Revlon Just Bitten Kissable #015 Review

Lips lips lips. Lately I always look for lip products cause I still haven't found the right pink shade lipstick that I like and suits my dry lips. This product is probably one of girls' favorite lippie as I've seen the reviews everywhere and my friend, a lip junkie, introduced this product to me some months ago. I thought the idea of jumbo lip crayon as lipstick is pretty unique. I know a lot of brands release their own lip crayon products which is great and actually a quick and accurate way to apply lipstick especially on a rush (I'm always on a rush lol). I went to try this on Revlon counter and got confused which shades should I get cause there are just too many colors! Whenever I'm out to hunt some lipstick, my hands naturally grab the nude colored ones but then Marxie's image in my head always reminds me to get pink colors. And I end up taking this pink lipstick from Revlon. 

Now let's see this product more.

The packaging is pretty simple, just like normal pen. It comes with a big cap. It's quite big and kinda stuck in my makeup pouch thanks to its size. There's a twist on the bottom part to take more of the crayon out. 

I got it in no 015 Cherish Devotion. 

revlon just bitten kissable

I forgot to swatch it on the back of my hand lol but the color is pink with a hint of light fuschia. Surprisingly it has mint taste that makes me wanna lick my lips haha, doesn't really have any fragrance though. 

cherish devotion

Under natural lighting, it looks really pretty on the lips. But when I'm in low lighting room, I kinda don't like how the color looks like on my lips, maybe it's just me. One thing I notice though it kinda accentuates my dry lips, but only slightly and on my lower lip especially. You can see my dry lips from the swatch picture above.

- Pigmented
- Buildable
- Easy to apply
- Cheap
- Mint flavor
- Long lasting

- Slightly accentuates dry lips


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable is very practical and easy to wear on the go. It's like jumbo lip liner that acts as lipstick. It's really pigmented but the color is buildable. It can be sheer if you want it to be. The mint flavor is a plus. But the downside (for me) is it accentuates dry areas on my lower lip. It's actually pretty moisturizing but unfortunately my lower lip looks a bit chapped when wearing this lippie so I have to moisturize my lips before using lip balm (I use Maybelline Baby Lips). This lipstick is pretty long lasting, for around 6 hours if I don't lick it often or drink too much lol. It doesn't give that stickiness too when worn. I like this lipstick a lot although my lower lip sometimes don't look too pretty, sometimes I mix this lip crayon with my NYX nude lipstick to get more moisturized and softer color lips. But I totally recommend this product to anyone cause it comes in many shades you can't not find your favorite color. With its affordable price, I must say this lip product is a really must have! 

revlon just bitten kissable

Have you tried Revlon Just Bitten Kissable? Which one is your favorite shade?

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