Vassen Kimchi Bambi Pink Circle Lens Review

vassen kimchi bambi

Though many may think it's weird to have pink iris, I find pink lenses really cute and anime-like. The bad thing about most pink circle lenses online is they normally don't have prescription. I am a circle lens fan, but I wear circle lens to help with my bad vision, while still have cute big eyes. So it lost its purpose no matter how cute a circle lens is when it doesn't come with prescription. Soooo how grateful I was when I found a very cute pair of pink circle lens on uniqso! It's from Vassen or what some people know as i.fairy. I'm actually surprised when I saw the design cause it's so much similar with Geo Princess Mimi bambi series. It even has similar name, Kimchi Bambi. Geo Princess Mimi bambi series is probably my favorite circle lens cause it has such lovely design and colors with 15 mm diameter, it's so perfect for me but I remember I wished it would come with more colors cause 3 colors aren't enough for me. I don't know if Kimchi Bambi is its dupe, or just too similar in terms of design (and name), but knowing there's a circle lens with similar design as Princess Mimi bambi series, with way more color selection (there are 6 colors available) and bigger diameter really convinced me to try this circle lens, especially when it has prescription pink lens.
I'm pretty sure some of you have seen me wearing this pair of circle lens a lot before this review. I believe I wear this circle lens on 80% of my recent photos. So yes, definitely it's the top of my circle lens list. Keep reading to look closer.

As always, Uniqso sent the circle lens in a cute bear box with a free circle lens case.

It's bubble wrapped and sealed so don't worry about leakage in the mail.

Yes, unfortunately it comes in vial bottles and I hate opening the seal lol. But the vial bottle labels are really cute and pinky.

Manufacturer: Vassen
Name: Kimchi Bambi
Color: Pink
Diameter: 16 mm
Water Content: 55%
Expiry: 1 year

Actually I had no expectation when I saw this design in person, cause it looks too pale pink with orange-y dots in the inner circle. I do like the black rims though. But again, with this pale pink I doubted it would appear pink on my dark brown eyes. But I was wrong.

I didn't edit the photos, I only added fonts and watermark. With natural lighting, the pink parts look more pale and almost white, how can it be??? I have no idea haha, but with flash on, the pink part is more pink and the orange dots are more defined while the black rims remain the same and bold. With the kind of eye makeup I usually do, I know 16mm is definitely the right diameter size for me. I clapped my hands like a dork when I put the lenses on for the first time and looked at myself in the mirror cause I simply love it!

No doubt, I love it! As I explain above, the black rims are firm and bold, creating defined dolly eyes. The pink parts are more pale looking compared to the orange inner part. And under low lighting, it doesn't look so pink but more reddish brown somehow which makes it look more natural and doesn't scare people around me. But with flash on or under good lighting, the color is visible though I must say the orange inner part can be more dominant looking.
With 16 mm diameter, this circle lens is really perfect if you're going for dolly eye look, gyaru, lolita, or even cosplay look. It's very enlarging if you have small iris. 
Though it's very big (16 mm is big for me cause I won't go for bigger lenses) but it has 55% water content and the material is super thin (thin isn't always bad) so it's very comfortable on my eyes all day. Most days I don't put eyedrop at all, unless the air conditioner drying my eyes out. But one thing I take note is, it's really easy to grab and remove the circle lens off my eyes at the end of the day because it's thin and flexible. I have some issue with other circle lenses when I'm removing them at night (when I didn't put eyedrops) because sometimes the circle lens can kinda stuck on my eye, but I don't have that problem with this Kimchi Bambi. I don't even feel anything while wearing this lens.
Unless you're really dense (since I'm being so obvious since the beginning haha) you'd know how much I love this circle lens. From the color and design it's definitely my favorite. It looks too much like Princess Mimi, but with bigger diameter, making this circle lens a great contacts to create an even bigger doll eye look. It has 6 unique colors available: gray, brown, green, pink, purple, blue. But the comfortable level is just too good that whenever I'm sleepy in the morning I can only wear this circle lens that won't sting my eyes and last all day. Overall, I've worn this circle lens in many events and both casual & special occasions that I absolutely recommend this for you guys who want to have big dolly eyes with maximum comfort. 
i.fairy kimchi bambi pink

pink circle lens

Actually I have a lot more photos wearing this circle lens but I don't want to bore anyone with more of my photos lol. You can also get bigger eyes like dolls with this Vassen Kimchi Bambi Pink circle lens, it is available up to -8.00 on Uniqso and you can get 10% off with my discount code, also you have fair chance of winning circle lens as well. Hope you like this review and until next time ^-^

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