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gyaru harajuku

Hello again! Today I'm not going to post beauty related post, but my OOTD as some of you been asking me to do. I'm actually not that good in mixing and matching so I tend to stick to one piece dress a lot. I'm not that girly but people think I am cause I always wear one piece and cute pumps, but there are times I like to be just casual and simple like what I wear on today's post. 

I'm not a huge pastel fan, but I do love purple (like many of you already know) and lately pink. And I pair pastel colored oversized sweater with shorts and high top sneakers. 

To be honest with you, I won $50 Choies gift card from a giveaway and these are what I ordered from them. The sweater is oversized which makes it comfortable to wear, I don't have to sit uncomfortably trying to hide my belly fat lol.

I wear my favorite red shorts to bring out more colors, since the accessories and shoes are pretty much black and gold/silver.

These high top sneakers are my favorite from Adidas x Jeremy Scott wings. High tops in general are really comfortable to wear in any casual or semi casual events, but the wings make it cuter and unique.

The bracelet is punk-like with gold and black studs which matches my Boy hat. Wearing the bracelet makes me feel.... different? Since this kind of piece isn't what I usually wear.

gyaru makeup look
Black and gold combination are the best in my opinion, I always love them. And that's why I love Black & Gold song by Sam Sparro lol. So I didn't hesitate when I found the black and gold Boy hat. For the makeup, I keep it simple but with pastel eyeshadow colors and pink lips. 

gyaru pastel
Oh, I also love love love love thigh high! You can't go wrong with black thigh high. If you notice, I often wear thigh high when going out with my friends, partly to make my calves slimmer lol.Thigh high and high tops really a match made in heaven for me. Yep, I'm exaggerating but seriously I love the two together ^^ I like the whole look too, to be honest cause it's perfect for casual day out with friends.

street harajuku

Hat - Choies
Sweater - Choies
Tights - Noirlu
Bracelet - Choies
Shoes - Adidas x Jeremy Scott
Circle Lens - Lensvillage
Wig - SoLolita

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