Irwan Team & GHD Hairstyling Day at Lafayette Galeries Fashion Event

If you are my facebook, Google+ and instagram followers, you must have known that I went to this fashion show with Rini a while ago, October 26th to be exact, yes almost 2 months ago and not a while ago lol what I've been doing? I've posted most of the photos on my social media that I nearly forgot I haven't blogged it. My memory keeps failing me OTL  But anyway, we went to Lafayette Galleries in Pacific Place to get our hair done. Yes, not to watch (or participate) the fashion show, but we were there to get our hair style by Irwan Team who were also responsible for all the models hairstyles as well. There were three main hairstyles they were showcasing for the fashion show, mohawk ponytail, curly vintage style, and braids. 

This is me before I went to the event, my hair was still straight and boring and untouched

When me and Rini arrived, we headed to the backstage and were surprised to see how crowded it was. The models, makeup artists, and hairstylists were everywhere. It was so packed that we were stunned on our spot lol. Then we were approached by Irwan Team staff and he gave us a crew ID card while we were waiting.

We were told we could get our hair style as well. But seeing how crowded the place was, and how busy everyone was, we didn't even want to disturb the stylists and we just took some pictures.

Then someone was calling my name in the middle of the crowd. It was Tia from, another beauty blogger who was invited as well :D We chitchatted a bit (still in the crowd, people were bumping into us here and there) and there I saw Tia got her hair done already.

I really like her big curls! It matched her hair color really well, and knowing I could get a normal (not too crazy) hairstyle like her, I chose curly hairstyle as well, since after the event I wanted to go get some food in the mall and I didn't want people to stare at me XD After a little while, the hairdresser led me to an empty seat.

It was the hair concepts for the fashion show and I could choose one hairstyle as well. See the model beside my seat were glancing (or glaring?) at me? Haha I didn't even notice until I saw this photo.

Yay the best lighting was in front of the mirror right there lol. Was so happy that I didn't stop camwhoring while getting my hair done. I asked the hairdresser to just curl my hair. He asked what kind of curls would I like, and I was like "just any cute one" haha he was appalled. Then we started talking too, he asked about my hair color and stuff. I believe it only took him less than 1 hour to curl all my long hair. I seriously didn't know how and why it seemed so easy for him cause it always takes me around 3 hours when I curl my hair, and that's why I'm always so lazy to curl it. Probably cause they used GHD curling iron...

Bad lighting right here, cause I left the dressing table already lol. But I really love the curls. I wish I knew how to curl all my hair like this so patiently XD He did such a great job cause I really loved the result. Tia helped me take pictures of my hair while we were waiting for Rini.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that me and Rini accidentally wore similar checkers dress. Haha I was laughing when I saw Rini wearing the black and white checkers dress when I picked her up, cause I was wearing the same checkers pattern, just yellow and white.

Rini had braid style hair. Her hair looked so unique and pretty. I don't even know what her hair is called. It was just so fresh and different. Her hairdresser was having fun playing with her hair too haha. Anyway, we were finished there, so we were led to the photo wall and they took some of our photos. Now that reminds me, where are all those photos they took! Lol anyway, I lost all my photos on my iPhone when I accidentally and ridiculously restored my phone on iTunes (and I don't even remember why I did that), so bye bye 4,000 photos and videos TT_TT And I lost a lot of photos we took on the photo wall. Sigh...

This is the only one left, the one I could find on my LINE chat and instagram from Rini's camera haha. Rini, send me our other photos more xD

We had our own little photoshoot session in the restaurant haha, we were unstoppable XD Look at her flawless dewy skin~

And time for my camwhoring pics

 The lighting made my hair color look different in every frame lol and possibly my crappy camera as well. But anyway, in the last 2 pictures, my curls were loose already by the time I got home but the loose curls were also pretty, I love it :D Thank you Irwan Team for the cute curly hairstyle. It was a short but really fun and nice experience, I promise I will learn how to curl my hair properly soon XD

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