Vintage Gothic Lolita Accessories

vintage gothic accessories

Few of you requested accessories post/review and here I am, finally :D The first lolita style I loved and craved was gothic lolita. I love black color, most of my clothes in my wardrobe is black. And I always think gothic lolita is mysterious, dark, but cute. Aside of its gorgeous dresses, what I love most about gothic lolita is also its accessories. If you read my latest nail tips post, you've seen part of the accessories, especially the rings. I got them from Rose Wholesale. It's a wholesale store that carries many different products with very affordable price. It's a wholesale store yes, I didn't even expect much from the stock photos cause usually accessories with cheap price may look different from the beautiful stock photos on the website. But apparently I was wrong, the items I received were as pretty as the stock photos, even better than what I'd imagined. 

The items I pick are the bracelet-ring, a choker-necklace, and a bow ring. They're all black. Coincidentally they stand out the most among other accessories I saw on the website, and the necklace and bracelet are vintage style with rose and lace. I match the accessories with my favorite black rose headdress.

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This black bowknot ring is the cutest. It's adjustable, and there are black gems on the bowknot. The picture is pretty much self explanatory, it's simple and cute, perfect for any occasion. The best thing about this ring is, it's only $1.66 you can get it here.

I love anything lacy, black lace bracelet is no exception. The design is very elegant and beautiful with the framed black rose on the middle, and a vintage black ring is chained to the bracelet. The ring is also adjustable. One thing I don't like about this bracelet is, I take forever to wear it haha so it'd be easier if there's someone who can help attaching the hook to the small chain, or maybe I just have old eyes issue lol. 

Very pretty and elegant when worn. I really like staring at my hand with the bracelet and ring on haha. But since I wear it by myself so I can't really make it tight on my wrist and just attach the hook once it catches any chain, and it ends up loose on my wrist. But I'm just lazy to reattach it. This fancy bracelet is only $3.49 you can get it here.

This decorative choker is also my favorite. It also has a black rose on the center, and many chains attached on the black lace. It's very similar in style with the bracelet ring that it can be worn together. Somehow it's way easier to wear and attach the hook, probably because I can use two hands to do it haha. 

Doesn't it look elegant? Well, at least it makes my neck look elegant lol. The rose isn't made of satin like the rose in the bracelet, but it's still a black rose and I like it nevertheless. This necklace is $6.83 and it's available here.

I wear the 3 items and it looks like one set of accessories.

gothic lolitagothic lolita accessories

Visit Rose Wholesale for more accessories and apparels with affordable prices. Hope you like this post ^^

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