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exfoliate lips

If you often read my lip products reviews I'm pretty sure I annoyed you with my dry lips complains and probably you're like "why this girl never exfoliate her lips and stop complaining?" haha it's true though I almost never exfoliate my lips cause my lips are pretty sensitive already and I'm against scrubbing my already damaged lips. Okay now that sounds pretty intense lol my lips aren't damaged it's just chapped and it tends to bleed during its driest state I don't have the heart to scrub or exfoliate it, but I'm someone who's always lazy to make DIY lip mask on my own. Yes I might be the laziest person you ever know. So, I jumped ship once I found this Korean product Brilliant Love Heart Lip Care System, a 3 step to get softer lips in less than an hour. Sounds good to be true? I know, right? Cause even now I'm still amazed. And what amazed me the most is there's no scrubbing needed, not even peeling the dead skin on my lips.

Enough blabbering, now let's see how this works!

exfoliate lips

There are 3 items in this set: lip mask, lip gel patch, and lip essence. The packaging is simple but the pale pink and brown colors are pretty, reminds me of chocolate too somehow. 

The lip mask comes in a tube. The mask contains macadamia seed oil that can recover tired and cracked lips, and activates the skin cells with enriched minerals, protein and vitamins. The AHA from grape seed oil melts dead skin cell to give soft and moist lips. The best thing about this lip mask is it's hypoallergenic so it exfoliates the lips, making it softer without irritating the lips. 

How to use: Apply enough amount on lips, leave it on the lips for 1-2 minutes. Rub and wipe off with tissue or wet towel afterwards.

The second step is the lip gel patch. There are 5 patches in the box. The material of this lip patch is pretty interesting for me. It's like thin jelly. This patch cleanses dead skin cells on the lips and around lips, cause it's big enough it reaches my lower cheeks. It moisturize and soothes my lips that it makes my rough lips more supple and moist. 

How to use: Remove non woven cover from the lip patch first. Then stick the lip patch around your lips from the the direction to remove white film on the back of of the lip patch. Remove the lip patch after 15 to 20 minutes.

Third step in this set is the lip essence. It's probably my favorite part of the set. I find it cooling my lips too once applied. It tastes like strawberry to me. It soothes the lips and gives more moisture. It looks and feels like lip balm, giving a healthy pink color on my lips. It's a bit creamy but liquidy, but not sticky. It dries gradually but keep the moisture on my lips.

How to use: For the appearance of rejuvenate lips apply a sufficient amount to the lips as the last step of the lip care system.

I'm sorry for the dreadful looking lips. But I need to show it to show you how the dull dry lips turn more healthier after using this lip system.

1. The lip mask makes my lips look like I just have been outside in the snow (there's no snow here) and harsh looking but it doesn't hurt at all, instead the lip mask is so soft but once rubbed on the lips it turns to white particles like shown in the picture. I leave it on my lips for 2 minutes. 

2. The big gel patch is soft and has fruity scents, and it soothes the skin around my lips too. I leave it for 30 minutes and my lips feel refreshed and moist afterwards.

3. The lip essence feels like strawberry cream on my lips, it has cooling sensation and helps calming and soothing my lips until it completely dries, but definitely doesn't dry my lips at all.

You can see my dull dark pigmented lips turn pinkish with healthy moist after using this 3 step.

My impression
To be honest, I didn't expect anything good from this lip system because I know how dry my lips are that I can't really wear lipstick without seeing the chapped lips. I always need to coat my lips with super creamy lipstick or very glossy lip gloss which can be a bit too much. But I was surprised to see how my lips turned way softer in just 1 use. I've used this lip set twice already and I notice a big difference so I will definitely keep using this, especially the night before going out. Because in the morning my lips always feel so rejuvenated and moist I just can't stop feeling my lips. Although there's only 5 lip patches in the set, the lip mask and lip essence tubes are going to last for a while seeing how little amount I need to apply every use. So a little goes a long way, which is really great seeing it's only $29 for these 3 amazing products that make my lips alive again :D The best part is, I can sue the lip essence everyday to help my lips stay moisturized and healthy.

You can exfoliate lips and get lovely & softer lips too with the Brilliant Love Heart Lip System only on Wishtrend.

Disclaimer: This product is sponsored by Wishtrend but my review is based on my honest personal opinion and experience

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