Princess Etoinette 2 Crystal Shine Lips Review

etoinette 2 crystal shine lips

First off, merry christmas everyone! May you have a great day with your family and loved ones.

If you're Etude House fans, you must've known that they just released their latest Etoinette 2 collection last month. They're like the sequel of the popular Etoinette series and they're as pretty and classy of course, and I just had to get my hands on the lipstick at least, as I'm a fan of their previous first Etoinette lipstick as well. I've reviewed the first Etoinette lipstick before. I posted on facebook a while ago when I got this product, I asked you which color you think I might get and only 1 person answered it right if I'm not mistaken haha. If you know me I'm not a fan of vibrant lipsticks cause I love nude colors so much for my lips. Just recently I got brainwashed into getting more pink lipsticks, and this time I took the challenge and got the red one instead. Me and red lipstick were unimaginable but I'm glad I did get this color. There are 3 available colors available for this lipstick, nude, pink and red. I don't know why they didn't release more colors like they used to, but I saw the other colors and they were also gorgeous. But I will be talking specifically about the red color on this post.

There's no changes from the previous Etoinette series for the box as well. It's just as pretty, though it's in white. I guess, they make it white this time to represent winter season? on my previous etoinette lipstick review, I also rambled about how pretty the deco prints on the box are. This time, the first time I land my eyes on the box, I admire the same thing.

I got the PRD302 red shade

I seriously think Etoinette lipstick by Etude House is the cutest lipstick I ever seen... or owned. This one is no exception, it also has the same packaging as Etoinette 1, just in white instead of pink which is good cause I love white more. The design is just too gorgeous and cute. 

Don't you think it's super adorable? Like it makes you feel like a vintage princess, or well at least I do. The Etude House / Etoinette embossed emblem is just beautiful and classy.

But honestly I was shocked to see how red the bullet looks like. Well it looks a bit more deep red and being someone who never own a red lipstick, it kinda surprised me. You can see there's the same Etoinette logo engraved on the bullet.

etude house etoinette 2 crystal shine lips

Closer look. As you can see the bullet has some tiny glitters, I know some people don't fancy glittery lipsticks, but I assure you it doesn't make lips glittery. I guess the glitters are barely noticeable on lips but it helps making the lips a bit shiny.

The pigmentation of this lipstick impressed me, but also worried me cause in just one swipe it already makes my lips that red. The swatch picture above is only 1 and 2 swipes with very light pressure. It's rather shiny under good lighting. And on my skin it looks more cherry red.

I shocked myself the first time I applied this full on my lips. I don't know if it's just my camera but with flash, the lipstick looks less red with a hint of orange. But in reality it's actually more opaque red.

- Very pigmented
- Moisturizing
- Doesn't accentuate dry parts
- Cute packaging
- Lasts up to 5 hours

- Only 3 colors available

Despite the small range of color selection, I do love this lipstick a lot to my surprise. It's really pigmented. And having dry chapped lower lips, I'm very glad to see this lipstick doesn't accentuate the dry areas. It's in fact moisturizing. When I don't drink and eat like a barbarian, this lipstick still doesn't fade away that drastically. But normally it lasts for 4-5 hours before its color and shine starts to fade a little. With the super cute packaging to boot, I think it's a great lipstick  to add your lippies collection this season. Like I said, I could never see myself using red lipstick, but I found myself looking at my red lips pretty often. I'm really glad I gave it a try.

I got this Etoinette 2 Crystal Shine Lips from Beautynetkorea for $13.30

etude house etoinette 2 crystal shine lips

Have you tried Etoinette 2 products yet? What's your favorite?

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