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bow necklace ring

I always like wearing accessories. Everyday I wear 2 rings, a bracelet and necklace, they're things I can't take off. When looking for accessories, I usually look at the ring section, both online and offline. I love rings so much (if you don't know already). While I enjoy wearing the rings from my boyfriend, but I also love trying out new extraordinary rings. Small and cute rings are everywhere, I don't like wearing the same or even similar things as other people so I find this funny Bitch knuckle ring unique. You can just close the tab if you find it's offensive of course :) 

But if you like what you see, please continue to read more.

I received two pieces of accessories from Born Pretty Store. I'm sure some of you know them already as one of the biggest online stores that carries things such as nail kits, beauty supplies, and accessories. They have tons of accessories (which I love) on their website. I was lucky to get the chance to try their new accessories section. There are two things I'm going to review, a necklace and a ring.

Let's start from the cute little bow necklace.

pearl bow necklace

I always have a thing for bows (as you can see on my blog template). This bow necklace are pieced together by the cute pearls and attached with gold chain. I fell in love in first sight once I saw it on the first page of the necklace category.

pearl bow necklace

I thought it's going to be long like belly long (cause I remember my friend has the exact same bow necklace and it's so freaking long), but it's not. It's just the perfect size for me. The pearls make the bow seem cuter. This necklace is perfect for everyday wear or even just for special occasion. I don't wear this everyday, but I do when I go out and when I want to look cutesy. You can get the bow necklace on Born Pretty Store for only $3.23

bitch knuckle ring

This is probably my favorite piece. It's a 3 finger knuckle ring with Bitch written in what seems to be Barbie font. It fits 3 fingers and even now I still find it pretty funny cause it's something I never had before. Even though I can't wear this everyday (especially not at work), I wear this ring quite a lot when going out with some friends. Sure they give me o_O look but they also think it's quite unique. Maybe next time I need to get another one with Barbie writing so I can wear it more often lol cause I really like this kind of rings.

bitch knuckle ring

 I personally think the H looks like K, making it Bitck, whatever that means haha but I still really like it. And this Bitch ring is also available on Born Pretty Store for $3.99, there are 2 colors available: silver and gold.

bitch knuckle ring

bitch knuckle ring

There are a lot of cheap accessories on Born Pretty Store in stock with very affordable prices, from necklace, rings, hair accessories, anklet, body chain and more. You can get 10% off with my code MLT10 they also offer free worldwide shipping for your every order.

Which accessories do you like more?

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