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Hi guys last weekend I was notified by Price Panda Indonesia as I was featured as one of their Bloggers of the Week. They also introduced me as a blogger who loves Japanese culture including anime, manga, gyaru and lolita style, and I blog about beauty, skincare, and Japanese culture that I love. So I was thankful since I've even never been nominated as blogger of the day anywhere lol. But in case you haven't heard before, I'm going to introduce what Price Panda is like. 

Have you ever hesitate to buy something online cause you think there might be other websites that sell the product a little bit cheaper? I know I have, a lot of times. I wish there was a website that allows me to see which online store sells products in my wishlist with price comparison and make my online shopping life (I'm an avid online shopper!) waaay easier. And that's what Price Panda is for. They provide comparison with the latest product prices. From the website, customers can just browse around and find products they want to find and see the price. And if they want to purchase them, Price Panda simply directs them to the specific online store that sells that product. They also write reviews about their partner websites so people can read about their service and  additional info about the stores, aside of product reviews. Even though mainly they carry electronic gadgets brands, they also have some beauty products on the list. And from Price Panda, I just found out that there's Maybelline lipstick for IDR 35,000. I swear I saw it retails a bit pricier. 

Other than in stock products, they also put coming soon products, like the PS4 in the picture above, also with detailed review and specification. I really find Price Panda helpful as I've been eyeing for new laptop and got confused and lost in the comparing process, and glad to see a lot of laptop brands and types along with the price comparisons and payment methods. And I'll go with the new ASUS laptop (I love ASUS :D).

Price Panda isn't only available in Indonesia, but also in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Mexico. You can also find their mobile app for iOS and android :D 

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