Lioele Moist Beam Cushion Pact Review

lioele moist beam cushion

Lioele is my top favorite Korean cosmetic brands if you ask me. Mostly cause their products never cause me any breakout. So when I learned that Lioele released their own cushion product, which is Lioele Moist Beam Cushion Pact, I didn't hesitate to try it. Many Korean brands are releasing cushion foundation pacts and I honestly only have one which is from Etude House which I liked a lot, until I got this cushion pact. While I saw some comments saying cushion products are fairly pricy, I must say Lioele might be one of the cheaper cushion products I've seen. When I read the "Moist Beam" words, I was honestly worried it would be too moisturizing and dewy cause I have combination oily skin and while I always admire people with dewy makeup, I know it wouldn't work on my face cause I'm usually an oil mine after 5-7 hours outside. But this product has changed my thoughts about dewy makeup forever.

lioele moist beam cushion pact

lioele moist beam cushion pact

The packaging is pretty unique. The moist beam words are made of hologram that looks so pretty. Unlike most of Lioele's other products that are mainly pinkish, this cushion pact is classy black. On the box there's a disco ball too, pretty different. If we're talking about the cushion size, it's about the same size as other cushion products I've seen but after I'm using it for a while, I can tell that this cushion is a bit small. It can be a pro and con actually. It's good for people who are just trying out to see if this product would suit their skin and needs, but not so good if you happen to be people who love this product like I do and end up hating it cause it might run out if you use the pact regularly cause of the smaller size.

lioele moist beam cushion

The compact comes with a mirror, and cushion puff just like any other cushion foundation products.

There's a separator lid to store the cushion puff. If I have to be completely honest, the puff isn't what I really like, unlike Etude House puff. It's thin and feel like a regular puff. But I can always use another cushion air puff or beauty blender so it's not really a big deal for me.

Peel the seal...

And you see a brand new clean white sponge.

The sponge is more visible once I "dirtied" it with pressing my finger on the sponge to get the product out. And it looks like my pores lol. Anyway the sponge does a good job in transferring the product beneath it, even with light press using finger or the puff, I get the product right away. This cushion has SPF 50 so it's another plus for me.

I was scared when I swatched using my finger cause the liquid cream/foundation on my finger looked thick and so yellow, but when I used the air cushion and pat it on the back of my hand, I was relieved to see the shade. It has yellow tone, so it's suitable for asian skin and people with yellow undertone. I actually kinda like pink undertone bb creams like the Lioele BB cream I use daily, but the shade of this cushion pact doesn't make my skin look dull and tan, instead it brightens my complexion and makes it glow.

I hope you're not surprised to see a different me without false eyelashes. Anyway, do you know why I fell in love with this Moist Beam cushion pact? I can have dewy makeup! Yes, people, the dewy makeup I always dream of on my oil slick face is possible. The glow is subtle, not "beaming" and that's what I've always wanted. This product is creamy but once patted and blended, it sinks and creates flawless finish. But there you can see some pores visible on the photo with flash. It covers most of my pores, but not the big ones. As in for coverage, it only has up to medium coverage, but it is buildable. It's perfect for people who don't like full coverage foundations. You can see some leftover scars that this product couldn't cover entirely, so people with blemishes might still need extra concealer.

But, it doesn't really fill fine lines under my eyes so I need to powder them. Unfortunately, my camera couldn't really capture the dewy look much, but this cushion makes my skin prettier in real life. And the good thing about this product for me is though creamy at first, but once blended it doesn't feel heavy nor creamy anymore on my face. In fact, I can touch my face and feel happy about it. But the best part about this cushion is its lasting power. Usually my nose turns into oily frying pan after 4-5 hours with normal bb cream/foundation (it lasts more than 6-7 hours with Lioele Dollish Veil BB cream though), but my nose remains clean and shineless longer. And when I dust matte powder after applying my face with Lioele cushion pact, my face has minimal shine all day and I don't need to blot every hour after 5 hours outside. So yes, oil control is one of the best compared to others I've tried and God knows how many oil free products I tried.

- Lightweight
- Oil control is really good
- Nice cooling sensation
- Not cakey (unless you apply too many thick layers)
- Brightens skin
- Lovely natural glow and flawless finish
- Has SPF 50
- Buildable light to medium coverage
- Covers redness
- Easy and quick application
- Very travel friendly
- More affordable
- No parabens

- Only comes in 1 shade
- The air puff isn't that good
- Comes in small size, 13g

It's lightweight, brightens my face and gives natural dewy finish without making my face oily. It's suitable for all skin types, but people with very oily skin might want to dust some matte powder. This foundation conceals redness and light blemishes, also makes pores less visible creating a flawless finish. It has good lasting powder and doesn't melt. It has a really good oil control, I've tried and tested for couple of weeks and I can say this product makes my nose shine free for 5-6 hours alone, and 8+ hours with matte loose powder. So far it's the best face makeup product I use to keep oil at bay. When I have to be outside for a long time, I pat the product using beauty blender or air puff before the matte powder to keep it last all day and it works. It's also perfect for dry and normal skin cause I let my couple of friends tried this product and they like that it hydrates their skin and makes it glow naturally without drying out the skin. The only downside? It comes in 1 shade and I haven't been able to find the refill online. But overall, I love this cushion pact.

It's $16.98 on Jolse

lioele moist beam cushion

gyaru makeup

I put on powder on the last 2 pictures so it looks more semi matte and not so glowy cause I was going out. Anyway, I hope you like this review and if you're looking to try cushion foundation product with cheaper price, I really recommend you to try this Lioele Moist Beam cushion pact for the reasons I mention above :) I'll be back with other reviews and a blog sale soon, have a wonderful weekend!

Have you tried this product? What's your favorite cushion product?

Disclaimer: This product is sent for review purpose but my review is based on my honest experience and 100% my own.

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