Bubblegum Doll Look + Makeup Tutorial

I know Halloween is over and maybe you wonder why costume post again? Cause this costume is beyond cute :D Around a month ago I received this adorable costume set from lovely people of iLoveSexy and I was inspired to do a makeup tutorial that fit this look as well. The tutorial is mostly my usual dolly eye makeup though. I got few requests to post my dolly eye makeup and I finally got the time to do it now, so here it is. 

The products I use are:

POND's White Beauty Day Moisturizer
Banila Co Classic Primer
Lioele Dollish Vita BB Cream
Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream
Dodo Palgantong Theatrical Powder
Benefit Boing Concealer
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin
Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow
Sleek i Divine Ultra Matte V1
Revlon Blush in Wine
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Etude House V Line Maker
Sleek Face Form in Light
It's Skin Tear Liner
Kanebo Kate Sharp Liner
Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips in Bubble Pink
Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips PK009
Benefit It's Real Mascara
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil #1
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara #1
Diamond Glamour Lashes
Diamond Sweet Lashes

First off, moisturize and prime your face before applying BB cream/CC cream and loose powder. Also concealer if needed. I mix my BB cream and CC cream together before applying loose powder, for more flawless finish.

This is the before and after eye makeup. Quite drastic? That's the big doll eye look I'm going to show you today, with some pink and aqua touch.

Basically it's like this. Lol sorry for the mess. I can't really draw well using my mouse (no graphic tablet T.T) but you can use this as your guide.

I already apply eye primer and base eyeshadow all over my eyelid.

1. Apply white eye shadow on the inner corner of eyelid and under eye as well.
2. Apply pink eye shadow
3. Blend the white and pink eyeshadow on the inner corner
4. Apply aqua or blue eyeshadow on the outer eyelid.

5. Apply the same aqua color around your under eye lightly, one finger below your tear line.
6. It looks like this. Don't forget to blend the pink and aqua colors as well.

7. Draw a line with your eyeliner, I use pen eyeliner to be more precise and quicker.
8. Draw the wing longer than your eyeline like in the picture.
9. Draw thin line starting from the inner corner of your lower eyeline,
10. And draw it further but lower than your eyeliner to make your eye look bigger, connecting to the wing.

11. With tear liner, draw a line under the eyeliner from the corner of your eye halfway
12. Put eyelashes on upper eye, stick it close to your real eyelashes.
13. Brush your real eyelashes with mascara.
14. Put eyelashes on the lower eyeliner and done.

Contour your nose and face, apply blush and pink magenta lipstick to complete the look.

I look more tan and chubbier with the pink wig lol but the outfit makes me cuter :D Now I'm going to talk about the Sugar and Spice Cupcake costume (doesn't it sound yummy?) I got from I Love Sexy. I got the medium/large size. The costume set consists of one dress with tulle skirt, pink arm puffs with white lace, strawberry cream headband, two pcs of transparent bra straps, and striped bow with pin. The overall costume design reminds me of strawberry ice cream, with the pink melting material on the tube top. There's also a big cupcake on the tulle skirt. 

Heart, glitters, pink, and lace. All of my favorite stuffs in one costume, how can I not love it? When I first got this costume I was amazed at how true the costume is to the promotional picture on the website, it didn't even miss one bit. 

My skin looks so uneven but the adorable costume makes up for it. I barely notice my uneven skin cause I love how cute I look like in this costume. Sorry if I sound so vain lol but I absolutely love looking at myself in the mirror when I'm wearing this costume.

Is it a one piece costume with zip on the back. It's very comfortable to wear. I attach the bow on the top center of my skirt cause it just looks good there. Maybe it's supposed to be in the back though but my hair is too long it covers my skirt so I just put the bow in the front instead :D As you can see I don't wear the arm puffs on my arms, but instead on my wrists cause it's pretty cute practically anywhere. 

The arms puffs are in the right place this time. Apparently the bow is too big and the pin is a bit small so it's like withering flower if I don't straighten and fix it every now and then. The tulle skirt is too gorgeous I just feel like a pretty fairy wearing it.

ilovesexy tutorial review

I put 3D ribbon nail deco using eyelash glue on my cheeks here. Also, I put my hair into pigtails and put two of my favorite bow hairpins on my frizzy hair. If you notice, there are 8 bows on my shoes, and one bow on the skirt, two bows on my cheeks, one mini bow on my pink lolipop (?) and two bows on my hair. How many bows do I have in one body? lol no wonder my brother couldn't look at me when I'm wearing this he told me to stay away from him XD

makeup tutorial

The cat socks fit pretty well with this costume, to my surprise. It's the Chesire Cat Tights also from I Love Sexy. The material is not thin like most tights so fortunately my long nails didn't rip it apart, it also makes my legs appear slimmer which I love.

This is my second costume from I Love Sexy. Previously I posted about the Dark Alice costume for my Halloween look. And overall, this Sugar and Spice Cupcake costume, or what I call Bubblegum Doll is my favorite.

You can wear this costume to cosplay, costume party, or even upcoming christmas party. Get this adorable costume now if you want to dress like a cupcake doll, only 3 pcs left on the website! Right now I Love Sexy gives 10% off your entire purchase, if you like their facebook page. 

Dress: Sugar and Spice Cupcake from I Love Sexy
Headband: Sugar and Spice Cupcake from I Love Sexy
Tights: Chesire Cat Striped Spandex from I Love Sexy
Wig: L-email from Wig Supplier
Circle Lens: Barbie Puffy 3 Tones from UNIQSO

I hope you like this fashion post and makeup tutorial. Next post will be another collaborated makeup tutorial ^^

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