EOS Ice Grey Circle Lens Review

circle lens review

Hello! I'm back with another pair of circle lens to review today. I realize I have more fancy circle lenses so this time I decided to try natural grey circle lens with smaller diameter that would fit for any occasion without scaring people. I got this circle lens from Maple Lens, an online circle lens webstore that carries various circle lenses brands like Vassen, Geo, EOS, etc. Though many people love EOS, but I only have one EOS circle lens pair only, and had bad experience with the past one. So I was worrying if I would like this EOS Ice circle lens. I personally like the simple design, it also comes in 6 colors and most of them are pretty. But I was glad when I tried it on cause it's so natural yet beautiful, and most importantly comfortable.

Now let's see this circle lens closer.

The box is so pretty! It comes with the animal case too~

Diameter : 14.8mm 
Water Content : 38% 
Base Curve : 8.8mm 
Expiry : 1 Year
Manufacturer: EOS

circle lens review

The simple design worried me at first cause the color is only around the thin black rims I thought it would show my dark brown eyes but no even in natural lighting, the grey part is still visible. Under low lighting the circle lens gives a very natural look people would barely notice you're wearing circle lens cause the grey blends with your natural eye color. With flash, the design and color are more defined, there's a lighter white area around the black rims if you have small iris like mine.

This lens feels smaller on my eyes but that's cause I'm too used to wearing 16mm circle lens. With 14.8mm diameter, it's actually enlarging, and not crazy enlarging, just the right enlargement you need to get a bigger eye look without being too obvious.

I'm pleased to say this EOS lens is pretty comfortable, way more comfortable than my previous EOS Fay. The material is really thin (as you can see since it shows my original iris diameter slightly) so it's pretty comfortable, easy to put on and take off. I still put eyedrops from 1-2 times a day to avoid dryness and red eyes.

The simple design with thin black rings fits to those who want to have more natural look for everyday use. The standard diameter size wouldn't be too artificial looking, but it is enlarging. It lasts me 4-5 hours without drying but I need to use eyedrops at least once a day when I'm in air conditioned room. This circle lens is perfect for people who are looking for casual circle lens that can be worn daily.

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circle lens review

circle lens review

circle lens

What do you think of this circle lens design and color? Have you tried EOS circle lenses?

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