2NE1 CL Happy Inspired Makeup Tutorial

2ne1 CL happy makeup tutorial

Hello again, guys, as promised I'm back with another makeup tutorial. Most of you know that I love 2NE1. It started when I listened to their pre debut song on 2009, Lollipop which they sang together with Big Bang. I was a Big Bang fan first. Then I got more hooked when I watched their very first debut stage on Inkigayo they performed Fire. First thing I noticed was... Park Bom cause she featured in couple of Big Bang songs before and I admired her. Then I noticed her style and makeup in the performance, but I also came to love all the other girls as they always have bold and edgy style. Of course, their music is what I love the most cause they're more into hip hop and rap, though recently they released more calmer and soulful songs. I also notice over the years Park Bom's eye makeup isn't as excessive as back then in the past. But I'm glad CL's pretty much stays the same. And if in my past 2NE1 makeup tutorials I used to recreate Bom's makeup, in this tutorial I'm going to recreate CL's.

A while ago they just came back with a new released album and 2 new MVs, Happy and Come Back Home. While Crush is my most favorite track, but Happy is my second favorite so I was excited when they released the MV. And I really love the style and colorful vibe despite the song lyrics. Here's the MV.

I’ll watch over you from afar
After putting all memories behind
Live happily once forgetting me
I Hope you’re H A P P Y
For this makeup tutorial I collaborate with my dear friends Momo, Kathy and Jesse please check their blogs too as they share the same passions in Korean Japanese makeup like me. I also collaborated with them before for Tsubasa Masukawa makeup tutorial and also Powerpuff Girls makeup.

Now let's move on to the tutorial :D

WAKUWAKU JAPAN Mioka 君がいた日々 Drama

mioka kimi ga ita hibi drama

I was just randomly flipping the TV channels when I accidentally saw this drama on WAKUWAKU JAPAN channel. I was like... oh I know her, the moment I saw the lead girl, Yoshitaka Yuriko, on screen. I watched some of her dramas and movies before, Watashi Ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu, Bokura Ga Ita, Tokyo Dogs, Love Shuffle, and Galileo. Her face was so familiar and brought back memories (especially after her latest movie I watched which was Bokura Ga Ita) and I kept watching. Turns out the drama was a rather older drama called Mioka, Kimi Ga Ita Hibi or Mioka My Last Days With You. As the title suggests, this is a tear jerker drama. Actually after Kamisama, 1 Litre of Tears, Koizora, and Taiyou no Uta, I promised I would never watch this kind of drama anymore, but maybe I was feeling down that I prefer depressed sad but cute drama (I'm weird I know) I ended up following this drama, even watching the reruns. 

Plus, the main guy is a cutie. Haha I always like Hayashi Kento since I saw him as Date Masamune in Sengoku Basara, and watched his drama Arakawa Under The Bridge, but never thought these two had played in a drama together before.

Anyway keep reading to see my take on this drama :D

SNSD Hyoyeon Mr Mr Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys! After few days not posting, I'm back with another makeup tutorial. It's another collaboration post with other beauty blogger friends. Thank you to Charmaine who invited all of us to join and recreate SNSD's makeup style on Mr Mr MV. While some of you always know me as 2NE1 fan, I always like SNSD too, though not so musically cause I prefer YG music ^^ But I follow some of their variety shows and dramas and I have to say that Hyoyeon is probably my favorite, especially on variety shows. She's just witty and funny and a dork lol. I also like Jessica ^^ Anyway today, I will share Hyoyeon inspired makeup tutorial that I recreate. 

Here are the other girls I collaborate with this time, please do visit them too ^^

Taeyeon - Charmaine 
Jessica - Mary 
Sooyoung - Mindy 
Tiffany - Fifi
Hyoyeon - Misa
Yuri - Gin
Sunny - Yomi
Yoona - Bella
Seohyun - Aimee

Now let's see the tutorial~

Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick Review

holika holika heartful moisture lipstick review

I remember the first time I saw Holika Holika Heartful lipsticks last year and how cute the heart shaped bullet was. Then I ordered one only to find out I ordered the wrong one, which was Holika Holika Heartful Silky, cause it was a matte lipstick. The color was very lovely, my kind of nude color. But I couldn't wear it without mixing with other lipstick. And I still haven't had the chance to try the moisture lipstick, until early this year when I saw Holika Holika released 2 new colors to their Heartful Moisture Lipstick series, hot pink PK175 and purple PP701. As you may know, radiant orchid is 2014 Pantone's color of the year. I've been lusting for purple since forever, I have purple purse, shoes, phone cases, iPad case, and I thought why not purple lipstick? Remember when 2 weeks ago I posted this lipstick on my facebook page and some of you guessed the color? Only 2 people guessed it right ^^ maybe cause the pinkish red packaging is misleading and it's actually a purple lipstick :D

Keep reading to see more.

SoLolita Grass Green Ombre Wig Review

wig review

I think most of my wigs are curly, I only have one straight hair wig and I didn't like it cause it tangles too much and once I wrap it in the hairnet, it turns wavy in not a good way. But I decided to try a new straight hair wig just because I liked the colors. Someone asked me "do you cosplay? why do you have many wigs?" well, I don't but it doesn't hurt to have too many as it's easy to change hairstyle and hair color that way without damaging my hair (besides I like my blonde hair so I'm not gonna change color anytime soon). Anyway, I received this wig from SoLolita. It's apparently a medium length 3 tone ombre wig.

Keep reading to see more.

Missha M Everlasting Lacquer Rouge Review

missha m lacquer rouge

Hello, everyone! I'm back with another makeup review today. I got this from Beauteque, read my previous post about their service if you haven't. Anyway, I can't call myself lipstick junkie, but I do prefer lipstick over lipgloss anyday. Since last year I fell in love with coral shade but kinda stopped buying anything coral since Marxie brainwashed me to love pink more, and I did. When I saw Missha lip lacquer and they have such a pretty coral shade, I decided to try it out. Actually I'm not a big fan of lip gloss cause sometimes I find lip gloss is too glossy and kinda sticky. So when I know that Missha M Everlasting Lacquer Rouge is like a matte lip gloss, I just had to try it. 

Free Estee Lauder and Lilly Pulitzer Gift on Macy's

macys free gift
Hi guys do you know that Macy's just recently launched a partnership with Estee Lauder and Lilly Pulitzer? If you're Estee Lauder fans, you'd want to check out Macy's latest deal which allows you to get an exclusive free gift with purchase on Macy's stores. With just $35 Estee Lauder purchase, you can get free gift which is a cute Lilly Pulitzer makeup pouch that comes with free 7 pcs Estee Lauder products! You can also get additional 4 pcs free products with $70 Estee Lauder purchase on Macy's. The free gift is $120-125 value.

Keep reading to learn more about this deal.

Sakurina Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

sakurina gyaru makeup tutorial

Hello guys I'm back with another makeup tutorial today ^^ A while ago I was invited to join this collab to recreate Sakurina's makeup look. While many people like Tsubasa Masukawa's look ( I do too ), but if I could choose, I would prefer Sakurina's makeup style anyday. I mean... excessive eyeliner and lashes anyone? Sakurina is more bold with her eye makeup (which I love), and her rokku styles, and also her rhinestone nail art. For this post, I collaborated with other lovely gyaru bloggers, Rina from Haneulpolaris and Jennifer & Vicky from Tofudachi. Did you notice that we all wear different lipstick colors? Haha, anyway visit their blogs to see their Sakurina's makeup tutorial!

Now, let's move on to the makeup tutorial.

Elizabeth Arden Beauty Essentials Giveaway

mizspa giveaway

Hello again, everyone! I have another giveaway for you guys today. As always, this giveaway is open worldwide. There will be one lucky winner which will be chosen randomly by rafflecopter. This giveaway will run for a month, so you have plenty of time to do the entries :D Anyway, this giveaway is sponsored by Mizspa. 

Mizspa is a Hongkong based online store that carries a lot of fragrance, makeup and skincare brands like Lancome, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Anna Sui, La Prairie, Shu Uemura, SKII, and many more. I have reviewed Bobbi Brown BB cream I received from them a while ago, do check it out if you haven't :)  

Beauteque Korean Makeup Sample Bag Review

korean makeup samples

Beauteque is a US based online store that sells korean makeup and skincare products. They just launched their website around last week, so they're pretty new but I assure you they're reliable with great customer service. When it comes to korean cosmetics, the best place to get them is definitely online, especially if you don't live in Korea. While Korean online stores offer way cheaper price than local online and offline stores, but shipping from Korea can take a while, 2-3 weeks to over a month. Even I sometimes can't handle the wait and get the products I need from local stores though that means I have to pay more than I usually do. But good news to you, especially if you're in the states, cause Beauteque is having free shipping promotion for US customers until April 30th, 2014. But they also ship worldwide and offers free worldwide shipping for order over $60.

Currently, they are also offering free sample bag. Each bag contains 6 pouches of your choice. customers can choose the option of 6 pouches OR 3 pouches and 1 bottle set while international customers can choose 10 pouches of samples. When ordering the bag, you only have to pay for shipping fee if you're not from US. Isn't that nice?

WakuWaku Japan Movie Shinobi: Heart Under Blade

shinobi heart under blade

Hi guys! I'm back with another Japanese movie to share. This time I'm going to share Shinobi: Heart Under Blade movie that was aired a while ago on Wakuwaku Japan channel. Read my previous post about Wakuwaku Japan and Q10 drama if you haven't. Anyway, I was just coincidentally saw this movie on Wakuwaku channel and didn't expect to see it again after so many years! I remember I watched it several times when I was younger, maybe around... almost 10 years ago? I was so addicted with this movie I even wrote a fanfiction based on this movie haha yes I was that geeky. I don't know if you watched this movie before, but it's one of the movies I will always remember. Though I watched it so many times, as I grew up I kinda forgot some of the parts so I was glad I was able to catch this movie on Wakuwaku Japan. As you can tell, it's a ninja drama (hence, the Shinobi title) with amazing cast: Joe Odagiri (my childhood crush), Nakama Yukie (gokusen's Yankumi anyone?), Erika Sawajiri (she was one of the eye candies in this movie and I didn't know who she was back then until I watched 1 Litre of Tears years later), Mitsuki Koga, etc.

Read on to see more about this amazing movie ^^

Online Shopping with iPrice Discount Coupons and Vouchers

I might be addicted to online shopping. There's not a single day without online shopping, or online window shopping at least. Now that I think about it, most of my money goes to online shopping, from makeup to clothes and shoes. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. I subscribe to various online shopping malls newsletters so I always get notified when there are new arrivals and promotions. How I hate it whenever I get those promotion emails when I'm tight on budget. I still check them out though, out of curiosity, and sometimes I end up spending more than I should.

But now, I (and maybe you too) can let out a sigh in relief, cause there's something we call discount coupons that offer various deals and discount coupons from different brands and online shopping malls. It's the best way to save some dollars when purchasing the products I like. And I personally would like to introduce this coupon site, iPrice. Customers are able to pop by and browse through the store section or individually check out what’s on offer or based on the most popular coupons that is being viewed or used with the help of iPrice. 

Keep reading to learn more.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream Review

bobbi brown bb cream review

Hi guys sorry for the lack of beauty related posts these days. I wasn't feeling well the past couple days and couldn't get up to write a review. Anyway, I've been trying and using BB creams for around 4 years now and honestly I've never tried non asian bb creams before. I know there are a lot of western BB creams and CC creams now, but I decided to try Bobbi Brown's as my first.

Keep reading to see the full review.

Fun Texting with Frankly Chat

frankly chat app

If you ask me how many times do I text a day, I would say countless. Most people at work know how I can't be separated with my phones. I say phones cause I have two phones for work and personal purposes. I admit I barely check my work phone and don't hold onto it as much as my personal phone. My personal phone is also plugged most of the time, especially at work, simply cause I text too much. I have too many chat and text messenger applications on my phones, usually I use certain apps for certain people cause not everyone has the same apps. But with my boyfriend, we are in a long distance relationship so we communicate via texts mostly cause of different timezone and work schedules. Anyway, I always use the default iPhone message app when I'm texting him. We used to text on other couple apps but we eventually (and always) got lazy to open the apps and resort to the simple message app especially when we're on a rush. But ever since we've updated to iOS 7, well, I personally don't like how unpretty the message app is now. And it's iPhone, how pretty looking the text app can be?

I get bored easily and am someone who always need varieties in everything I do, including texting. So I'm glad when I was introduced to Frankly Chat. I personally stopped downloading new chat apps cause I've got too much already. But I'm glad I did try this app cause I really like the features. It's customizable, colorful, and simple. What I love the most about this app is probably the unsent feature. From all the chat apps I have, none of them can undo what I sent, whether accidentally or not. So to be able to unsend the sending text is such a cool feature. No more secondhand embarrassment just because of silly texting mistakes.

Wakuwaku Japan Drama: Q10

q10 drama

It's no secret that I loooove watching asian dramas, especially korean and japanese. If you ask me, I enjoy watching Japanese dorama more especially gakuen dorama cause I've been infatuated with anything Japan related for the longest time, since I was in elementary school I believe. So when I learned that a local cable channel, Indovision would air Wakuwaku Japan locally you don't know how happy I was. Well, since it just starts airing recently, around end of February 2014, they still don't have tons of dramas and other programs yet, but they already have some interesting programs like AKB48 Ne-mousu, Tokyo Girls update (one of my favorites), Black Jack (love this anime!), some cooking shows, dramas, and even tokusatsu. I mean, I used to stream online when it comes to Japanese drama and variety shows, while dramas are fairly easy to find, but it's quite rare to see english subbed japanese variety shows including J-idols variety and music shows. 

So now you know why recently I didn't blog as much....? Well, that's because of the Q10 drama! Yes yes gakuen drama on TV! I think the last time I watched teenage or gakuen dramas on TV was like ages ago, probably around my school days. With the amount of TV shows and dramas I follow weekly, it's getting harder to keep up with J-dramas. It's pretty nice to go home, sit back, turn on the TV and watch gakuen drama. Okay I keep saying gakuen drama gakuen drama, that's how much I missed school lol. Anyway, I'm going to share about this drama which I currently love, though I've yet to watch the final episodes. Q10 drama started airing on Wakuwaku Japan since February 24th around night time, and that's how I can follow this monday to thursday drama. The plot reminds me of Zettai Kareshi with reversed roles. But as I watch this drama, Chobits scenes keep flashing in my mind. Aachan played as Kyuuto, how could I not watch it?

Loveshoppingholics Circle Lens Giveaway

circle lens giveaway

Hello everyone! My previous giveaway ended yesterday and the winners were picked. Now I'm back with another circle lens giveaway, kindly sponsored by Loveshoppingholics. Loveshoppingholics is a circle lens store that carries various circle lens brands like Geo, Vassen, EOS, and more. They recently carry makeup products too so check them out ^^

Moon Princess Giveaway Winners

Our giveaway has just ended some hours ago. While I'm thankful of the number of participants who joined this giveaway, I'm also disappointed when sorting out the entries cause there are some people who cheated. It took us a while to filter the entries and finally the winners were picked by random.org so congratulations to the lucky winners!

Congratulations to Laven Mavarani and Graciela Portilla! We will email you and please respond within 48 hours to claim the prizes. If we don't get any replies, a new winner will be chosen ^^

Thank you for everyone who participated this giveaway and gave us your opinions and thoughts to improve our blogs. I still have 2 giveaways in store so stay tune ^^ and until next time~