How I Get Longer Lashes with Fysiko Lashes Serum

If you're a loyal reader of my blog and social media, you must've known how much I love false eyelashes. I literally can't live without falsies as I have very sparse lashes, both upper and lower. While putting falsies on is something I can do in 1-2 minutes, but there are times I wish I don't have to put them on like when I'm at work or just going to the lobby to the mini mart. I remember back in school days, my friend told me how she got fuller lashes after trimming her lashes shorter and guess what? I did try what she suggested. I cut my lashes super short, and regretted cause not only I looked like someone who didn't have lashes at all, it also didn't get longer until after years later. And back then I knew nothing about falsies nor I was allowed to wear them, so yes it was horrible. But since then, I don't have long and full lashes.

How grateful I was when I found out about Fysiko Lashes. Well, to be honest with you I've never even believed to any eyelash growth serum cause I always thought it was just too good to be true. But I've seen wonders on many people who used fysiko eyelash serum and got their natural lashes way longer and thicker in volume. It's like they were wearing natural falsies, but it's not falsies at all.

Keep reading to see my natural lashes transformation. 

The serum is contained in a mascara like container and comes in a brush like liquid eyeliner. It's 8ml but enough for over 16 weeks usage as only a little needed to apply. Fysiko serum itself is made with natural ingredients so it's safe. It's also clinically proven to lengthen eyelashes and eyebrows. Since I already have too thick eyebrows, I only use the serum to lengthen my eyelashes. Oh, it also comes with a manual with directions and ingredient list which is very informative and helpful.

The brush applicator is as soft and thin as liquid eyeliner, and how to use it? It's advised to use it once a day. I usually use it at night since it's more efficient that way for me since I'm contacts wearer. If you're going to use it in the morning and you're wearing lenses, you should wait about 10 minutes before you can apply this serum. I apply it just like how I apply eyeliner after my night skincare routine. I swipe the applicator around my upper lashes on my upper eyeline, and ALSO my lower eyeline since I always wish to have natural lower lashes as well. Just 1-2 swipes and done. 

I had close to no lashes last year. Look how much it's grown since I use this serum regularly every night. Actually as I'm writing this post and compiling my before and after picture, I'm still surprised by the result. I know a lot of people who use fysiko serum and got sooooo long and thick lashes and I don't get that thickness which kinda disappointed me a bit. But this serum had lengthened my eyelashes so I'm not complaining.

- Proven to lengthen and thicken eyelashes and eyebrows
- Comes with a nice applicator
- Travel friendly
- It starts growing in 2-3 weeks
- A little goes a long way

- Pricy

It did sound too good to be true but once I tried it myself, I didn't doubt its effect because it really works. It lengthens my eyelashes almost 3 times longer and adds a bit of volume. It works a lot on my upper lashes, but my lower lashes also got longer. It's really easy to use just like how I apply eyeliner and it only requires once a day application so it's not a bother at all. Once opened, the tube will last for 12 months, but a little goes a long way and full result can be seen in 16 weeks. But it starts growing in 2-3 weeks. Once it's grown and now I'm satisfied with my lashes, all I have to do to maintain my lashes is to apply the serum 2-3 times a week. The only downside? It's pricy. But for something that gives me this kind of long lashes result, it's totally worth the price in my opinion. Well, what more can I say? I totally love this serum and am happy with my lashes now. 

If you've been reading my circle lens reviews, I think you can tell that the difference from before and after also from the circle lenses I wear. You can see how long my lashes are now. I even can see my lower lashes too now. This is the first time I have such long lashes and I feel more confident even without falsies now haha.

You can order this Fysiko Lashes serum from their website or contact for more information. You can also see other reviews and photo testimonials on

Disclaimer: This product is sent for review purpose but my thoughts and opinion are based 
on my honest experience and 100% my own.

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