Red Heart Christmas Look

Now that Christmas is coming very soon, it's a perfect time for me to do another outfit post. Christmas is my favorite holiday! It gives me such warm (though it can be chilly) and happy vibe whenever I think of Christmas. Christmas is also a perfect time to gather and spend quality time with family and friends. This year I will be spending Christmas with my family and relatives. While the event may be more homey and casual, I still want to look pretty and different. It's Christmas after all. Out of all Christmas colors, I pick red as my favorite. Red is actually one of my favorite colors in any season. So anyway, I chose to be bold and beautiful with sporting red outfit from I Love Sexy. As I said few times before, I always have a thing for heart stuff. And this outfit comes with red glittery heart with gold frame attached on the dress, it also comes with a big red heart hair clip (my favorite!) 

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Another element I love is the lace. I always love anything with lace, and this one is no exception. The combination of red, white and gold is just stunning. I love looking at myself in the mirror while wearing this outfit. The lace makes the red collar even prettier.

I read that some people commented on my social media saying it doesn't match me after I posted a picture of myself with red lipstick. But I surprisingly love my red lips here, especially while wearing this vibrant red dress. I just feel more mature and gorgeous for the very first time. I also match this outfit with red and white polkadot, lacy, stripes nail art.

I wear thigh high tights and black platform shoes cause I want the red dress stand out more. I also match this outfit with my vintage satchel bag with similar colors. With this outfit, I can still feel the festivity while being unique (with all the hearts), but also comfortable during family events. The skirt is actually not that short, I don't really pull it down so that it won't show my cleavage lol it's not really appropriate here especially during family gathering. But I feel really comfortable and confident wearing this dress and I think it's really important, since I'm not the most confident person I know haha.

This post is actually a part of Christmas edition beauty bloggers collaboration (which will be revealed on my next post). I hope this post can help some of you who still can't decide what to wear for Christmas. Don't forget to check I Love Sexy for more Christmas theme outifts, they have free shipping for all US orders and some discounts.

Bag: Off brand
Shoes: Koumi Koumi

How about you? What's your plan for Christmas? ^^

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