Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Review

As someone with combination oil skin, I can never stand still when I find another primer that promised better oil control and pore erasing. I just had to get and try it. It irks me so much when I see oil spots ruining my nose makeup when I've been outside for several hours. So I'm always looking for any oil free primers I can find. I was looking for new primers when my Shu Uemura POREraser emptied. Instead of getting another one, I got this Maybelline Pore Eraser cause it's more affordable and I always wanted to try something new, bad habit I know. There are just too many shine control primers from different brands, from Benefit Porefessional, NYX Shine Killer, Laura Mercier Oil Free primer, and many more. Then I found this Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. I'm not that up to date to non asian cosmetic brands but Maybelline is one of the easiest drugstore brand I can get pretty easily here. Lately I've been using their Baby Lips too for my chapped lips. And I didn't know they have this Baby Skin as well. 

From what I see, this primer seems to be Benefit Porefessional's dupe. Correct me if I'm wrong. From the color, tube, packaging and function it resembles Porefessional in many ways, except for the price cause it's way cheaper. I read from some other reviews that this Pore Eraser primer isn't that much different from Benefit Porefessional and that's why I decided to try it. 

It comes with this transparent plastic box to keep it safe. 

The packaging is pretty cute, in a slim tube with a cap. It's a gel primer and a little goes a long way. What I notice is the smell, usually I'm not fussy over product smell but this one isn't pleasant. It says it contains cherry extract so I expected the product to have cherry scent somehow but it doesn't, instead it smells like... medicine? Not my favorite smell haha. But once applied, I barely smell it after some seconds. 

It does conceal my pores but not as good as I'd hope for. It doesn't give matte finish on my skin as well, but more like velvety layer which is pretty good. You can wear it alone or under makeup. Usually I apply under BB and/or CC cream. But looking at the ingredients, I see it also contains dimethicone so it's silicone based polymer. I know silicone based product makes it easy to spread on the face, making it a nice canvas to apply foundation or BB cream. Dimethicones also can fill in the fine lines and wrinkles. But while it has its positivity, people with sensitive skin might want to avoid using product that contains dimethicone for daily use. I once read that dimethicone actually traps everything under it so it may causes breakout and blackheads. It may also dries your skin with daily use. Wow doesn't it sound bad? Haha but I still use this primer sometimes, only on my nose and inner part of my cheeks and having sensitive skin, obviously I don't apply this primer everyday. 

Cause I notice while it does help controlling my shine, it still doesn't make my face matte for long hours. So no, it's not the best primer for people with oily skin. But with the reasonable price, it's pretty decent for people with combination skin. On my skin, it helps me shine free for 4-5 hours under makeup (BB creams and setting powder).

- Affordable
- Travel friendly
- Lightweight
- Conceal some pores
- Control shine

- Might not for people with sensitive skin
- Doesn't last whole day without blotting (obviously)

As a primer that costs less than $15 this product is considered decent. It helps erasing pores and gives smooth velvet layer on face. It also controls shine for about 4-5 hours under makeup (oil free BB cream and setting powder). It's not the best oil free primer, but considering how affordable this product is, it does pretty decent job compared to other pricier primers out there that do worse. 

You can get this product from any Maybelline counters and other drugstores. For Indonesian readers, you can also get this online from Luxola (that's where I purchased it from). 

Do you also have oily T-zone issue? What's your favorite shine free primer? Share with me on the comments below :D 

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