Beauty Bloggers Holiday Collaboration

As I previously stated on my latest fashion post, I collaborated with 4 other beauty bloggers to make a christmas collaboration post. I'm sure some of you know and follow them already, which means you might already see and read their latest xmas posts as well. On this holiday edition, we write different type of posts and showcase our own skills on specific areas (except me). As you can also see we mainly use red and green, to emphasize the Christmas feel. 

Pretty Joanne from Urhappybunnie shared a festive green makeup tutorial

Yomi from Gwiyomi Style shared her special Christmas earring DIY tutorial

And cutie Lala also shared a Christmas look makeup tutorial

And I already posted my OOTD, sharing my christmas style & what I am going to wear on Christmas day. Hope our posts can be useful to some of you and happy holidays ^^

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