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Big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses are the famous fashion element these days. Big eye circle lenses originated from Korea where the then celebrities welcomed the trend warm-heartedly. The trends of wearing big eye circle lenses increased even more after the appearance of Ulzzangs and Gyarus with circle lenses. Today, big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses are considered an important fashion tool to improve your looks. Even though they are not FDA approved in the states there are several western celebrities who have been wearing big eye contact lenses for a long time now. Find out here some of the famous celebrity inspired looks. 

There exist two extreme groups about big eye circle lenses-one which is too actively involved in using circle lenses without any precautions and safety considerations, whereas the other group is a fear-monger. We need to understand that big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses should be taken as “medical-devices” rather than a mere fashion accessory. As long as you are taking care of your circle lenses along with proper care of your contact lens cases there lays no harm wearing them. If you find yourself in a dilemma and are reluctant to try circle lenses; we recommend you to read these “Myth & Facts about big eye circle lenses and contact lenses

Fortunately, big eye circle lenses are not only a fashion necessity but also serve to the functional needs. Big eye circle lenses come in prescription too, hence can be used as vision correction. There are many advantages of preferring contacts over glasses. To name a few, big eye circle lenses help you transform and modify your looks. They also remain unaffected by weather conditions unlike glasses.

UNIQSO is an online store that is busy spreading the knowledge about big eye circle lenses in masses and advocates this KPOP trend. Therefore to help penetrate the culture of wearing circle contacts, uniqso keeps launching various promotions where you can get a chance to win big eye contact lenses for FREE. If you already wear contact lenses, you only need to submit your pictures at the UNIQSO Facebook page or if you are a makeup artist/ blogger win free big eye circle lenses by registering with UNIQSO. You can also get makeup inspirations with big eye circle lenses and create an enticing look.

uniqso giveaway

UNIQSO has sponsored a giveaway for Misa’s readers. One lucky reader will win a pair of Barbie circle lens of their choice from UNIQSO.


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You can also join this giveaway via Rafflecopter. Just login, do the mandatory tasks to join. And then you can earn bonus entries from the extra tasks.

Please, don't follow to unfollow later once the giveaway ends cause it's unfair to my original followers. And don't cheat cause I always check the entries :) This giveaway will end on December 17th. Good luck everyone ^^

Limited to 100 Units only- First Come First Serve Basis

UNIQSO wishes everyone a Very Happy “Christmas”. Avail 11% discount in “Current Promotion” on all products. Your eyes are worth it ^_^

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