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Guess what I'm doing on New Year's Eve? Yes, sitting down in front of my laptop, typing up this post in the middle of the noisy fireworks and new year party. Haha but anyway today I want to share about nails. I used to love painting my nails, a lot. I liked drawing on them and making them look cute but unique. However, thanks to work and other stuffs I usually always on a rush and barely can apply my makeup on time, so obviously I barely have time to do my nails. I have a drawer full of nail polishes and nail art accessories but it's just getting hard to do my own nails lately. I only do my nails on special occasions like when I'm going to events, parties or weddings.

Even so, I still love nail art and trying new nail polishes on my free time. This time I have a nail polish and false nails review on this post. They're from Tmart, a China based e-marketplace that carries a lot of products from many categories from gadgets, accessories, makeup brushes, to wigs and nails. They have mostly low price with free worldwide shipping.

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First product I'm going to review is the Dream Books Blue nail polish.

It claims to be long lasting without fading easily even in the water or strong sunlight. I always hate redoing my nail every week, you know I'm that lazy lol. But I'm really glad to know the nail polish stays strong without chipping even after more than one week. The color is pretty much still the same as the first time I applied, so it's true to its claim. Another good thing is, it dries quick, almost immediately! When I received this nail polish, I admired how beautiful the blue color was.

The only thing I don't like about this nail polish is it's too sheer. I had to apply 3 layers to achieve the color in the picture. Though it's not a problem honestly but I expected more, so even though it dries quickly but having to apply 3 layers to get the color I want is not that convenient for me. However, the color is still pretty and I love the result. 

Also, from the stock photo on Tmart, I can see that it is glow in the dark nail polish. Once I applied it on my nails, I hurriedly ran to my brother's pitch black room and I cheered when I saw my nails were glowing. But it didn't glow as bright as the one in the stock photos. The glow was rather subtle but I could see my nails in the dark, how cool is that? I really tried to take the picture of my glow in the dark nails but my crappy camera failed to capture it. Probably only expert photographer with professional camera can do that? Haha either way, it was kind of fun experience with the glowing in the dark nails. And this nail polish is super cheap, only $4.96 on Tmart with free worldwide shipping! There are other colors available too, like orange, pink, green, aqua, etc. Get it here.

Second product I'm going to show you is the Black Rose Red False Nails.

If you follow my instagram and other social media, you've seen my photos with cute nails and I know most of my followers think I did it on my own (I'm sorry) but actually I was just wearing this false nails set. It's a 24 pcs false nails and it comes with nail glue as well! This is my favorite out of the two. The design is just super cute, suitable for gyaru look as well with the polkadot and star patterns, completed with yellow rhinestones. I've never used false nails before and I had my doubts, worrying the glue wouldn't stick and the nails would fall within minutes or an hour max. But, these false nails prove me wrong! Not only it's really quick to stick these false nails (I believe I took 1-2 minutes to wear these on 10 fingers) but the result is just so cute, and they're sturdy as well, not those with thin plastic material. They make my fingers slimmer somehow (I have chubby baby hands and fingers) thanks to the length. But honestly most of the nails are too big for my baby nails >_< But I managed to find the smallest nails among these so it's not a big deal. There are 24 pieces with different designs and nail sizes. So I must say it's pretty convenient.

Okay my fingers still look short in this picture lol. But I simply adore the design and the nails overall. It's the prettiest nail I ever have so far. And because it's false nails I don't need to take hours to get them done. Just a simple glue and stick and I'm good to go. It's perfect for girls who always on the go and don't have time to go to nail salons or do their own nails. Also, it doesn't fall off easily. Though I have to be careful when I'm running my fingers to my hair. But the whole 4 hours I was wearing them, I didn't see any single nail fell off. 

And guess how much these pretty nails cost? It's only $3.25 on Tmart, also with free worldwide shipping! I'm seriously amazed at the price. I mean sure there are a lot of cheap false nails but I never expect such a low price with such great quality like this one. So I'm really happy with these false nails. Get them here.

After wearing these false nails, I really think I should get more false nails, cause it's just so easy to apply them, haha again I'm really lazy to do my nails. They're a lot, and I mean tons of false nails with cute and cool designs on Tmart I can't stop scrolling down and decide which one I want to get. But there are having discounts for all nail accessories on Tmart, check them out to get yours now, only until Jan 1st, 2014.

Hope this post can be helpful for people that are looking for new nail art accessories ^^ and happy new year, everyone!!

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