Valentine's Day Girly Outfit Ideas

simple valentine day outfit

Valentine's Day is not just about wearing anything pink. For me, I can wear all black and I can still celebrate Valentine's Day with my boyfriend the same way. Well, I do like pink more lately, but I refuse dressing up all pink (unless it's my sweet lolita day) from head to toe. Since some of you requested some fashion post and outfit ideas, I've compiled some fashion pieces that I like from Lamido Indonesia.

The first is semi formal Valentine's Day outfit. It's what I'd wear if my boyfriend was here and we would go to a dinner date on Valentine's Day (which doesn't happen this year since we're ten thousands miles apart lol). I prefer a black mini dress. You can't go wrong with a simple strapless black mini dress. I'd wear a pair of multicolor pumps cause they'd make my short legs look longer and prettier. Aren't heels women's best friends? As for the purse, I'd choose a peachy tote bag that can store all my unnecessary stuff I know I'd throw into the bag, so medium to large size handbag is a must for me. Since we have couple of pinkish pieces, I'd balance it with some black accessories and wallet. 

Semi Formal Valentine's Day Outfit
Strapless Black Mini Dress
Multicolor Striped Pumps
Black Wallet
Peach Tote Bag
Black Necklace

I have another outfit idea along with other things I might need to spice up the Valentine's Day. I've always loved the combination of red, white, and heart shaped. With the decorative necklace and earrings, I would definitely go for a more neutral color like white for the dress. The tube dress is pretty simple but with some ruffles and bow, the dress looks less plain and boring. This look would make anyone looks sweet and smells like white floral.

red valentine day
Red Heart Valentine's Outfit
White Tube Dress
Red Shoulder Bag
White Red Platform Shoes
Heart Charm Earrings
Hearts Necklace
Mini Curling Iron
Victoria Secret Secret Charm Body Cream
Victoria Secret Secret Charm Fragrance Mist

I personally like both outfits equally. But maybe people who don't like bold color like red would prefer something like the first outfit as it's more simple and not flashy. You can find the pieces above on Lamido.

How about you? What would you wear on Valentine's Day?

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