Cute & Cheap Nails on Tmart

tmart nails

Guess what I'm doing on New Year's Eve? Yes, sitting down in front of my laptop, typing up this post in the middle of the noisy fireworks and new year party. Haha but anyway today I want to share about nails. I used to love painting my nails, a lot. I liked drawing on them and making them look cute but unique. However, thanks to work and other stuffs I usually always on a rush and barely can apply my makeup on time, so obviously I barely have time to do my nails. I have a drawer full of nail polishes and nail art accessories but it's just getting hard to do my own nails lately. I only do my nails on special occasions like when I'm going to events, parties or weddings.

Even so, I still love nail art and trying new nail polishes on my free time. This time I have a nail polish and false nails review on this post. They're from Tmart, a China based e-marketplace that carries a lot of products from many categories from gadgets, accessories, makeup brushes, to wigs and nails. They have mostly low price with free worldwide shipping.

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Etude House Princess Etoinette 2 Hand Cream Review

Hi guys! Wow that's such a long title and I already shortened it as the real name is Etude House Princess Etoinette Blooming Perfumed Hands in White Peony. O___O yep not going to put all that as a title lol anyway today is probably the first time I blog on my phone. That's cause my camera died (I forgot to charge after taking tutorial photos yesterday) and I just use my phone to take photos once I got this brand new hand cream from w2beauty

As you know Etude House released their Princess Etoinette 2 last month, and so far I got the lipstick and hand cream cause I don't think I really need the other products (I'm really restricting myself to buy more and more products I barely use) cause I'm saving to buy a new laptop haha. Cosmetic products really don't help me to save as they keep coming, especially Etude House. 

Anyway, I notice my hands been a bit dry lately as I barely take care of them. I'm a person who tends to get lazy when it comes to applying hand or body lotion. Some are just a bit creamy and sticky for my liking so usually I end up going out without any. But as I age, I begin to wonder why my hands are so dry lately and what if they start to wrinkle?! Of course I wouldn't want that to happen. Oh gosh I think I type and blabber more when typing on my phone (like I always do when texting). But yeah, the first time I saw the Etoinette 2 hand creams I had been dying to get it for my poor hands. And after 2 weeks of waiting, it finally arrived! So I'm going to do a quick review on this post. 

Lolita Wig Review

sololita gyaru lolita hair

Everyone around me knows my love for gyaru hair and makeup, but if you ask which fashion style I prefer between lolita and gyaru, I'd pick lolita any day. I love everything with bows, ruffles, lace, and anything cute. Though gothic lolita may be my favorite lolita style, but I also love sweet hime lolita. And lolita dresses and accessories are even harder to get for me, so usually I stick with hime gyaru instead. Anyway, I was so thrilled when I got the chance to review one of the cute wigs sponsored by SoLolita. I picked the cute multicolored lolita wig. It arrived in about 2-3 weeks, right before christmas holiday. It was quite fast shipping, considering I usually get things shipped from China for more than a month. Now, let's see more about this lovely wig.

Princess Etoinette 2 Crystal Shine Lips Review

etoinette 2 crystal shine lips

First off, merry christmas everyone! May you have a great day with your family and loved ones.

If you're Etude House fans, you must've known that they just released their latest Etoinette 2 collection last month. They're like the sequel of the popular Etoinette series and they're as pretty and classy of course, and I just had to get my hands on the lipstick at least, as I'm a fan of their previous first Etoinette lipstick as well. I've reviewed the first Etoinette lipstick before. I posted on facebook a while ago when I got this product, I asked you which color you think I might get and only 1 person answered it right if I'm not mistaken haha. If you know me I'm not a fan of vibrant lipsticks cause I love nude colors so much for my lips. Just recently I got brainwashed into getting more pink lipsticks, and this time I took the challenge and got the red one instead. Me and red lipstick were unimaginable but I'm glad I did get this color. There are 3 available colors available for this lipstick, nude, pink and red. I don't know why they didn't release more colors like they used to, but I saw the other colors and they were also gorgeous. But I will be talking specifically about the red color on this post.

Beauty Bloggers Holiday Collaboration

As I previously stated on my latest fashion post, I collaborated with 4 other beauty bloggers to make a christmas collaboration post. I'm sure some of you know and follow them already, which means you might already see and read their latest xmas posts as well. On this holiday edition, we write different type of posts and showcase our own skills on specific areas (except me). As you can also see we mainly use red and green, to emphasize the Christmas feel. 

Red Heart Christmas Look

Now that Christmas is coming very soon, it's a perfect time for me to do another outfit post. Christmas is my favorite holiday! It gives me such warm (though it can be chilly) and happy vibe whenever I think of Christmas. Christmas is also a perfect time to gather and spend quality time with family and friends. This year I will be spending Christmas with my family and relatives. While the event may be more homey and casual, I still want to look pretty and different. It's Christmas after all. Out of all Christmas colors, I pick red as my favorite. Red is actually one of my favorite colors in any season. So anyway, I chose to be bold and beautiful with sporting red outfit from I Love Sexy. As I said few times before, I always have a thing for heart stuff. And this outfit comes with red glittery heart with gold frame attached on the dress, it also comes with a big red heart hair clip (my favorite!) 

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Barbie Circle Lens Giveaway Winner

Hi guys yesterday my giveaway ended and today I will be announcing who the lucky winner is. After cutting out some cheaters entries (took me a while!) I could pick the winner via rafflecopter. 

Congratulation to Gin! Please send me an email to claim your prize within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen :) thank you for everyone who joined this giveaway. Also big thank you to UNIQSO for sponsoring this giveaway. 

I still have one running giveaway to win $30 gift card for 2 winners, and another future giveaway soon so there's still another chance to win! 

I will be back for a fashion post very soon so until next time :)

2NE1 Missing You Makeup Inspired Tutorial

2ne1 missing you makeup

Hello everyone. I'm back with another 2NE1 makeup inspired tutorial, in collaboration with my beauty blogger friends. Few weeks ago 2NE1 released their latest single MV called Missing you and I just love the song (as always) and their styles in the MV. The song is more mellow and heartbreaking one, not my favorite genre of music from 2NE1 cause I always love their powerful songs more, but the lyrics and melody were so beautiful. You can check it out here. 

And so, me and some beauty blogger friends collaborated to make a 2NE1 inspired makeup tutorial for this Missing You MV.

CL - Junjun from
Minzy - Yomi from Gwiyomi Style
Dara - Shayne from Queen of All You See
Bom - Misa

Visit their blogs to read the full tutorial of the other girls~

Dressale Christmas Giveaway

Hi, lovelies, I have a FANTABULOUS GIVEAWAY for you! Have you heard of Dressale? It is one of my new favorite places to shop nowadays! They have the best selection of beautiful on-trend dresses (party dress, wedding dress, cocktail dress, evening dress, even prom dress), shoes, jewelry and more. You will be amazed entering into their website cause their dresses are really gorgeous. Christmas is coming very soon and now they are giving away 10 dresses every week to their huge fans. 

Irwan Team & GHD Hairstyling Day at Lafayette Galeries Fashion Event

If you are my facebook, Google+ and instagram followers, you must have known that I went to this fashion show with Rini a while ago, October 26th to be exact, yes almost 2 months ago and not a while ago lol what I've been doing? I've posted most of the photos on my social media that I nearly forgot I haven't blogged it. My memory keeps failing me OTL  But anyway, we went to Lafayette Galleries in Pacific Place to get our hair done. Yes, not to watch (or participate) the fashion show, but we were there to get our hair style by Irwan Team who were also responsible for all the models hairstyles as well. There were three main hairstyles they were showcasing for the fashion show, mohawk ponytail, curly vintage style, and braids. 

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Review

Around a month ago, UNIQSO hosted tag friends circle lens giveaway on instagram with Barbie Puffy 3 Tones as prize. Fraulein kindly tagged me and Rini, entering the giveaway. So I returned the favor and joined the giveaway as well, tagging both Fraulein and Rini. And guess what? We won! Haha we were lucky! We could choose any color we wanted, so I chose green. Last time I had Barbie circle lens was 2 years ago I believe and while it made my eyes bigger, it irritated me so I stopped. But I heard and saw many good reviews on this particular series, I was excited and nervous at the same time. But I was glad when I got the vials on my hands. It looks so pretty I keep staring at them, the design reminds me of my favorite kiwi fruit.

Bubblegum Doll Look + Makeup Tutorial

I know Halloween is over and maybe you wonder why costume post again? Cause this costume is beyond cute :D Around a month ago I received this adorable costume set from lovely people of iLoveSexy and I was inspired to do a makeup tutorial that fit this look as well. The tutorial is mostly my usual dolly eye makeup though. I got few requests to post my dolly eye makeup and I finally got the time to do it now, so here it is. 

Everbuying Giveaway Winner

I promised I will post a makeup tutorial & outfit post, but my giveaway just ended few hours ago so I have to announce the winner first. First off, thank you to Everybuying who sponsored this giveaway, and second thank you to everyone who participated. As usual, there are some people who cheat. But after wiping out the cheaters entries, rafflecopter picked one lucky winner.

Congratulations, Yna Bronozo! Please send me an email within 24 hours to claim your prize ^^

Thank you everyone. But for the others, you can still join my other giveaways: Barbie circle lens giveaway and $50 Cosmetic Love gift card giveaway :D

$50 Cosmetic Love Gift Card Giveaway

Well hello again, guys! Christmas is coming soon and I know my collab Christmas giveaway with Ashley just ended, but I was invited to join another collaboration giveaway by some of my favorite fellow beauty bloggers. This time you can win $50 gift card from Cosmetic Love. Cosmetic Love is a Korea based online store that carries a lot of Korean makeup and skincare brands. 

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Blogger of the Week @ Price Panda

price panda blogger

Hi guys last weekend I was notified by Price Panda Indonesia as I was featured as one of their Bloggers of the Week. They also introduced me as a blogger who loves Japanese culture including anime, manga, gyaru and lolita style, and I blog about beauty, skincare, and Japanese culture that I love. So I was thankful since I've even never been nominated as blogger of the day anywhere lol. But in case you haven't heard before, I'm going to introduce what Price Panda is like. 

Have you ever hesitate to buy something online cause you think there might be other websites that sell the product a little bit cheaper? I know I have, a lot of times. I wish there was a website that allows me to see which online store sells products in my wishlist with price comparison and make my online shopping life (I'm an avid online shopper!) waaay easier. And that's what Price Panda is for. They provide comparison with the latest product prices. From the website, customers can just browse around and find products they want to find and see the price. And if they want to purchase them, Price Panda simply directs them to the specific online store that sells that product. They also write reviews about their partner websites so people can read about their service and  additional info about the stores, aside of product reviews. Even though mainly they carry electronic gadgets brands, they also have some beauty products on the list. And from Price Panda, I just found out that there's Maybelline lipstick for IDR 35,000. I swear I saw it retails a bit pricier. 

Other than in stock products, they also put coming soon products, like the PS4 in the picture above, also with detailed review and specification. I really find Price Panda helpful as I've been eyeing for new laptop and got confused and lost in the comparing process, and glad to see a lot of laptop brands and types along with the price comparisons and payment methods. And I'll go with the new ASUS laptop (I love ASUS :D).

Price Panda isn't only available in Indonesia, but also in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Mexico. You can also find their mobile app for iOS and android :D