i.fairy Cherry Gold Circle Lens Review

i.fairy cherry gold circle lens

I was looking for unique colors circle lens like camo, red or gold for my previous Lunar New Year look and finally decided to try the gold one cause who wouldn't want to have glowing golden eyes? There are some great gold circle lenses that I found, from Geo, Dollyeye, to i.Fairy, but I absolutely love Vassen lately so I decided on i.Fairy cause they have the most comfortable lenses with big diameter for me, and also pretty design. As much as I love my pink circle lens, some people at work always ask if there's something wrong with my eyes when I have the lenses on, so I tend to wear more natural color circle lenses more at work. And despite its "gold" color, this circle lens is more on the natural side. So let's just move on to the pictures and reviews.

circle lens i fairy

I received the circle lens from Lens Village and it comes with free animal case. It's really cute, pig shaped and more importantly, mint green :D 

i fairy vassen circle lens

As always, the circle lens comes in vials, but look at the label design, how cute is that? I still keep the vials cause it's just too cute haha.

I pick the cherry gold color, look at the deco hearts :D From the vials designs, I can tell it's gonna be a great circle lens lol

i.Fairy Cherry Gold
Life Span : 1 Year 
Diameter : 16.2mm 
Base Curve : 8.6mm 
Water Content : 55% 
Power Range : Plano ~ -5.00D (-0.25 Step) -5.00D ~ -8.50D (-0.50 Step) 
Manufacturer: Vassen

i fairy vassen gold circle lens

Though it's supposed to be gold, but it's more of yellowish green on my dark brown eyes. It has thick black rings with black micro dots on the "gold" part. Like I said, despite the "gold" color it totally looks more natural looking, especially on decent room lighting. It still looks very beautiful though, especially under bright lighting or flash.

This circle lens diameter is 16.2 mm so it's obviously enlarging. It might seem a bit big for some people who don't like big diameter circle lens, but for people who want to have way bigger eyes, then this is for you! 

This is my second Vassen circle lens, and I must say this is as comfortable as my other lens. It has 55% water content, so this is meant to be comfy and perfect for people with easily dry eyes like me. I don't need to use eyedrops at all for 8-9 hours of daily wear, but I think it's probably better to use 1-2 drops to avoid dryness. But I don't get irritated or red eyes while wearing this lenses. 

To sum it up, this circle lens have 16.2mm diameter which is pretty big and can make your eyes look as pretty as doll's big eyes. But this might not be a favorite for people who don't like big diameter circle lens. This circle lens doesn't make me look creepy with its big diameter, at least I think I don't look like a ghost or alien, or do I? The gold doesn't look gold at all on my eyes, it's rather yellowish green but that's probably cause I have dark brown natural eyes. People with lighter color eyes might get the gold eyes with this circle lens. However, this circle lens is natural looking as the color isn't vibrant or anything. This is also one of the most comfortable circle lens I ever have, so yes don't doubt on its comfort cause it's just comfortable. If I may say it again, I really love this circle lens even though it ends up not looking gold enough on my eyes. It makes my eyes look dolly and big and to top it off, this i.fairy cherry gold is definitely comfortable I wear it almost everyday. 

gyaru circle lensgyaru circle lens makeup

gyaru makeup

gyaru makeup eyelashes

Get this circle lens from Lens Village for $22. They ship worldwide, shipping starts from $3. They're currently they're having promotion buy 2 get the third circle lens for free only until February 28th.

Have you tried i.Fairy circle lens before? Which one do you like?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. My review and thoughts are based on my honest opinion and 100% my own.

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