Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner S Review

I've been a religious gel liner user until I saw this product online. I've always thought gel liner was the best eyeliner for me as it's really easy to draw using brush, but then I lost the brush I got from Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner and had to use separate angled brush to apply the gel eyeliner which I felt quite disturbing since the brush I have is too long and not so practical for my always-on-the-go situation it barely fit inside my bulky makeup pouch. So I was looking for marker or pen eyeliner. There are too many pen eyeliner in the market from brands like Dolly Wink, NYX, Faceshop, Etude House, and many more I got confused which one I should try lol. I was looking at Kanebo products and found this Kanebo KATE Super Sharp Liner S. 

As many of you may know, Kanebo is a well known Japanese producer of cosmetics that has been around for about 125 years. They have several brands like Lunasol, Sensai, Impress, Blanchir Superior, Coffret D'or, and KATE. KATE has more urban, trendy, and cool style, targeting younger market segments. I heard good things about Kanebo KATE since some years ago and this is one of the products I try from this brand. This product comes in 3 shades, black BK-1, grey BK-2 and brown BR-1, I got the black one. And actually I didn't expect much from this pen liner cause honestly I still thought gel liner would be more convenient for me but this sharp liner prove me wrong. 

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Most of the product description is on Japanese, but they provide the english direction as well on the right. 

The eyeliner is in the pen form, seems to be made of plastic but doesn't give that cheap plastic feel. The cap is specially designed so that air wouldn't be able to sneak in and dry out the liner tip. It closes tightly! As an addition, the pen is super light as well. The brush seems to be a tad too long but it's really smooth and easy to draw on the skin. The only downside for me is while it's accurate, the brush kinda reminds of ancient chinese calligraphy brush cause it's not firm or stiff. Of course soft brush is really nice cause it won't hurt the thin eyelids while applying eyeliner, but also for some people (including me) it's easy to make a mistake while drawing the line cause the brush is pretty soft. But practice makes perfect. After about a month now I've been using this eyeliner, I barely make messy mistakes while applying it on my eyelids now :D It's just super easy and quick to use, way quicker than gel or pencil eyeliner and no debris as well so people with sensitive eyes and circle lens users can surely use this pen liner with ease, no need to worry about eyeliner dust getting in to your eyes. 

One stroke is already pigmented. But on my eyes, I usually use more than one stroke since I like thick cat eyeline more. Normally I use setting powder around my eyes before I use any eye makeup, and that way I never see smudged eyeliner. But I notice that this eyeliner, especially the lower part smudges when I apply this after BB cream only (no powder) so you might want to set your eyes with powder first before applying eyeliner. When rubbed with extreme force, it looks like the bottom left picture, smudged. Rubbing with water removes the ink pretty easily but doesn't completely remove it. So using makeup or eye makeup remover is the best way to get rid of the ink. But I like how it need strength or extra rub to take off the eyeliner completely. I can be pretty lazy after a long day out, and when I'm back home I love how this eyeliner doesn't need me to put more efforts to remove it although I normally apply thick eyeliner. Even facial wipes can remove this eyeliner easily, so really no need to rub it hard. 

- Pigmented
- Easy to apply
- Sharp but soft brush tip
- Doesn't hurt eyelids when applying
- Lightweight
- Easy to remove using makeup remover
- Quick dry

- The soft brush may make it easy to draw messily for first timers

This Super Sharp Liner S is basically a liquid liner in the form of pen brush. Its brush tip is sharp it can draws the line pretty accurately and quickly, but also soft so it glides smoothly and it won't hurt the eyelids in the process. The color is pigmented and stay all day except if it's rubbed or washed on purpose. It's better to apply it after setting your eyes with eye primer and powder. The ink also dries really fast. It's very recommended for people who don't have time to do much eye makeup, or always in a rush (like me), and also for people with sensitive eyes. For me, I'm really happy with this eyeliner cause it's really fast to apply, usually I finish lining my eye in 1 minute and it has great staying power. Even after a whole day, the eyeliner on my eyelids doesn't fade. It's not hard to take it off completely using makeup remover or wipes, which is a plus for me. 

You can get this eyeliner from Adam Beauty. They ship worldwide with cheap shipping fee. That's all my review for today. Hope this was helpful for people who requested new eyeliner review. Thank you all for reading ^^

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