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pink sweet lolita

Hello again, guys! I'm in a good mood today so I dress up and wear my lolita dress for tomorrow's lolita tea party, and take a bunch of photos to show you what I'll wear tomorrow. In case you don't know, I'm totally a closet lolita. I'm obsessed with lolita fashion and been dying to be one since before I got into gyaru. But being a lolita is pretty expensive since I can't really sew the outfits myself. I was so into gothic lolita (you know me and black) until I was so immersed with hime gyaru and my lolita preference also changed to sweet lolita recently. How many times I blogged about me not liking pink but I have pinkish blog layout and as you can see on this post banner, I'm wearing all pink. Yes, I'm a hypocrite O_O Haha it's just I find sweet lolita really cute and like a princess. Anyway, I'll stop blabbering and move on to the full look. 

pink sweet lolita

It's been raining a lot these days it's getting hard to take photos with bright lighting. So excuse some dark photos cause I don't want to add tons of brightness since the dress color is kinda hard to capture with extra brightness. Anyway, how cute is this dress? It's actually customized and sent to me by Lolita Dresses Online. The tailoring took around 3 weeks but the shipping was quite fast I got it around a week or so?

This dress comes with a detachable cute bow. The dress color is peachy pink with a lot of lace and details around the skirt. Though it was custom made, too bad I gave wrong measurement cause I overmeasure lol I always have this principle when shopping online "loose is better than tight and too small". My logic is I can modify loose clothes but can't do anything about tight clothes I probably can't wear more than once. But honestly, I wish I gave them my correct measurement especially the waist size, cause it's pretty loose and doesn't look good unless I pin them. 

The skirt length is a bit over the knee. The back skirt is really pretty. It has 3 layers: the top side pink and 2 layers of white ruffles. The color is a bit different on the left and right photos cause of the camera lighting. But it's peachy pink. The collar is full of lace and ribbons too, making it a bit like victorian style which I really love. I haven't iron the skirt when I try this on today so please excuse the messy skirt ^^

sweet lolitasweet lolita
 You're not a lolita unless you wear petticoat/pannier underneath your skirt, so yes poofy skirt! I wear 2 layers of cupcake petticoats because the skirt is a bit heavy (2-3 layers) so one isn't enough to hold the poof.

 Since my petticoats aren't even organza, it deflates often when I sit down and I always have to fix it (what a pain) so the shape of my skirt often changed :( But look, the new rilakkuma plushie I got from my boyfriend last Valentine's day ^^ Oh, I also wear my favorite 8 bows pink lolita shoes that matches pretty well with the whole look.

pink sweet lolitapink sweet lolita

Unfortunately the dress doesn't come with a matching headdress, so I had to order it from Loli Dreamland and custom made it for this dress. The pink is a bit different but on natural lighting it doesn't look that different, I think. I really love the headdress too ^^

sweet lolita makeupsweet lolita makeup

A bit close up of my makeup. Basically it's my usual dolly makeup with extra pink blush and pink lips. I look sleepy on the right photo. Anyway while wearing this lolita dress and take selfie, I feel like a pretty doll lol sorry I sound so vain but this dress does make me feel more confident and want to wear more lolita. I feel like this is more me :D Though due to its quality and rarity, the price can be a lot more pricy and make me think gyaru dresses not expensive compared to lolita's. Overall, I really love this dress, I even have the courage to wear this in public and that is something I never did before. So when my lolita friend Yukari told me about upcoming lolita tea party, I didn't hesitate to join. I will also post my full outfit (yes, this isn't full outfit yet) on the tea party too soon ^^

You can get this lacy sweet lolita dress here. They also sell cheap accessories and wigs so do pay them a visit!

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