Cute Pink Sweet Lolita

pink sweet lolita

Hello again, guys! I'm in a good mood today so I dress up and wear my lolita dress for tomorrow's lolita tea party, and take a bunch of photos to show you what I'll wear tomorrow. In case you don't know, I'm totally a closet lolita. I'm obsessed with lolita fashion and been dying to be one since before I got into gyaru. But being a lolita is pretty expensive since I can't really sew the outfits myself. I was so into gothic lolita (you know me and black) until I was so immersed with hime gyaru and my lolita preference also changed to sweet lolita recently. How many times I blogged about me not liking pink but I have pinkish blog layout and as you can see on this post banner, I'm wearing all pink. Yes, I'm a hypocrite O_O Haha it's just I find sweet lolita really cute and like a princess. Anyway, I'll stop blabbering and move on to the full look. 

Rebel Monster Look ft. ilovesexy

ilovesexy costume review

Hi guys! Remember last time I had a collaboration with other bloggers for Chinese New Year? I was representing ox zodiac, and I originally planned to make a fashion post with ox-like outfit but for some reasons I couldn't make it on time and resort to ox makeup tutorial. This outfit is what I planned for that collab post but since it's over, I decided to just make a new post displaying this fabulous outfit I really like.

Keep reading to see the full outfit.

Buy, Sell, and Earn on Shoplately

shoplately review
When I shop online, I don't just search, click, and buy. I often add some things to my cart and think for 2 minutes after spending hours choosing them, if I really need them. And usually I quickly close the tab before I can think further, only to realize the next day I do want those items. But the next time I come back and login, I find my shopping cart is empty. How annoying is that? It's just too much work to find all those items again and usually I get lazy and end up closing the tab once again, this time once for all. Have you had such experience? 

Influenster J'adore VoxBox Review

influenster jadore voxbox

Hello, if you follow me on my social media you must've known that recently I was sent this sweet J'adore Voxbox as Valentine's day treat by Influenster. If you don't know already, Influenster is a community especially for bloggers, vloggers, social media activists, well basically influential trendsetter which means influenster? I don't know I was making it up lol anyway it's free to join and in the beginning you can do some surveys related to your hobbies or things you like and know about. Then you can start building up your score. The score will determine how influential you are. The score starts from 0 to 100. I joined around last year, and had such low score so I began doing surveys and reviews and eventually forgot about the score and whatnot, until last month I got an email from Influenster that I was eligible to receive a Voxbox. Voxbox is basically a special box filled with several products that invited influensters can try free of charge in exchange of honest reviews on social media and blog/youtube channel. I heard that active members with high score gets to sample voxbox so I got curious and checked my score on the website and surprisingly I got 89 now.

Anyway, so I was excited when I saw the notification that my voxbox was shipped. It took quite a while until I received the voxbox though because of this and that. So yeah when it finally arrived last week I was like yay! since this was my first voxbox after all.

Keep reading to see each product details and reviews.

How I Get Longer Lashes with Fysiko Lashes Serum

If you're a loyal reader of my blog and social media, you must've known how much I love false eyelashes. I literally can't live without falsies as I have very sparse lashes, both upper and lower. While putting falsies on is something I can do in 1-2 minutes, but there are times I wish I don't have to put them on like when I'm at work or just going to the lobby to the mini mart. I remember back in school days, my friend told me how she got fuller lashes after trimming her lashes shorter and guess what? I did try what she suggested. I cut my lashes super short, and regretted cause not only I looked like someone who didn't have lashes at all, it also didn't get longer until after years later. And back then I knew nothing about falsies nor I was allowed to wear them, so yes it was horrible. But since then, I don't have long and full lashes.

How grateful I was when I found out about Fysiko Lashes. Well, to be honest with you I've never even believed to any eyelash growth serum cause I always thought it was just too good to be true. But I've seen wonders on many people who used fysiko eyelash serum and got their natural lashes way longer and thicker in volume. It's like they were wearing natural falsies, but it's not falsies at all.

Keep reading to see my natural lashes transformation. 

Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder Review

mufe makeup forever matte powder

While I'm liking dewy finish recently, but when I go out I always prefer to have matte finish face instead because I have combination skin with super oily nose after few hours outside. So, matte loose powder is a must for me aside of oil free primer and foundation. I've always used Dodo Palgantong loose powder in the past and it has great oil control but I feel like my nose needs better matte powder that I finally decided to try this Makeup Forever Super Matte loose powder. I've tried Makeup Forever HD powder which many people raved about, but it didn't turn out great on me nor it had decent oil control. So, by reading its product name "super matte" had really convinced me to try how matte this powder could be, hoping this would be my HG powder and turns out.... it is my HG powder! 

Let me show you more about this super matte powder. 

Casual Street Pastel Look

gyaru harajuku

Hello again! Today I'm not going to post beauty related post, but my OOTD as some of you been asking me to do. I'm actually not that good in mixing and matching so I tend to stick to one piece dress a lot. I'm not that girly but people think I am cause I always wear one piece and cute pumps, but there are times I like to be just casual and simple like what I wear on today's post. 

I'm not a huge pastel fan, but I do love purple (like many of you already know) and lately pink. And I pair pastel colored oversized sweater with shorts and high top sneakers. 

Laneige Blackhead Gel & Pore Strip Review

laneige blackhead pore

I'm someone who always have pore and black/whiteheads problems for as long as I remember. It all started since I was younger around junior high school I guess? I was soooo lazy to cleanse my face. I believed as long as I didn't wear makeup I didn't need to cleanse my face so I only washed it with water back then haha I wasn't much into makeup and skincare back then and didn't care much about my skin and that's why I'm dealing with bad skin years later which is now haha. Even back in high school, I remember my ex boyfriend told me the first thing he noticed when he saw me for the first time was my blackheads. LOL how embarrassing was it? Then I began using Biore pore strips cause it was the only one we had here back then. Sure it was pretty effective but I felt like ripping my nose skin everytime I did it and hurt like hell. But growing up, I gradually used it less and less cause I had bad itch everytime I used it and my skin felt bad. So since couple years ago I've only been using peel off masks and other mild pore care products (which I'll post next time).

So after trying countless of pore products, now I'm going to share you about Laneige pore and blackhead products I received from Jolse, which are Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel and Laneige Pore Strips, the latest pore set I try recently which gives me good result. Now, let's see closer. 

i.fairy Cherry Gold Circle Lens Review

i.fairy cherry gold circle lens

I was looking for unique colors circle lens like camo, red or gold for my previous Lunar New Year look and finally decided to try the gold one cause who wouldn't want to have glowing golden eyes? There are some great gold circle lenses that I found, from Geo, Dollyeye, to i.Fairy, but I absolutely love Vassen lately so I decided on i.Fairy cause they have the most comfortable lenses with big diameter for me, and also pretty design. As much as I love my pink circle lens, some people at work always ask if there's something wrong with my eyes when I have the lenses on, so I tend to wear more natural color circle lenses more at work. And despite its "gold" color, this circle lens is more on the natural side. So let's just move on to the pictures and reviews.

The Powerpuff Girls Inspired Makeup Tutorial

powerpuff girls makeup tutorial

Hi again, guys! How's your valentine's day? You don't think it's different from any other day cause you don't have a boyfriend? Well how about spending quality time with your sisters or girlfriends while having some fun with makeup? 

This time, me and the twin sisters Akira and Jesse decided to do the powerpuff girls inspired look. Mainly cause there are three of us, and we like powerpuff girls. Me being the third party of these cute twins and pretend we were born triplets lol. Anyway, check out Akira and Jesse cute blogs to find Buttercup and Blossom inspired look! Yes, that's right, I got the Bubbles look, the maknae though I'm actually the oldest among three of us haha. But oh well, I'm forever 18 ;3

Anyway, let's get to the tutorial!

Find Valentine Day's Flowers and Gifts on Lazada

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! How's your valentine's day? Are you spending time with your loved ones today? This is my second valentine's day with my boyfriend and this year I also won't spend Valentine's Day with him cause he's 10,000 miles away. Usually he sends me flowers and chocolates but earlier this month I already prohibited him for doing so, partly cause I don't want to gain more weight from those fattening chocolates and cakes, and partly cause I don't have anymore space to put the flowers, and the last reason is I'm too lazy to dry the flowers to avoid them from withering haha. So I don't expect anything from him this year.

But how about you? Have you prepared gifts for your significant others, or maybe you haven't prepared anything to give your loved ones? Then you might want to read this post cause I'm about to share you this good news that can be your last minute valentine's day preparation. One of my favorite online shopping malls in Indonesia, which is no other than Lazada Indonesia has recently cooperated with Flower Advisor. FlowerAdvisor came about as a result of a prominent absence of a single strong brand in Asia for International Gifts Delivery. FlowerAdvisor is the largest online e commerce for Flowers & Gifts in South East Asia that provides extensive ranges of product From Flowers to Birthday cakes; it also provides same day gifts delivery to more than 100 countries worldwide and now you can find several flowers, chocolates, and sweet Valentine's Day gifts on Lazada. 

Lioele Moist Beam Cushion Pact Review

lioele moist beam cushion

Lioele is my top favorite Korean cosmetic brands if you ask me. Mostly cause their products never cause me any breakout. So when I learned that Lioele released their own cushion product, which is Lioele Moist Beam Cushion Pact, I didn't hesitate to try it. Many Korean brands are releasing cushion foundation pacts and I honestly only have one which is from Etude House which I liked a lot, until I got this cushion pact. While I saw some comments saying cushion products are fairly pricy, I must say Lioele might be one of the cheaper cushion products I've seen. When I read the "Moist Beam" words, I was honestly worried it would be too moisturizing and dewy cause I have combination oily skin and while I always admire people with dewy makeup, I know it wouldn't work on my face cause I'm usually an oil mine after 5-7 hours outside. But this product has changed my thoughts about dewy makeup forever.

Valentine's Day Girly Outfit Ideas

simple valentine day outfit

Valentine's Day is not just about wearing anything pink. For me, I can wear all black and I can still celebrate Valentine's Day with my boyfriend the same way. Well, I do like pink more lately, but I refuse dressing up all pink (unless it's my sweet lolita day) from head to toe. Since some of you requested some fashion post and outfit ideas, I've compiled some fashion pieces that I like from Lamido Indonesia.

The first is semi formal Valentine's Day outfit. It's what I'd wear if my boyfriend was here and we would go to a dinner date on Valentine's Day (which doesn't happen this year since we're ten thousands miles apart lol). I prefer a black mini dress. You can't go wrong with a simple strapless black mini dress. I'd wear a pair of multicolor pumps cause they'd make my short legs look longer and prettier. Aren't heels women's best friends? As for the purse, I'd choose a peachy tote bag that can store all my unnecessary stuff I know I'd throw into the bag, so medium to large size handbag is a must for me. Since we have couple of pinkish pieces, I'd balance it with some black accessories and wallet. 

Semi Formal Valentine's Day Outfit
Strapless Black Mini Dress
Multicolor Striped Pumps
Black Wallet
Peach Tote Bag
Black Necklace

Moon Princess Giveaway

Hello guys! Remember my Lunar New Year moon princess makeup tutorials with my lovely friends Sample Hime and Mary-chan? Well, we prepared that look actually for this giveaway. Check their tutorials too if you haven't, Dark Moon Princess and Pink Moon Princess tutorials.

Anyway, there will be 2 winners, each will win different prize package. There are Dark Moon package, and Light Moon package, each represents the makeup look we shared on the Lunar New Year.

Dark Moon Princess Set:
- Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish (sample size)
- Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Shadow in Aqua Purple (full size)
- Etude House Dear My Crystal Lipgloss CWH901 (full size)
- Holika Holika Jewel Light Liquid Eyeliner in Black Jam (full size)
- Holika Holika Jewel Eyeliner in Diamond 1 karat (full size)

Light Moon Princess Set:
- Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish (sample size)
- Etude House Face Designing Brightener in Apricot Beam (full size)
- Etude House Dear My Crystal Lip Gloss CBE101 (full size)
- Etude House Look At My Eyes Icing WH901 (full size)
- Etude House Tear Liner (full size)

As always, all you have to do is do the mandatory tasks on rafflecopter widget below, and earn some entries points by doing the extra tasks. The more entry points means you get more chance to win the package.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway open internationally until March 2nd. Please don't follow to unfollow, don't join if you're going to unfollow once giveaway ended cause this giveaway is meant for our readers and followers :) And please don't cheat, cheaters entries will be deleted cause we check.  The winners have 48 hours to respond to our email, so please use a valid email.

Good luck everyone! ^^


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is just around the corner but I didn't notice until last week cause I was so caught up with other stuff. I didn't even know what to gift my boyfriend for this upcoming Valentine's Day, so I began looking up for the perfect gift. I have a habit of gifting my friends and boyfriend with things I love, yes not the things they might love haha. I tend to be selfish like that. Anyway, I was looking online and came across Lazada Indonesia. It's one of the largest online webstore in Indonesia that carries tons of products from gadgets to skincare. The first category I clicked? Health, hair and beauty supplies, definitely. I'm quite surprised to see so many non Indonesia brands like Wet n Wild, Babyliss, Elizabeth Arden and many more. At first, my mission was to find some gift ideas for my boyfriend, but I end up drooling over hair tools and beauty products haha. And with that, I'm going to share Valentine's Day gift ideas for him and her that I found on Lazada

Ultraflesh Shinebox Highlight And Shimmer Collection Review

highlight shimmer

What is Misa without shimmers and highlighter? Nothing. Haha well I don't know since when but highlighting is part of my going out makeup routine, especially eyes highlighting. While I don't always highlight my cheekbones and other parts of my face, highlighting my nose bridge and eyes are really important for me. So, I was ecstatic when I got the chance to try this amazing Shinebox highlight and shimmer collection. It's like highlighters and shimmers 3 in 1: enhancer powder, cream shimmers, and highlighter eyeliners. There are 5 shades in total, all in one set.