Tsubasa Masukawa Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

Hello guys! A while ago I was invited to collaborate with 6 other beauty bloggers (and vlogger) to do Tsubasa Masukawa makeup tutorial. As you can see 7 of us are gyaru and Tsu-chan loving gals and we all have our own way to do Tsubasa's makeup. As you also may know Tsubasa Masukawa is a famous gyaru model and the cute creator behind Dolly Wink and Candy Doll. She model for several products as well and obviously she has way too many styles, some are cute and innocent, some are glamorous and gorgeous. This time we work together to create our favorite Tsubasa's makeup styles. The other girls really worked hard and did a fabulous job with their Tsubasa makeup, I feel like a silly weirdo among these beautiful gyarus lol.

We all have different Tsubasa Masukawa makeup tutorial on our respective blogs, so be sure to follow and check them out ^^

But before I get to the tutorial, let me introduce these gals I collaborate with first :D  

Babycakes, or what I call Cupcake, is... you can say she's the motivator and lady in our blonde cult (most of us are blondes I don't know what else to call us that's what I remember lol). She has a passion for Japanese and Korean cultures, as well as makeup and fashion styles. She mainly blogs about Japanese & Korean beauty lifestyle, she shares makeup tutorials and hosts giveaways too! She's also the sweetest and funniest gal I know, while still being random and crazy, in a good way mind you haha. Do visit and follow her blog ^^

Momo is a real cutie pie. I'm always amazed staring at her adorable photos cause well she looks like Tsubasa Masukawa lol. She is also a gyaru and her coordinates are really lovely you should check her tumblr and instagram.

Yuukiyo is an ulzzang who cosplays and likes gyaru style as well. The first time I saw her, she was like a real life anime character lol just look at her photo. She's new to blogging but she blogs about beauty and makeup too, plus her blog is really cute so do follow her ^^

I'm sure many of you know Nuehle, I like watching her inspiring videos on Youtube. I really like her Amo harajuku style, well basically all her coordinates and photos and videos lol what's not to like? She vlogs and shares her countless makeup and hair tutorials mainly for gyaru and harajuku look. Aside of being a beauty guru, she also covers kpop dance :D 

Akira is a korean blogger who's reaallyyyyy sweet. She's super sweet. Did I say that? Haha I want to emphasize how kind and cute and sweet she is ^^ Oh, she also recently moved to Seoul and she's been blogging about Korean makeup and I drool everytime I see her instagram posts and blog posts haha. Make sure to follow her and show her some love! 

Jesse is my new blogger friend. I was actually surprised the first time I saw her cause I thought Akira just changed hairstyle but apparently Jesse is Akira's twin sister. Haha how cute is that? Well I always find twins are cute, especially twin sisters. Why I don't have a twin sister? :( Anyway, Jesse blogs about korean cosmetics. She also shares her reviews on her Youtube channel, please follow her as well :D <3

Now, let's move on to the quick tutorial.

I choose this particular look of Tsubasa for this tutorial. Honestly, Tsubasa usual makeup is too soft for me, like this one. But this is one of my favorite makeup look of her I just have to recreate this one. I mean, nude lips! You guys know how much I love nude lips haha. But for this post, I will just share mainly the eye makeup tutorial.

But as always, start with moisturized and primed face before you apply BB cream/foundation and powder to make the face makeup stays longer.

1. Draw eyebrow with eyebrow pencil and brush your eyebrow with eyebrow mascara. Eyebrow lightening is an essential part for Tsubasa's makeup, especially if you have bleached or colored hair.

2. After applying base eye shadow all over your eyes, apply grey or brown (optional) eyeshadow on the highlighted part like the picture above to create bigger eye look.

3. Also apply some eye shadow with the same color on the upper lid subtly, start from the center of your eyelid outward.

4. Draw eyeliner on the upper lash line, don't make it too thick.

5. Extend the line to make a nice wing.

6. With white eyeliner draw a line from the inner corner of lower line to the middle and blend the middle line so it doesn't look like broken line.

7. Contour your nose using bronzer or dark nose powder and highlight your nose bridge to thinify your nose.

8. Put on eyelashes on upper and lower line. Stick upper eyelashes close to your lash line, and put on the lower lashes lower than your lower line to create a bigger eye effect.

9. Apply highlighter below your under eye outward to the ear and apply blush from the apple of your cheek straight to your cheekbone.

10.  Apply nude lipstick and lip gloss.

I look nothing like Tsubasa Masukawa, for sure and the eye makeup is unlike my usual eye makeup, but surprisingly I quite like the end result of this look. It gives me softer and more innocent look. Plus, this makeup style is really easy and quick to do ^^ I hope you like this tutorial and thank you for reading! :D

Please click the picture below to find the other girls' tutorials :)

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