Chinese New Year Zodiac Makeup Tutorial

Hello again, everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! It's another collaboration post with other bloggers. I was delighted when Gin contacted and invited me to join this amazing collaboration weeks ago. We have to do Chinese zodiac inspired makeup so we get to choose one chinese zodiac animal we'd like to represent. My chinese zodiac is actually tiger but when I accepted to do this, there were only few animals left and I chose ox instead. Yes, I was a moon princess on my previous collabolation couple days ago, and today I'm going to be an ox, not literally. Haha it's actually a big challenge for me cause I don't really have any experience on doing this kind of makeup. Honestly, I was supposed to do OOTD for this post, but something came up and it was short notice so I had to do makeup tutorial instead. And I was sick for couple of days and I only had one free day to make this tutorial, and I was having huge swollen gum that day (the one I posted on my instagram) sooo yeah hope it's not that bad lol. And though I've never really tried to do this kind of makeup before, apparently it was quite fun, I enjoyed it so I hope you guys will too. 

These are the other bloggers I collaborate with this time, do check them out too~

Rat - Phailee 
Ox - Misa 
Tiger - Miss Louise 
Rabbit - Gin 
Dragon - Elina 
Snake - Terri 
Horse - Rebecca 
Sheep - Ashley 
Monkey - Kathy
Rooster - GaEul 
Dog - Lala 
Pig - Yomi

Now let's start the ox inspired tutorial....

Sweet Moon Princess Makeup Tutorial

makeup tutorial

Lunar New Year is coming very soon, tomorrow, to be exact so I collaborate with my lovely blogger friends, Sample Hime and Mary-chan to recreate "Lunar" theme and Tiffany came up with the moon princess idea. When I heard the moon princess words, all I could think of was Sailor Moon. Haha I'm such a huge sailor moon fan, well actually Sailor Venus, but yeah I could see the cheesy pose and moon stick. But our moon princess theme is actually more of how to create dewy radiant complexion in our own way. Three of us have different interpretations for this tutorial, so you can totally see 3 different moon princess styles we recreate. Sample Hime (Tiffany) recreates the mysterious dark moon princess, Mary-chan recreates a softer rosy spring moon princess, while I recreate sweet (bland, plain, normal you name it lol) moon princess. Visit their respective blogs for their moon princess tutorials! 

Now, let's move on my tutorial.

My 2013 Luxola Haul

Hello again guys! Today I'm going to show you some of my favorite products I got from Luxola. I actually planned to review the products in the photo above since ages ago, but I've never found the right time to do it. So I think it'd be best to brief review them all in one post. Well, I did review two of those products on my blog a while ago which are Rachel K CC Pressed Powder and Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser.

The rest of the products I will share in this post are Dr. Jart Acne-X Spot Cover, Sleek Face Form, Sleek i-Divine palette, Sigma F80 Top Flat Kabuki Brush, and Beauty Blender. I actually purchased Konjac sponge too a while ago but it was already overused and beaten that I had to dispose it, I will also review the sponge a bit. 

Read more to continue.

First, what is Luxola? Luxola is an online store based in Singapore, but it's accessible for everyone located in Hongkong, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and United Arab Emirates. They carry makeup, tools, skincare, and nail brands like Models Own, Edward Bess, Sleek, Korres, Mario Badescu, Sigma, and many more. Yes, most brands are those that pretty much known in United States and probably Europe, but not so much locally, which is why it's harder to grab in my country.
And that's why I'm so thankful for Luxola. While they don't have tons of products per brand, but most of the time they have the best sellers and popular products in stock. Their price is reasonable for the products and service they offer. Luxola also offers free shipping to the countries they cover with minimum purchase IDR 315,000 (around $30). The best thing about this online store is they often have discounts and promotions, almost every week, making me feel guilty everytime I make a purchase. Their deals are always too tempting to be ignored, like I remember last time they were having discounts and I purchased $60 of products and only had to pay $40 free shipping included. How could I resist? 


But now, I'm going to review the products I purchased from Luxola, some are my absolute favorites, few aren't. 

Dr. Jart Acne-X Spot Cover

Dr. Jart is a Korean cosmetics brand and I know their skincare line is really good according to some friends so I didn't hesitate to grab this product before researching as I needed full coverage semi liquid concealer that was able to (hopefully) heal my troubled area as well. I love its pigmentation and how it comes in a brush pen with twistable function to get the product out. I love how it covers my blemishes really well, but I don't love the color. It only comes in 1 shade and to be honest, it's way too dark yellow on me. So I have to use this concealer first before BB cream or foundation. But, I do notice I get some breakout after using this product. 



This Sleek palette is probably one of the eyeshadow palettes I use the most in my makeup tutorials, especially for my crazy cute look cause of its vibrant and candy colors. It also comes with two in one eyeshadow brush, which is a big plus. There are 12 colors with great pigmentation. It's matte, pigmented, and long lasting. Oh, it also comes with a wide mirror as well, how can I not love it?


Sleek Face Form in Light

This is another Sleek product I love and often use in my everyday makeup and also makeup tutorials. It also comes with a mirror, though without brush. It has 3 colors, brown for contouring, shimmery creme for highlighting, and shimmery peachy pink for blush. So it's a highlighter, bronzer and blush in one palette. It's travel friendly too. The bronzer is so pigmented, but I have to apply the highlighter and blush more than one swipe cause it's not so pigmented. They're also shimmery so I don't actually use the highlighter and blush everyday. But, when I use and blend these palette for hightlight, contour and blush, I get the glowy skin finish I always love. 


Beauty Blender & Cleanser

For some reasons, I forgot to take pictures of this cause I was in a rush when I received the package. And I eventually forgot haha >< But well, I'm sure most of you are familiar with beauty blender. I'm actually someone who prefers applying makeup using fingers alone cause it's easier for me and less complicated. But I purchased this tool for the sake of trying, and not really jumping into the popular bandwagon cause I got this tool pretty late and I had extra cash back then lol. So I got this set of black beauty blender with its cleanser. After my first try, I instantly fell in love with it. It creates beautiful airbrushed finish and gives more coverage, no matter what foundation or BB cream I use. The big bottom part is perfect to apply foundation on the whole face while the pointy (not sharp though) top part is made to apply the area I can't reach easily like the side of my nose and eye area. I don't know how it's different from other makeup sponges and its dupes, but beauty blender always gives the best finish. It's so soft and bouncy and perfect. I apply it usually with dabbing/bouncing motion to get more coverage. The sad part is I have to constantly wash the sponge after few uses cause I don't want build up foundations and creams collect bacteria and transfer it to my already sensitive face. And how I'm glad I got the cleanser in the set, cause it magically removes all the dirt. I also wash my makeup brushes with the beauty blender cleanser and it cleanses everything, even the stubborn Revlon Colorstay foundation (though it took longer time to remove that foundation off my brushes and sponge).


Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush

Last but not least, the Sigma F80 brush. It has bulky and shorter handle, which is perfect considering I don't like too long handle. The engraved Sigma writing is made of hologram, really pretty. But the best of all is its bristles. It's really soft and super dense! I can use the brush to apply powder, foundation, blush, everything. But ever since I got Real Techniques powder brush, I only use this Sigma F80 to apply foundation and BB cream. I use stippling or buffing motion usually, depends on my mood and my skin condition. With this brush, applying foundation to my whole face suddenly just got faster especially in the morning. No streaks at all. Instead, the brush gives me flawless finish. Blending to my neck is also easy with this brush. This also helps me in saving my foundations cause it doesn't need that much of product with the brush. I must say this is my HG foundation brush. The only thing I don't like is, thanks to its dense bristles drying the brush after washing it takes longer than other brushes. Probably a little over a day for me usually.



So it's been almost a year since I discovered and purchased from Luxola. Though I mostly buy and use asian makeup products, I also like products sold on Luxola which are more "rare" to me cause I don't see them often in the malls. Shopping on Luxola have been really nice for me cause of its user friendly navigation, and they often update their products. I'm really impressed by their customer service too. But what I love more, probably is their free shipping. Haha it's easy to reach the minimum purchase amount anyway, so yeah I always got free shipping on every order. Once processed and shipped, they usually send me the tracking number via email. Normally, they ship within 3-5 days. But on my last order which was around Christmas, I got my package after 2 weeks but that's probably cause of the overload orders cause it's holiday season. Another thing I love about Luxola is LX insider. LX insider is like a corner for Luxola loyal customers. Everytime I buy something I get 1 point, and if I refer a friend I get 100 points, while I get 25 points if I write product review on Luxola website (which I've never done before lol). And forgetful me never check how many points I have before today, so I just shop and shop without having any memories about my LX insider points and I just check that I have more than 800 points which will give me about IDR 400,000 off for my next purchase. Haha yes I probably need to use it soon. So with just purchasing products, posting your reviews and referring friends you can get some points for yourself for the next orders, I must say that's pretty neat and less money wasting.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with Luxola but I hope they can add more products in stock cause it's one of my trusted webstores, all thanks to their services. 

I haven't splurge on new products this year on Luxola, cause well... I'm actually saving up, for once haha. But I keep getting their promotion emails and I know sooner or later I will end up buying something, or two, or more again (thanks to my piling up LX insider points).

Have you tried the products I review above? What's your favorite product? Which product would you like to try?

Affordable and Unique Accessories Review

bow necklace ring

I always like wearing accessories. Everyday I wear 2 rings, a bracelet and necklace, they're things I can't take off. When looking for accessories, I usually look at the ring section, both online and offline. I love rings so much (if you don't know already). While I enjoy wearing the rings from my boyfriend, but I also love trying out new extraordinary rings. Small and cute rings are everywhere, I don't like wearing the same or even similar things as other people so I find this funny Bitch knuckle ring unique. You can just close the tab if you find it's offensive of course :) 

But if you like what you see, please continue to read more.

EOS Ice Grey Circle Lens Review

circle lens review

Hello! I'm back with another pair of circle lens to review today. I realize I have more fancy circle lenses so this time I decided to try natural grey circle lens with smaller diameter that would fit for any occasion without scaring people. I got this circle lens from Maple Lens, an online circle lens webstore that carries various circle lenses brands like Vassen, Geo, EOS, etc. Though many people love EOS, but I only have one EOS circle lens pair only, and had bad experience with the past one. So I was worrying if I would like this EOS Ice circle lens. I personally like the simple design, it also comes in 6 colors and most of them are pretty. But I was glad when I tried it on cause it's so natural yet beautiful, and most importantly comfortable.

Now let's see this circle lens closer.

Lovely Soft Lips with Brilliant Love Heart Lip System

exfoliate lips

If you often read my lip products reviews I'm pretty sure I annoyed you with my dry lips complains and probably you're like "why this girl never exfoliate her lips and stop complaining?" haha it's true though I almost never exfoliate my lips cause my lips are pretty sensitive already and I'm against scrubbing my already damaged lips. Okay now that sounds pretty intense lol my lips aren't damaged it's just chapped and it tends to bleed during its driest state I don't have the heart to scrub or exfoliate it, but I'm someone who's always lazy to make DIY lip mask on my own. Yes I might be the laziest person you ever know. So, I jumped ship once I found this Korean product Brilliant Love Heart Lip Care System, a 3 step to get softer lips in less than an hour. Sounds good to be true? I know, right? Cause even now I'm still amazed. And what amazed me the most is there's no scrubbing needed, not even peeling the dead skin on my lips.

Enough blabbering, now let's see how this works!

Vassen Kimchi Bambi Pink Circle Lens Review

vassen kimchi bambi

Though many may think it's weird to have pink iris, I find pink lenses really cute and anime-like. The bad thing about most pink circle lenses online is they normally don't have prescription. I am a circle lens fan, but I wear circle lens to help with my bad vision, while still have cute big eyes. So it lost its purpose no matter how cute a circle lens is when it doesn't come with prescription. Soooo how grateful I was when I found a very cute pair of pink circle lens on uniqso! It's from Vassen or what some people know as i.fairy. I'm actually surprised when I saw the design cause it's so much similar with Geo Princess Mimi bambi series. It even has similar name, Kimchi Bambi. Geo Princess Mimi bambi series is probably my favorite circle lens cause it has such lovely design and colors with 15 mm diameter, it's so perfect for me but I remember I wished it would come with more colors cause 3 colors aren't enough for me. I don't know if Kimchi Bambi is its dupe, or just too similar in terms of design (and name), but knowing there's a circle lens with similar design as Princess Mimi bambi series, with way more color selection (there are 6 colors available) and bigger diameter really convinced me to try this circle lens, especially when it has prescription pink lens.
I'm pretty sure some of you have seen me wearing this pair of circle lens a lot before this review. I believe I wear this circle lens on 80% of my recent photos. So yes, definitely it's the top of my circle lens list. Keep reading to look closer.

Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Foundation Review

lancome mat miracle 24h foundation

Hi everyone, I'm finally back with new makeup review. As you might know, I have combination oily skin with super oily nose. By super oily nose, I mean my nose gets shiny in 3-4 hours with just normal BB cream / foundation. I used to have super oil T-zone but probably thanks to my pore care routine (?) it's just my nose left now, while my inner cheeks area has more decent amount of oil. I will post my pore care routine next time, but today I want to share a review of this foundation I purchased last December. 

So I panicked when I knew I had an all day event or wedding party coming up. Last month my cousin got married and I had to be there since the morning until night (long wedding I know). I began to splurge on oil free mattifying foundations like never before. But this one wasn't planned at all. I was waiting for my friends in the mall, so I went to the beauty department and walked past Lancome. I spotted the pretty foundation bottles which reminded me of the infamous Lancome Teint Idole foundation I craved since long time ago after I saw it on Sephora. First, I was disappointed when I learned Lancome Teint Idole isn't available here, and what they have is this Mat Miracle which is specialized for asian skintone. So I was like.. okay so it's probably the exact same Teint Idole with different name cause it's released in Asia, and maybe with more asian shades. And, I purchased this foundation in a whim. The SA matched me with this O-03 shade.

I was really content when I went home, cause I had high expectation and convinced myself this would totally solve my oily nose issue and last a long time during the event.

Dressale Giveaway Cancelled

Hello everyone. First of all, I would like to apologize for this. I didn't research thoroughly before I accepted to cooperate with Dressale. 

As you know I'm having a giveaway with Dressale and it's almost ended but I get contacted by several bloggers who worked with them and some other readers who voiced their concerns over this giveaway. I was quite busy these days and I completely forgot about it until Winda messaged and reminded me this noon today.

First, they reached out to me asking to cooperate through gift card giveaway. After discussing with their end, I accepted and posted the giveaway on my blog almost a month ago. Then I keep getting emails from them saying the very same thing about hosting a giveaway with them though I accepted and am hosting the giveaway already. It made me suspicious but I didn't think much about it. But I always wonder why it always filtered out by my gmail, as in even though I already marked their email address as not spam, it never appears on my inbox and only appear when I accidentally typed the name on the search box. But again I didn't think much about it.

Until Anabelle left a comment on my post about her blog post. I read it it's about how she cancelled the giveaway with them too because the gift card can only be used with $200 minimum purchase. A while later few other bloggers who worked with them warned me about the very same thing. I also saw some posts on my feed about some bloggers cancelled their giveaways with them. 

Here are the links to some disappointed bloggers posts in case you're curious or want to make sure

It seems there are many customers who aren't satisfied with them too when I googled. I also just discussed about this with my good friend and she told me she also had to cancel her giveaway with dressale for the same reason. I was like okay that's it and I decided to email them canceling this giveaway because I believe it doesn't only damage their reputation but my blog's as well. I also don't want to disappoint the giveaway winner. 

I'm sorry again for this. But to make up for this sudden cancellation, there will be a new giveaway around the end of this month, so stay tune for it :) 

Tsubasa Masukawa Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

Hello guys! A while ago I was invited to collaborate with 6 other beauty bloggers (and vlogger) to do Tsubasa Masukawa makeup tutorial. As you can see 7 of us are gyaru and Tsu-chan loving gals and we all have our own way to do Tsubasa's makeup. As you also may know Tsubasa Masukawa is a famous gyaru model and the cute creator behind Dolly Wink and Candy Doll. She model for several products as well and obviously she has way too many styles, some are cute and innocent, some are glamorous and gorgeous. This time we work together to create our favorite Tsubasa's makeup styles. The other girls really worked hard and did a fabulous job with their Tsubasa makeup, I feel like a silly weirdo among these beautiful gyarus lol.

We all have different Tsubasa Masukawa makeup tutorial on our respective blogs, so be sure to follow and check them out ^^

Vintage Gothic Lolita Accessories

vintage gothic accessories

Few of you requested accessories post/review and here I am, finally :D The first lolita style I loved and craved was gothic lolita. I love black color, most of my clothes in my wardrobe is black. And I always think gothic lolita is mysterious, dark, but cute. Aside of its gorgeous dresses, what I love most about gothic lolita is also its accessories. If you read my latest nail tips post, you've seen part of the accessories, especially the rings. I got them from Rose Wholesale. It's a wholesale store that carries many different products with very affordable price. It's a wholesale store yes, I didn't even expect much from the stock photos cause usually accessories with cheap price may look different from the beautiful stock photos on the website. But apparently I was wrong, the items I received were as pretty as the stock photos, even better than what I'd imagined. 

The items I pick are the bracelet-ring, a choker-necklace, and a bow ring. They're all black. Coincidentally they stand out the most among other accessories I saw on the website, and the necklace and bracelet are vintage style with rose and lace. I match the accessories with my favorite black rose headdress.

Click for full review and pictures.

Casual Night Out Makeup Tutorial

casual makeup tutorial

Happy new year!! A while ago lovely Joanne from Urhappybunnie asked me to guest post on her blog and I happily agreed. I was asked to show my FOTD and my makeup routine, so I made this very simple tutorial on how I usually do my makeup, eye makeup mostly though. I never shared my casual (or not so casual) makeup before on my blog, I thought I could post the pictures here. This makeup is actually more dolly and gyaru look, the eye makeup at least and this is what I do to my eyes normally when I go out with friends on weekends. A little bit excessive? Maybe. But it brings out the best of my eyes so I really like it :)