2NE1 CL Happy Inspired Makeup Tutorial

2ne1 CL happy makeup tutorial

Hello again, guys, as promised I'm back with another makeup tutorial. Most of you know that I love 2NE1. It started when I listened to their pre debut song on 2009, Lollipop which they sang together with Big Bang. I was a Big Bang fan first. Then I got more hooked when I watched their very first debut stage on Inkigayo they performed Fire. First thing I noticed was... Park Bom cause she featured in couple of Big Bang songs before and I admired her. Then I noticed her style and makeup in the performance, but I also came to love all the other girls as they always have bold and edgy style. Of course, their music is what I love the most cause they're more into hip hop and rap, though recently they released more calmer and soulful songs. I also notice over the years Park Bom's eye makeup isn't as excessive as back then in the past. But I'm glad CL's pretty much stays the same. And if in my past 2NE1 makeup tutorials I used to recreate Bom's makeup, in this tutorial I'm going to recreate CL's.

A while ago they just came back with a new released album and 2 new MVs, Happy and Come Back Home. While Crush is my most favorite track, but Happy is my second favorite so I was excited when they released the MV. And I really love the style and colorful vibe despite the song lyrics. Here's the MV.

I’ll watch over you from afar
After putting all memories behind
Live happily once forgetting me
I Hope you’re H A P P Y
For this makeup tutorial I collaborate with my dear friends Momo, Kathy and Jesse please check their blogs too as they share the same passions in Korean Japanese makeup like me. I also collaborated with them before for Tsubasa Masukawa makeup tutorial and also Powerpuff Girls makeup.

Now let's move on to the tutorial :D

Recreating CL's look is harder than I expected. I forgot the fact that CL has monolid while I have double eyelids. I thought it was going to be fun drawing that winged eyeliner (my favorite btw) as much as I want without holding myself back cause CL does wear thick eyeliner. But I was wrong, it was so hard for me to recreate her eye makeup without looking so creepy cause of my eyelids. You'll see what I mean after looking at the finished photos. 

Anyway, as usual, start with applying moisturizer, primer and BB cream/foundation. CL main point is her eye makeup so that's what I'm going to show you since I'm sure applying BB cream isn't difficult for anyone.

1. Draw your eyebrow. Though her eyebrows are hidden here, but CL mostly have round curved eyebrows, not straight.
2. Apply base eye shadow around the eyes.
3. Apply brown eye shadow on the eyelid. I have to apply more up to the crease though, just because.
4. Extend the eye shadow to make a triangle for the cat style liner later.

5. I apply grey eye shadow on my lower line too and connect it with the upper line as a guide before the eyeliner.
6. Draw the eyeliner like shown on the picture. For me it's pretty hard to draw CL's style winged liner cause when my eyelid folds (?) it kinda hides half of the eyeliner if you get what I mean. So I have to draw it thicker. This will be easier for people with monolids.

7. Apply bronzer from lower cheek to your cheekbone diagonally.
8. Then apply highlighter on the cheekbones to the apple of your cheeks.
9. Take nude lipstick and apply it on your lips.


Products I use for this tutorial:

i.Fairy Cherry Gold

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser
Etude House SkinFit Foundation
Lioele Moist Beam Cushion
Enprani Cover Cushion
Physicians Formula RX Concealer in fair

MAC Blot Pressed Powder
Sleek Face Form in light

Urban Decay Mariposa Palette in skimp & mushroom
MAC Eye Shadow in black tied
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil #1
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara #1
Kanebo KATE Super Sharp Liner

NYX Round Lipstick in circe

Though it sounds really simple, the eyemakeup alone took me one hour thanks to my eyelid. It's really nice if I have monolids and have fun with the eyeliner. Though it doesn't look super thick (maybe it does) in the pictures, but in person the eyeliner is veeeeerrrry thick I scared my mom when she saw me, especially when I looked down or blinking. And also, with my eyelids, the eyeliner shape looks weird in some angles as you can see from the photos below :/ But hope this tutorial helps to achieve CL's look, thank you for reading :)

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