Ultraflesh Shinebox Highlight And Shimmer Collection Review

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What is Misa without shimmers and highlighter? Nothing. Haha well I don't know since when but highlighting is part of my going out makeup routine, especially eyes highlighting. While I don't always highlight my cheekbones and other parts of my face, highlighting my nose bridge and eyes are really important for me. So, I was ecstatic when I got the chance to try this amazing Shinebox highlight and shimmer collection. It's like highlighters and shimmers 3 in 1: enhancer powder, cream shimmers, and highlighter eyeliners. There are 5 shades in total, all in one set.

It comes in a sealed bulky box. There's description and details about the product in other languages too. 

The packaging is really fancy. It looks almost like a vintage accessories chest. But I did something stupid. I nearly broke the packaging cause I seriously didn't know that I had to open the box like a fan, instead of opening like a compact. I laughed at my own silliness. The packaging is new and unique to me. 

It has 4 layers (if you count the top cover), each has different products. I don't find any faulty with this kind of packaging, though I'm still so careful when opening the layers cause I definitely don't want them to break. 

The top one is the All Over Enhancer. It has light bronze shade and can be used as blush too. Blending it with coral blush is the best in my opinion, cause it creates a subtle beautiful glow. I apply this enhancer powder with brush on my cheekbones.

There are 2 shades of the creamy highlighter. To be honest, these 2 shades (one yellow tone and one pink tone) are less pigmented than other products in this collection. While it looks beautiful and golden shimmery in the picture, but I find it quite hard to apply on my skin. I don't quite like the color payoff. It's rather creamy and creamy blush or highlighter is usually what I avoid since I have combination skin. These All Over Highlighter can be used on nose bridge, cheekbones, and brow bones.

The last layer contains  2 mini shimmery crayon eyeliner. These are actually my favorite products from this collection. They're small, slim and cute. Secret Shimmer has shimmery white color while Nude Shimmer has golden pink ish color. They're perfect for under eyes. It's a twist up eyeliner and it functions smoothly. I find the secret shimmer can be too white-ish when applied, but it can be blended out easily to achieve more natural look. 

Now, here's the swatches

So, it's really hard to capture the colors with my crappy camera, especially the All Over Highlighter. The creamy highlighter colors just can't show up right when applied on my skin T_T but I adore the All Over Enhancer (the top left) color, though it looks almost like bronzer on my face. The best products for me are definitely the eyeliners. They're effortlessly pigmented. It's also easy to make aegyosal makeup with the eyeliners.

- Fancy packaging
- 5 products in one set
- Easy to use shimmer eyeliners
- Enhancer powder creates beautiful glow
- Travel friendly

- All over highlighter is less pigmented 

While I think it would be super nice if it comes with a mirror, but this set is really nice considering it has 5 products in one package. I still have love hate relationship with the creamy highlighters, but the shimmer eyeliners definitely make up for it. The enhancer powder can act as blush or bronzer that gives healthy glow while the eyeliners make highlighting under eyes so much quicker and easier, plus it doesn't hurt at all. The pigmentation is also a big plus. So I must say this is a really nice set that I keep in my purse so that I can highlight and shimmer my face and eyes on the go. 

I got this from Strawberrynet

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