House products, in 10 minutes.

She was the chosen winner of this makeup challenge. Elise Je Kwon, Training Manager of Etude House Korea (she was so gorg!), gave her the prize.

Yenny Maria, Director of Etude House Indonesia, gave a quick introduction to Etude House Indonesia, starting from its opening on 2000. Back then it was just Etude, then they re-branded as Etude House on 2008, 5 years ago. Currently, Etude House has 32 counters all over Indonesia. In Jakarta alone, I always see Etude House counter/store in most malls already, and they are expanding and opening in other cities as well. Etude House is planning to open up to 40 more counters until 2018.

Etude House also launched its own cushion makeup which is Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion.

Chris Choi, Business Development Representative of Etude House Korea, also introduced briefly about this product. He explained that this is a revolutionary foundation that's equipped with cushion. The soft and unique cushion is packaged in a compact and it's travel friendly. The cushion has cell trap technology that absorbs the liquid foundation without spilling, and quickens makeup application while still concealing imperfections flawlessly. It has 6 in 1 multi function that other cushion products didn't have, from sun protection, moiturizing, oil control, coverage, brightening, and cooling effect.

The birthday cake was seriously the cutest! Too bad I didn't get to take close up photo, but the cake was obviously pink and cute ala Etude House.

A slice of cake was given to Sasya as the beauty bloggers representative lol the cake was as sweet as its appearance (and most likely so fattening, good thing I only took a small bite). And after the ceremony, all of us had lunch. 

after lunch

the only spot with the best lighting

with Dee

with Sasya
trying to take pic with the lovely cake

wearing my favorite Liz Lisa dress

And cause I was late, me and some other friends didn't get the Any Cushion. I got the Etude House mini magazine with tons of SHINee and Krystal promo pics, and shopping voucher from Etude House.

I got IDR 1,000,000 (~$100) gift voucher which I thought would be enough to grab some Etude House products from the counter, but I was surprised to see that the latest line they had was the Wonder Pore line. I thought the Rose line was there but not at all lol. The latest product was obviously the Any Cushion but I didn't get that one. 

These were the products I was able to grab from Etude House store. Yes, only 5 items lol. And these were the only items I was interested in, cause I either have the others already or the ones I wanted wasn't available yet in stores.

Next, I will review the Any Cushion. I had to make separate post cause it'd be pretty lengthy with lots of pictures haha. Thank you for reading this post ^^ Don't forget you can also join my collab giveaway with Ashley to win a chance to try Etude House Any Cushion :D

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