Etude House Princess Etoinette 2 Hand Cream Review

Hi guys! Wow that's such a long title and I already shortened it as the real name is Etude House Princess Etoinette Blooming Perfumed Hands in White Peony. O___O yep not going to put all that as a title lol anyway today is probably the first time I blog on my phone. That's cause my camera died (I forgot to charge after taking tutorial photos yesterday) and I just use my phone to take photos once I got this brand new hand cream from w2beauty

As you know Etude House released their Princess Etoinette 2 last month, and so far I got the lipstick and hand cream cause I don't think I really need the other products (I'm really restricting myself to buy more and more products I barely use) cause I'm saving to buy a new laptop haha. Cosmetic products really don't help me to save as they keep coming, especially Etude House. 

Anyway, I notice my hands been a bit dry lately as I barely take care of them. I'm a person who tends to get lazy when it comes to applying hand or body lotion. Some are just a bit creamy and sticky for my liking so usually I end up going out without any. But as I age, I begin to wonder why my hands are so dry lately and what if they start to wrinkle?! Of course I wouldn't want that to happen. Oh gosh I think I type and blabber more when typing on my phone (like I always do when texting). But yeah, the first time I saw the Etoinette 2 hand creams I had been dying to get it for my poor hands. And after 2 weeks of waiting, it finally arrived! So I'm going to do a quick review on this post. 

It came in bubble wrap, got a cute Korean melon (?) candy and some samples from Alice. 

The samples I got this time are from Shara Shara, Etude House (obviously) and Benton. I've been loving Benton snail products lately ever since I tried the snail mask. So yay I will so gonna try these snail sample set as well ^^

At first glance it seems to me that there's no difference between the packaging of Etoinette 1 and 2 but now I know they're a difference. On etoinette 2, there are roses on the printed frame decoration while etoinette 1 is filled with ribbons. Both are cute though. I am super in love with the packaging as always.

Ingredients list

This is how the hand cream tube looks like. It looks similar to previous hand creams Etude House released but I don't know why it looks squeezed lol kinda lose its appeal to me. But it comes in seal sticker so I know it's new. 

But the tube is bigger than I expected actually. It's 70ml / 2,36 fl oz. the tube somehow kinda remind me of oil paint tube ._. 

This hand cream comes in 2 scents: white peony and pink rose. Mine is white peony. It's creamy but rather runny so it's easy to blend and it dries quickly after blended.

I got worried after I ordered this hand cream cause Ashley and few of my friends who got their Etoinette white peony products told me they don't quite like the scent cause it smells like grandma o_o haha I honestly never even saw and smelled white peony before so I wouldn't know. But I'm glad I really like the smell of this hand cream once I apply if on my hands. It smells like fresh sweet floral to me (again, I don't know what peony smells like). It does smell like something older women would prefer but it actually makes me kinda calm. The smell isn't bothering me nor strong. It's rather mild but floral and sweet, almost like baby shampoo. Or maybe I just have grandma taste haha. But it's been hours and I tend to sniff my lotioned hands. 

- affordable
- nice scent 
- a little goes a long way
- worth the money
- softens and moisturizes skin
- not sticky 

- would be nice if it comes in more than 2 types 

VERDICT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Though I'm not someone who applies hand cream day and night and always find body and hand lotion troubling, but I surprisingly love this hand cream. I love the scent especially. And the fact that it's not sticky at all, it lasts for 5 hours so far. And I think it can last more though the scent is fading more subtly after few hours but it's still noticeable. It does make my hands softer and feel a bit moist but not sticky. I would recommend this for people with dry skin and especially those who are fighting the harsh cold in the winter. 

Yes I would once it empties. 

You can get this hand cream for $13.92 on w2beauty (free shipping), $11.98 on Jolse (free shipping), and $8 on tester korea (excluding shipping).

Hope this review can be helpful. What is your favorite hand cream? ^^ 

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