Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips Review

etude house minnie lipstick

With the amount of requests I got for this product recently, finally I have time to sit down and work on this review. Yes, as you guys may know, a while ago Etude House collaborated with Disney (specifically Minnie Mouse) and released Etude House x Minnie collection. I know the products from this collections were sold like hot cakes. The packaging is too die for just like other Etude House products. Among the other products, this lipstick caught my eyes the most, mainly cause of the cute polkadots. But when I saw the promotional pictures, I fell in love with the Bubble Pink shade. I'm not really a pink lips person but couple of friends (coughMarxieandRinicough) convinced me I need pink lipstick (especially when taking pictures) haha I remember a while ago when taking selca with Rini, I looked as dead as a corpse cause I was wearing nude lips lol. Then Marxie reminded me day and night to get more pink puppies lippies. There are 2 shades available for this product: red and pink. I never imagine myself with red lips since the nightmare I had when I was a kid (younger me wearing red lipstick as a flower girl was horrendous I still couldn't look at that childhood photo again, not that I remember where I put that photo anyway lol). 

Actually I was so excited to get this bubble pink lipstick until I saw Rini's and was shocked when I twisted the bullet. Cause it looked hot pink instead of cute light pink like the swatch. So I was like uh okay I changed my mind. I eventually got this lipstick though XD And was even more shocked when I swatched it, I even began to hesitate and worry. I'll explain more about this in details after the jump.

                                                                   Bubble wrapped!

Minnie with the pink lips on the box :D

 The polkadot pattern on the side is super adorable!


I got shade #2 Bubble Pink with the cute minnie mouse barcode

Is it adorable or what? I'm extremely in love with the packaging. I like touching the cap for no reason, just so I can feel the mini embossed polkadots lol.

etude house minnie lipstick

The bullet. I honestly was shocked when I saw it, cause it looked more vibrant than the ones I saw from other reviews, and from Rini's as well. But I thought I was just remembering it wrongly and didn't take it to heart and mind.....

Close up view. The color looks pigmented, and instead of light pink it looks more shocking pink to me, and I was shocked too cause I remembered it being lighter pink lol.

It's supposed to look like this, light sweet pink. I see some other bloggers have similar color as the promo pic, but mine seems to be a different batch, probably second generation batch? Or is it actually not as light as the promo photo? /confused

I got even more shocked after I swatched. It's true to its color (at least from what I see on the bullet), very pigmented and creamy with slight shimmer. On one hand I'm happy to see how pigmented and creamy it is, but on another hand, I wasn't sure I could pull it off. 

etude house minnie bubble pink lipstick

- Very pigmented
- Moisturizing
- Affordable
- Lasts few good hours
- Cute packaging

- Limited edition
- A bit different from the promotional picture

A very cute and affordable lipstick anyone should get and try out. It's very moisturizing, doesn't accentuate my dry chapped lips. It's really pigmented as well so usually I just swipe lightly on my lips or the color will look too bold on me. It stains on my glass, but if I don't lick it or drink/eat like a savage it'll last for at least 4-5 hours. One of the downsides is it's limited edition, meaning you might not see this on sale all year long. And the other downside is mine seems to be a different batch that the color is a bit different from others. It's supposed to be lighter pink but mine is shocking pink. I'm not complaining cause even to my surprise, I quite like the color. I would really recommend it if you have dry lips like mine, seriously it doesn't dry my lips and I really love how it keeps my lips moisturize like a lip balm :D 

Beautynetkorea for $9.50

etude house minnie bubble pink lipstick

I still think the lipstick is too vibrant for my liking haha but I got many compliments with it on. What do you think? Have you tried Etude House Minnie lipstick? Which color is your favorite?

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