2NE1 Missing You Makeup Inspired Tutorial

2ne1 missing you makeup

Hello everyone. I'm back with another 2NE1 makeup inspired tutorial, in collaboration with my beauty blogger friends. Few weeks ago 2NE1 released their latest single MV called Missing you and I just love the song (as always) and their styles in the MV. The song is more mellow and heartbreaking one, not my favorite genre of music from 2NE1 cause I always love their powerful songs more, but the lyrics and melody were so beautiful. You can check it out here. 

And so, me and some beauty blogger friends collaborated to make a 2NE1 inspired makeup tutorial for this Missing You MV.

CL - Junjun from junjun.ca
Minzy - Yomi from Gwiyomi Style
Dara - Shayne from Queen of All You See
Bom - Misa

Visit their blogs to read the full tutorial of the other girls~

As you can see, Park Bom has 6 different styles (or maybe more) in the MV, different hair, different makeup, different clothes. And indecisive me couldn't really choose which one I should pick for this tutorial, so I kinda combined some of them into one makeup style. It was mainly based on the one with glitters around her eyes, though. And what I like about recreating Park Bom looks is it's pretty simple and mostly she only has thick eye makeup and subtle on other parts like lips and cheeks.

The products I use for this tutorial:

Ageha Icy Grey circle lens
Olay moisturizer
Banila Co. Classic Prime Primer
Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream
Lioele Dollish Vita BB Cream
TN Zero Blemish BB Cream
Dodo Palgantong w3 loose powder
Sleek i Divine eyeshadow palette
Sleek Face Form
It's Skin Tear Liner
Etude House Aloha V Line maker
Benefit They're Real Mascara
Kanebo Kate Sharp Liner
Revlon Photoready eyeshadow
Urban Decay Sin
NYX round circle lipstick in circe
Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips in bubble pink

Now I'll show you how to recreate Park Bom's makeup style in Missing You with these simple steps.

Start with applying your base makeup, moisturizer, primer, BB cream/foundation and set your face with loose powder.

1. Apply base eye shadow all over your eyelid and under eye
2. Apply light purple eye shadow from your lid to your crease
3. Apply dark grey eye shadow on your lid
4. With the grey eye shadow, brush a wing on the lid, and draw a soft line like in the picture

5. Apply eyeliner (doesn't have to be winged eyeliner, but I do winged eyeliner to accentuate my eyes)
6. With white tear liner, draw a line starting from the inner corner of your under eye and connect it to the gray eye shadow
7. Put natural eyelashes if needed and coat it with mascara, contour your nose as well if needed

Now the fun part... :D

8. Prepare glitters or rhinestones (it can be the one you use for nail decoration)
9. Start putting the bling bling around your eyes with mild eyelashes glue

I went a little bit overboard with the rhinestones cause they were so cute lol so my eyes didn't exactly look like Bom's, it's more like eye mask sorry but you can always put the glitters/rhinestones to your heart's content.

10. Sweep your blush brush from the cheekbone to the lower part of the apple of your cheek like shown in the picture
11. Apply lip concealer or nude lipstick, and dab the inner part of your lips with lipstick or lip tint.

And done!

2ne1 missing you makeup tutorial

2ne1 missing you makeup tutorial

 Hope you find this tutorial easy to follow. And don't forget to join my giveaways: $50 Cosmetic Love Gift card, Barbie Circle Lens, and Dressale Christmas Giveaway to win fabulous prizes :D

 Until next time, and happy weekend!

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