Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder Review

mufe makeup forever matte powder

While I'm liking dewy finish recently, but when I go out I always prefer to have matte finish face instead because I have combination skin with super oily nose after few hours outside. So, matte loose powder is a must for me aside of oil free primer and foundation. I've always used Dodo Palgantong loose powder in the past and it has great oil control but I feel like my nose needs better matte powder that I finally decided to try this Makeup Forever Super Matte loose powder. I've tried Makeup Forever HD powder which many people raved about, but it didn't turn out great on me nor it had decent oil control. So, by reading its product name "super matte" had really convinced me to try how matte this powder could be, hoping this would be my HG powder and turns out.... it is my HG powder! 

Let me show you more about this super matte powder. 

makeup forever matte powder
This product I got is the smallest size, 10g. And when ordering this product I actually didn't know that it had different sizes yet I paid for almost $50 (about IDR 498.000) and I looked up online to find it's only $28 on Sephora for the 10g one, and it's $59 on Makeup Forever US website for the 110 g O_O can you believe it? I paid almost as much as the biggest size which is 110g for the smallest size. Life is unfair T_T

Anyway, here is the ingredients list.
I honestly don't know much about bad or good ingredients but I see it contains parabens :( Let me know if there are other bad ingredients listed. 

I got the shade 14 which is Sand.There are 16 shades available.

mufe matte powder

Since it's only 10g of product, the powder looks a bit mini, but I don't think it's that small actually, the size is like as big as both my left and right thumb and index fingers when forming a circle shape. I honestly like the packaging which mainly black and transparent. I can also see how many product left without opening the lid. 

It comes with a powder puff! But, I don't like the powder puff cause of its material. If I have to compare with my loved Dodo Palgantong Theatrical powder puff, this MUFE powder puff is in no comparison. The material is just... not fluffy nor soft, if you get what I mean. It's kinda stiff and not nice when I pat it on my skin. Maybe I'm just picky. But I use Real Techniques powder brush mostly to apply this powder, or sometimes another powder puff.

It does have transparent separator which makes the powder safe from splattering. It's also sealed. I still haven't removed the seal until now lol cause I prefer it that way, and to avoid getting messy. 

This is how the powder looks like. It has quite generous amount of product. And the color is similar to light beige.

As you can see, this powder isn't meant for covering imperfections as the coverage is close to none cause it's more of transparent with tinted color. But it does brighten and even out my skin. And now, as its name suggests it gives me absolute matte finish with great oil control and great staying power. It does lessen the appearance of pores as well.

- Travel friendly
- Lightweight
- Matte finish
- Brightening
- Great oil control
- Lasts all day
- Conceals pores
- Not drying

- Expensive
- Powder puff could be better

This powder is a perfect powder for anyone that wants to set their makeup to get matte finish. It is rather transparent and isn't meant for concealing blemishes so it doesn't have good coverage. It's a setting powder after all. But this is so far the best matte powder I ever tried. After using my Lioele cushion, I apply this MUFE super matte powder and my makeup lasts all day with minimal shine around the end of the day. When combined with oil free foundation, it lasts longer. I do notice it helps a lot in combating oil during the day cause it has great oil control, but it's not drying. This, however, may make my face look a bit flat so I usually use some highlighter. But overall, I really love this powder and it's what I use to set my makeup before I go out. And the best thing about this powder is it doesn't break me out. I absolutely recommend this powder for people with combination oily skin.

gyaru makeupgyaru makeup

I know I didn't post about non asian makeup a lot, though I have and use bunch of non asian makeup too actually, I'm just lazy I guess lol but thanks to Winda who motivated me to finally post one of my pending non asian makeup reviews. Anyway, hope this post can be useful for some of you who're looking for matte powder :) Until next time~

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