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ilovesexy costume review

Hi guys! Remember last time I had a collaboration with other bloggers for Chinese New Year? I was representing ox zodiac, and I originally planned to make a fashion post with ox-like outfit but for some reasons I couldn't make it on time and resort to ox makeup tutorial. This outfit is what I planned for that collab post but since it's over, I decided to just make a new post displaying this fabulous outfit I really like.

Keep reading to see the full outfit.

ilovesexy costumeilovesexy costume

I got this outfit from and I love how there's no false advertisement. The outfits I receive are always the same as the ones displayed on their website. This outfit is dominated by red and black. It consists of the one piece dress, choker, and furry monster hood. There's a zipper on the front. As always, I asked for medium large size and usually it'll be bigger on me, especially on the torso but this one seems to be more tight. Maybe it's meant to be skin fit, but honestly I feel slimmer when wearing this one piece maybe cause the dress fits without extra rumples, and it's also comfortable. Sometimes loose outfit makes me look even wider lol.

ilovesexy costume review

What's interesting about this outfit, for me at least, is the furry hoodie. It's not attached with the dress so it's detachable. But I feel funny wearing the hoodie so I keep it on my head :D I think the hoodie is supposed to be a bull? There's a ring on the left horn. The only thing I don't like about the hoodie is I have to brush the fur to make it less messy cause it's been folded haha. Not a big deal though just I look a bit like a bull after taking a nap. But! There's a cute red tail attached on the back of the skirt. 

ilovesexy costume review

I actually really love the skirt if it's not that thin. To make it more comfortable I wear black petticoat underneath cause even the inner black skirt is still thin, and to make the skirt poof more :D I also wear the thigh high tights from it's opaqued and comfortable. Though I kinda slide them down a bit to show the fishnet on the upper part.

ilovesexy costume review

I have smokey eye makeup to match the rebel theme in this look. The choker is pretty simple, a standard black choker with metal buttons but it does complete the look. This is kinda my favorite look so far. Though this rebel monster look might be more perfect for halloween or costume parties and cosplay conventions. But overall, it's a very fun outfit to wear.

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