Lashious Lashes Gyaru Eyelash #158 Review

Eyelashes has been an essential part of my makeup routine. I feel my eyes bald/naked without some crazy eyelashes. There are tons of eyelashes from various brands and types, but I prefer bold and dramatic over natural looking lashes lol. If I have to pick my favorite eyelashes, compared to Dolly Wink that everybody loves and adores, I would prefer either Eyemazing or Diamond (or both), but most likely Diamond cause it's just my style lol, the Glamour Lash (グラマラス) at least. But when I go to formal events, of course I'd tone it down using less dramatic lashes. But choosing eyelashes can be tricky too, I believe pricey eyelashes supposed to have better quality than cheaper lashes. But in reality, I got less pricey eyelashes that I like more than some eyelashes from more popular and pricey brands. 

So when kind people from Lashious Lashes sponsored me a box of eyelashes and asked which one I'd like, I chose this eyelashes no. 158. They have other natural style eyelashes, but I fell in love at first sight with eyelashes #158 haha it's just so gorgeous (to me at least) and Diamond-like. Keep reading to see more of this amazingly soft and beautiful eyelashes.

The box is tightly wrapped

It's a Chinese brand eyelashes, comes with 10 pairs of eyelashes

I got no. 158

Beautiful 10 pairs of thick and soft eyelashes. Lashious Lash kindly sent me a pair of their criss cross lower lashes as well ^_^

You can see how soft they are from the pictures, right? I'm amazed at the quality of these lashes. 

Maybe because I always have thick eyeliner, but I notice the eyelashes aren't thick enough for my eyes lol. So I double the eyelashes on the left eye. You can see it's more thicker than the right one. Both is beautiful, but I like more volume :)

1 eyelash
double eyelashes

You can see the difference between my left and right eye ^^ 

I'm also loving the lower lash. It's criss cross design, and really natural looking for lower lash cause it has transparent lash band ^^

Like I mentioned before, I'm amazed how soft the hair is. I had another box of eyelashes from China I purchased a while ago, but it's kinda low quality compared to the one from Lashious Lash. Cause most eyelashes from China that I have tried usually look stiff, doesn't really bend quite well, and have hard lash bands that kinda hurt my eyelids when pressed with glue. I have Japanese Diamond eyelashes dupe from KAI, and it looks super pretty but the lash band is just too hard and rough it doesn't sit nicely on my eyelids.

But I can assure you, this eyelash is soooo soft, and the lash band is thin (can be a pro or con depends on your preference). It doesn't feel heavy or hurt my eyelids.

To sum it up,

- High quality hair
- Soft and not stiff
- Thin lash band
- Thick lashes
- Doesn't fall off

- The thin lash band doesn't make it easy for me to stick on first attempt

It has 10 pairs in a box, so for IDR 55,000 the price is really reasonable, like IDR 5,500 per pair, how cheap is that? And the quality is really good for an off brand eyelash. Plus, the hair is sooo smooth I just love to touch it with my finger. Unlike other cheap brands, the eyelash is quite strong and not stiff at all. It's bendable. The great thing is it doesn't give me the fake vibe when worn. I love how it doesn't hurt my eyelids or make my eyes feel heavy with it. The eyelash can also be worn more than once, just remove the excess glue and put it back on the box neatly and it's wearable again for the next time you need to wear it. So the 10 pairs can really last a long time. So if you want to try affordable eyelashes that make your eyes pop and more alive without robbing your wallet, then this is the one. 

Lashious Lashes shop on facebook for only IDR 55,000 per box (10 pairs).

You can also use my discount code "MISARAISU" to get IDR 10,000 off when you order from Lashious Lashes with minimum purchase IDR 100,000 ^_^

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