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shoplately review
When I shop online, I don't just search, click, and buy. I often add some things to my cart and think for 2 minutes after spending hours choosing them, if I really need them. And usually I quickly close the tab before I can think further, only to realize the next day I do want those items. But the next time I come back and login, I find my shopping cart is empty. How annoying is that? It's just too much work to find all those items again and usually I get lazy and end up closing the tab once again, this time once for all. Have you had such experience? 

But I'm glad to come across recently. Shoplately is an online fashion marketplace. There are a lot of fashion items from different sellers and designers, providing varieties of quality starting from $10. Everyday they have Sale Events with limited time offers and discounts aside of the regular and premium items. They also display several trending items on the homepage so it's not hard to see the current popular products.

The website is user friendly and I find it easy to navigate. I can also follow other users and stores. But, what I like about Shoplately is I can click the heart and put the product I like as favorite so I can find it again next time easily. No need to vent and increase my blood pressure when I find empty shopping cart the next time I login. The filter feature also helps me a lot in finding the items I want to search. But what's interesting is the more I follow stores and other users whose styles I like, the easier it is for me to narrow down the products I like on my feed. I also can keep up to date with new arrivals from the stores I follow.

shoplately review

Aside from buying, I can also sell on Shoplately. Becoming a member is free, and Shoplately is currently giving $10 credits when people sign up using facebook for a limited time. They also will give us another chance to earn some store credits when we invite friends to join Shoplately and shop. 

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As you may or may not know, I've been digging black and metallic colors and I create a look (or more like my wishlist) with the products I find on Shoplately. Black, grey, and gold are currently my favorite when it comes to fashion. 

And here is the rest of my wishlist. 

Leopard flats - $17.95

They're all really cute and fortunately, very affordable! They have really affordable accessories (which I love) and cute handbags with reasonable prices. I need to get 1-2 one of these days. Unfortunately, Shoplately can't ship outside US for now, but they will let us know when they do.

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