Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Foundation Review

lancome mat miracle 24h foundation

Hi everyone, I'm finally back with new makeup review. As you might know, I have combination oily skin with super oily nose. By super oily nose, I mean my nose gets shiny in 3-4 hours with just normal BB cream / foundation. I used to have super oil T-zone but probably thanks to my pore care routine (?) it's just my nose left now, while my inner cheeks area has more decent amount of oil. I will post my pore care routine next time, but today I want to share a review of this foundation I purchased last December. 

So I panicked when I knew I had an all day event or wedding party coming up. Last month my cousin got married and I had to be there since the morning until night (long wedding I know). I began to splurge on oil free mattifying foundations like never before. But this one wasn't planned at all. I was waiting for my friends in the mall, so I went to the beauty department and walked past Lancome. I spotted the pretty foundation bottles which reminded me of the infamous Lancome Teint Idole foundation I craved since long time ago after I saw it on Sephora. First, I was disappointed when I learned Lancome Teint Idole isn't available here, and what they have is this Mat Miracle which is specialized for asian skintone. So I was like.. okay so it's probably the exact same Teint Idole with different name cause it's released in Asia, and maybe with more asian shades. And, I purchased this foundation in a whim. The SA matched me with this O-03 shade.

I was really content when I went home, cause I had high expectation and convinced myself this would totally solve my oily nose issue and last a long time during the event.

The box packaging is super beautiful! It's carved with something I can't tell lol but it has the usual rose symbol, which is... really pretty. I'm in love with the silver box a lot I still keep it safe and well in my drawer. 

O-03 shade


lancome mat miracle 24h foundation
lancome mat miracle 24h foundation

 It comes with a pretty slim glass packaging. The glass packaging doesn't seem too fragile though I never accidentally drop it, but it doesn't seem to break once it's dropped cause the surface is soft almost dove-like instead of real glass if that makes sense. For IDR 480,000 (around $40) this packaging obviously worth the price. I believe the slim and sleek design is pretty much the same as Lancome Teint Idole. But the thing I love about this foundation is definitely its cap. 

The top part of the cap is embossed with the rose.

And it comes with a plastic pump dispenser. The pump is one of the best pumps I ever try cause it dispenses really well, never too much or too little.

lancome mat miracle shades
There are 10 shades and mine is the circled one, O-03. As you can see I got the wrong shade, thank you ignorant SA -_- she kept telling me it matched my skintone and I had a heart attack when I first applied it on my face lol. Well partly it was my fault too cause I didn't want to get the lightest shade I was scared it would give me white cast, but apparently the lightest shade might be the best one for me :/

This is how the foundation looks like on my skin. You can see how wrong this shade is lol. It does make my skin look a bit dirty somehow, and it's yellow undertone. But I love the texture of this foundation. It dries pretty fast, but not as fast as Revlon Colorstay Foundation, though it promised matte finish, it doesn't dry me up. It's more like silky finish and makes skin feel soft once applied and settled.

I hope you're not scarred for life seeing my bare face, but here it is (again) lol. I have many acne scars and some redness. While this foundation covers redness pretty well, it doesn't completely cover my blemishes so I must say the coverage is up to medium, but it's buildable. I have to blend it out to my neck and chest on the second picture so my face doesn't look too dark yellow with fair neck. For more matte result (if you need it), apply matte loose powder. 

With the foundation alone (after oil free primer) my nose begin to shine in 4-5 hours, not too much difference than my usual BB cream unfortunately. With loose powder on top of the foundation, my nose starts to shine in 5-6 hours, again there's not much significant difference which disappointed me big time. I never expected it to last on my face for 24 hours without any shine, cause it's just too unrealistic. But still shining in 4 hours is not what I hope for in a matte foundation. The rest of my face (sans nose) which is less oily stays soft matte for about 7-8 hours though, so one thing for sure, this foundation isn't meant for super oily skin.

- Comes in pump dispenser
- A little goes a long way
- Silky matte finish
- Lasts for 7-8 hours for normal to combination skin
- Almost no smell
- 10 available shades
- Doesn't settle into fine lines

- Pricy
- Not for very oily skin

I would love this foundation more if only I didn't get the wrong shade. And I actually love how this foundation sit on my face, though I hate how shiny my nose is after 4 hours. The rest of my face feels soft and nice with only the foundation which is a big plus. For best result, I recommend you to use beauty blender or Sigma flat top kabuki F80 brush to apply this foundation. I also recommend this foundation for people with normal to combination skin who prefers light to medium coverage.

lancome mat miracle foundation

In the end, I didn't use this foundation on my cousin's wedding and I believe I only used it 3-4 times only thanks to the wrong shade haha. Have you tried Lancome Teint Idole or Mat Miracle or maybe both?

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