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influenster jadore voxbox

Hello, if you follow me on my social media you must've known that recently I was sent this sweet J'adore Voxbox as Valentine's day treat by Influenster. If you don't know already, Influenster is a community especially for bloggers, vloggers, social media activists, well basically influential trendsetter which means influenster? I don't know I was making it up lol anyway it's free to join and in the beginning you can do some surveys related to your hobbies or things you like and know about. Then you can start building up your score. The score will determine how influential you are. The score starts from 0 to 100. I joined around last year, and had such low score so I began doing surveys and reviews and eventually forgot about the score and whatnot, until last month I got an email from Influenster that I was eligible to receive a Voxbox. Voxbox is basically a special box filled with several products that invited influensters can try free of charge in exchange of honest reviews on social media and blog/youtube channel. I heard that active members with high score gets to sample voxbox so I got curious and checked my score on the website and surprisingly I got 89 now.

Anyway, so I was excited when I saw the notification that my voxbox was shipped. It took quite a while until I received the voxbox though because of this and that. So yeah when it finally arrived last week I was like yay! since this was my first voxbox after all.

Keep reading to see each product details and reviews.

It looks like there's something missing from the box as it has some extra space. When I look it up, apparently I don't get to sample the Vaseline Lotion For Men. I think what they sent is based on the questionnaire I answered before they shipped the box. And I know why I didn't get the men lotion (not that I need it though), cause I answered I am not living with my significant other and I also didn't say that I don't usually share products with my significant other. Well, my logic was how could I share when all the products I received from sponsors and online stores are women products, mostly makeup and skincare. So this box being a valentine's treat, it would be nice if I'm able to share something I receive with my boyfriend haha but oh well. (He hasn't even use the fragrance I gifted him last christmas lol)

And these are what I got from my J'adore Voxbox:

kiss usa lash

Lashes!! You know how much I love falsies? But the one I got is from Kiss USA and it's called Looks So Natural. Yeah, to be honest natural lashes aren't what I preferred, I tend to like dramatic ones lol. But these lashes are so pretty and definitely look like your own real lashes especially when you blend your natural lashes with the falsies. And it's so affordable.

What a long name. Anyway, this spray is meant for anyone who loves to iron their hair. Well, I honestly don't iron my hair that much cause I already have kinda straight hair and I'm always scared to damage my hair with ironing cause I don't want my bleached hair to be more damaged. But, this spray comes in handy cause I have some frizzy hair. What I do is spray on my wet hair before I blow dry and iron my hair. But I notice, this isn't gonna repaired my hair, instead it helps making it shine and no frizz until the next time I wash my hair. 

Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate $5.29 for 18.5 oz. bag / $3.28 for 11 oz. bag

What's valentine's day without chocolates? I was surprised to see this bag of hershey's kisses. Who doesn't love them? It's so big and I'm happy but I had to share it with others since I don't want  my tummy to get bigger lol

boots botanics shine away clay mask

It's a drugstore clay mask and I doubted it worked at first but I liked it so far. It's hypoallergenic and contains natural ingredients. It absorbs excess oil, just what I need. It's kinda interesting when I saw some dark spots on my blackheads and T-zone area, and then I rinsed it off once the mask dried after 15-20 minutes and some of the blackheads were gone, to my amazement. My skin felt smoother too afterwards. As for the absorbing excess oil, I still need to test it out since I only used it once but it's a nice clay mask and I like it.

Red Rose Simple Indulgent Teas $4.49 for carton of 20 tea bags

I like tea but I'm no expert so I can't really describe it well, but I was ecstatic when I saw the creme caramel flavor. I always love caramel! I think it's a black tea? I don't usually have this kind of tea but I love the sweetness with milk, not the sweetest tea I ever had though which is good. And I also love how I don't need extra sugar and just have to brew it the way it is without adding anything.

So overall, I'm loving this J'adore VoxBox. Sign up on Influenster now to be an influenster yourself and who knows you might get a chance to get their VoxBox too ^^

Have you ever tried any of the products mentioned above? 

Disclaimer: This complimentary box is sent for review purpose but my thoughts and opinion 
are based on my honest experience and 100% my own.

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