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Everyone around me knows my love for gyaru hair and makeup, but if you ask which fashion style I prefer between lolita and gyaru, I'd pick lolita any day. I love everything with bows, ruffles, lace, and anything cute. Though gothic lolita may be my favorite lolita style, but I also love sweet hime lolita. And lolita dresses and accessories are even harder to get for me, so usually I stick with hime gyaru instead. Anyway, I was so thrilled when I got the chance to review one of the cute wigs sponsored by SoLolita. I picked the cute multicolored lolita wig. It arrived in about 2-3 weeks, right before christmas holiday. It was quite fast shipping, considering I usually get things shipped from China for more than a month. Now, let's see more about this lovely wig.

This wig comes with a wig cap and two ponytail clips that can be used as pigtails. I had to darken the pictures a bit to show you the colors cause in person, this wig has more paler color, which I love to be honest. I love any hair color that looks more pale, ashy and saturated. So this wig colors are really what I love. It's basically pale pink wig with blonde and light blue highlights. Honestly I was a bit disappointed when I saw this wig, cause I clearly saw purple highlights as well on their promotional photos on the webstore. I don't see any purple highlights on the wig I received. Then I visited the website again to see that the purple highlights I saw were actually the ponytail and it was subtle and only on one side of the ponytail. It's not a big deal actually cause having blonde, pink and blue colors in one wig is already awesome for me.

sololita gyaru hair

The wig already has thin front bangs. I wanted to cut it shorter and make it thicker, but I didn't do it in the end cause I wanna show you guys how the original bangs are. The hair strands are pretty decent, not too thin, not too thick. I love the curls (before I make it so messy lol), they're so soft and fluffy.

sololita gyaru hair wig

I really love the base wig so much, cause the hairstyle and colors are really perfect for me. I just need to cut the fringe a little more.

sololita hair wig

It looks a bit thin in these pictures, but it's not that thin actually, it's cause I didn't put all the hair to the front. Though I admit the original bangs are too thin for my liking, it kinda shows my hairline haha. If you don't like having front bangs, you can also pin the hair to the side with hairpin.

pastel sololita wig

The ponytail clips are easy to use, just have to be careful so it won't ruin the wig inner base. One thing I notice, each ponytail is so thick with curls, so it tends to be a little heavy when worn for a long time. Still, they're so pretty the curls are much fuller and defined. But the colors are more vibrant than the base wig. You can see the blue and pink are more obvious than the base hair. But I think they look more contrast this way though. 

Personally I'm so content with this wig, more than my other wigs even though this one is probably the shortest wig I have. I always love having long hair lol. But the hair is soft and easy to brush. It's also heat resistant, but of course I didn't try to straighten the curls cause I know I don't have to. I love the curls too much. You can get this from SoLolita, they ship worldwide and have many collections of lolita dresses, shoes, wigs, and accessories. I know I lust over a lot of their collections whenever I visit their website. Kawaii stuffs are hard to resist.

Now, camwhore time :D

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