Dressale Giveaway Cancelled

Hello everyone. First of all, I would like to apologize for this. I didn't research thoroughly before I accepted to cooperate with Dressale. 

As you know I'm having a giveaway with Dressale and it's almost ended but I get contacted by several bloggers who worked with them and some other readers who voiced their concerns over this giveaway. I was quite busy these days and I completely forgot about it until Winda messaged and reminded me this noon today.

First, they reached out to me asking to cooperate through gift card giveaway. After discussing with their end, I accepted and posted the giveaway on my blog almost a month ago. Then I keep getting emails from them saying the very same thing about hosting a giveaway with them though I accepted and am hosting the giveaway already. It made me suspicious but I didn't think much about it. But I always wonder why it always filtered out by my gmail, as in even though I already marked their email address as not spam, it never appears on my inbox and only appear when I accidentally typed the name on the search box. But again I didn't think much about it.

Until Anabelle left a comment on my post about her blog post. I read it it's about how she cancelled the giveaway with them too because the gift card can only be used with $200 minimum purchase. A while later few other bloggers who worked with them warned me about the very same thing. I also saw some posts on my feed about some bloggers cancelled their giveaways with them. 

Here are the links to some disappointed bloggers posts in case you're curious or want to make sure 




It seems there are many customers who aren't satisfied with them too when I googled. I also just discussed about this with my good friend and she told me she also had to cancel her giveaway with dressale for the same reason. I was like okay that's it and I decided to email them canceling this giveaway because I believe it doesn't only damage their reputation but my blog's as well. I also don't want to disappoint the giveaway winner. 

I'm sorry again for this. But to make up for this sudden cancellation, there will be a new giveaway around the end of this month, so stay tune for it :) 

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