Sweet Moon Princess Makeup Tutorial

makeup tutorial

Lunar New Year is coming very soon, tomorrow, to be exact so I collaborate with my lovely blogger friends, Sample Hime and Mary-chan to recreate "Lunar" theme and Tiffany came up with the moon princess idea. When I heard the moon princess words, all I could think of was Sailor Moon. Haha I'm such a huge sailor moon fan, well actually Sailor Venus, but yeah I could see the cheesy pose and moon stick. But our moon princess theme is actually more of how to create dewy radiant complexion in our own way. Three of us have different interpretations for this tutorial, so you can totally see 3 different moon princess styles we recreate. Sample Hime (Tiffany) recreates the mysterious dark moon princess, Mary-chan recreates a softer rosy spring moon princess, while I recreate sweet (bland, plain, normal you name it lol) moon princess. Visit their respective blogs for their moon princess tutorials! 

Now, let's move on my tutorial.

The makeup I'm going to do on this tutorial is radiant dewy skin with a little bit of color for the eye makeup. So I start with applying my moisturizer and primer to keep my makeup stay on my face cause I don't want them to slip off because I have combination oily skin.

Please ignore my half eyebrow. This is how my eyebrow looks like without eyebrow pencil cause I have too thick eyebrows so I regularly shave half of them so I can draw my eyebrow to any shape I like (depending on my mood). Anyway, I apply dewy finish CC cream which I mix with BB cream to create a rather glowy skin, cause I don't want my skin to be flat matte. 

Actually you can move on to the first step which is eye makeup if you have dry or normal skin, but since I have troubled oily skin, I need to cover my imperfections first and dust my face with powder.

I use beauty blender to apply my concealer more evenly and giving more coverage. Then I lightly dust my powder brush to have flawless shine free finish.

1. Draw eyebrow with eyebrow pencil and brush it with eyebrow mascara if needed.
2. Apply eye primer around the eyes and then apply base eyeshadow.
3. Apply luminous eyeshadow in greenish blue, blueish grey or purplish blue color.

4. With gel eyeliner or pen liner, draw a thin firm upper eyeline. With aqua eye crayon/eye shadow, draw a lower line like on the picture, from the lower middle outward.
5. Make a long wing outward, in the same direction and angle as the blue lower liner.

Next step is contour and highlight. Highlight the white dotted areas and contour the brown dotted areas. I highlight more cause my glowy skin from the luminous cc cream is layered by the powder. So I make my face more radiant looking with this step.

I don't use blush for this tutorial cause I'm going for fair and rather pale but radiant skin without any color except on my eyes and lips.

6. Also highlight your browbone and cheekbone. 
7. Apply natural upper and lower eyelashes, and also draw with tear liner on the inner lower line.
8. Apply peachy pink or nude pink lipstick. I apply lipstick and lipgloss on the picture.

Done! I also stick some rhinestones with eyelash glue (my favorite part) on my inner eyes corners and around my eyes, also on my forehead, making a (fail) crescent shape to channel my inner Sailor Moon lol.

The products I use are:

Vassen Kimchi Bambi Pink

Olay Total effects moisturizer
Banila Co. Prime Primer in classic
Lioele Dollish Vita BB Cream in Gorgeous Purple
Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream
Physicians Formula Conceal Rx Concealer in fair light
Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder #14
Etude House Aloha V-line Slim Maker
Sleek Face Form in fair

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin
Urban Decay Mariposa Palette
Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matte V1 Palette
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil #1
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara #1
Diamond Glam eyelashes (upper)
Dolly Wink no. 13 eyelashes (lower)
Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner S
Benefit They're Real Mascara
It's Skin Tear Liner

NYX Round Lipstick in circe
Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited PK33S

2ne1 blackjack lightstick

Okay yes, I went overboard with the whole moon princess thingy that I took out my blackjack lightstick from the dusty cupboard (I purchased the lightstick for 2NE1's concert but they cancelled coming here so it was no use) and I end up posing silly poses with it, and feeling like Princess Serenity lol.

But anyway, yeah I do hope you enjoy this makeup collaboration tutorial cause I had fun with it ^^ Don't forget to visit Tiffany and Mary's blog to see the other moon princesses :D I'll be back for another makeup tutorial tomorrow, see you on my next post!

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