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If you ask me how many times do I text a day, I would say countless. Most people at work know how I can't be separated with my phones. I say phones cause I have two phones for work and personal purposes. I admit I barely check my work phone and don't hold onto it as much as my personal phone. My personal phone is also plugged most of the time, especially at work, simply cause I text too much. I have too many chat and text messenger applications on my phones, usually I use certain apps for certain people cause not everyone has the same apps. But with my boyfriend, we are in a long distance relationship so we communicate via texts mostly cause of different timezone and work schedules. Anyway, I always use the default iPhone message app when I'm texting him. We used to text on other couple apps but we eventually (and always) got lazy to open the apps and resort to the simple message app especially when we're on a rush. But ever since we've updated to iOS 7, well, I personally don't like how unpretty the message app is now. And it's iPhone, how pretty looking the text app can be?

I get bored easily and am someone who always need varieties in everything I do, including texting. So I'm glad when I was introduced to Frankly Chat. I personally stopped downloading new chat apps cause I've got too much already. But I'm glad I did try this app cause I really like the features. It's customizable, colorful, and simple. What I love the most about this app is probably the unsent feature. From all the chat apps I have, none of them can undo what I sent, whether accidentally or not. So to be able to unsend the sending text is such a cool feature. No more secondhand embarrassment just because of silly texting mistakes.

Here’s what makes Frankly Chat awesome:

  • Color your mood! Change the color of your messages to match your mood - make what you say big and loud or small and subtle with a simple pinch!
  • It’s like a real conversation! Like normal convo’s, all messages disappear after it’s read unless you – the sender – want to keep it!
  • Hallelujah! You can un-send! – No matter what you send, when you send it, or whom you send it to, you can always un-send and take it back. If someone screen-grabs you’ll know!
  • Picture Previews – Now you can snap and send edge-to-edge pictures (with a peek-through preview) that you and your friends can open right in the conversation.
  • So Many Ways to Connect – Add friends with an invite and a Personal ID Number (PIN), phone number, or email address. Once connected, you’ll see their profile and can start chatting right away – one-to-one or in groups!
  • Anonymous conversations. – Want to catch up on the latest gossip? Invite friends into one big anonymous conversation so everyone can say anything they want candidly! Frankly will make sure names don’t show up next to the messages or pictures. 
  • Studying Abroad? Frankly Chat for FREE! – You can chat with friends anywhere in the world for free. All you and your friends need is a Wi-Fi connection.


Nowadays almost all text apps have emoticons and stickers, while I find it funny and convenient, I tend to skip them when texting with my boyfriend. Why? I'm a chatterbox especially with him and I can't stop when I'm telling him something and I ain't have time to find the right stickers and emoticons. But fortunately, it's easy to change the font size as small and as big as I want. I know I want to get his attention when saying something on text. Sometimes he missed the important stories/sentences cause I talk (text) too much. So this feature is really good for me.


Actually my heart skipped a beat when I was trying to take a screenshot and got this notification pop up on my screen as if I just committed a crime. BUT, yes this is a pretty neat feature as well. I mean, considering the amount of time some people take advantage of others by let's say stealing the photos they show on text. So when someone takes a screenshot of the conversation, the other person would know simply cause they're notified that the person they're talking with  just took a screenshot. 

Here is a screenshot of the notification that I took a screenshot. I hope that's not confusing. And you can also see the message I was sending with super extra large font size. Well I sound mad cause of that large font size, but I just wanted him to reply to that specific question before we got off topic haha. Now, isn't it a bit confusing who is saying what because we have the same blue color? Don't worry you can even change your text bubble colors.


Once you tap to start a new message, you can slide your finger on the screen to pick the color you like. Or you can also tap the paint palette icon on the bottom of the screen to change the text bubble color. That's fairly easy. This feature can help letting me know who is the sender, especially when I'm in a group conversation. 


There's always a running bar once I send a message, notifying me how many seconds left until the message disappears. While that can be pretty convenient when texting with unwanted people, but since I'm always slow at reading and can be forgetful too, I don't want the messages I sent is automatically deleted after few seconds when chatting with my boyfriend. But this app also allows me to keep the messages. Just slide the message from left to right, while the bar is still running, and I can keep all the messages I sent. Though, I have to remind my boyfriend to do the same so I can see his past messages.

This app also has unsend feature which allows users to cancel sending unwanted message with just sliding the message from right to left.

Notice that the kept messages have labels so it won't disappear after some seconds. I love how I can change the colors everytime I want to send a message.

What I love:
- Free to download
- No extra charge
- Customizable colorful texts
- Customizable font size
- Simple, fun and easy to use
- Quick send
- Unsend feature
- Group chat available
- Full control to keep or delete the message
- Can add people in phone and facebook contact list

What I don't like:
- Not that nice when the other people doesn't keep their sent message and I don't get to read it before it disappears in 10 seconds after opening the new message.

Download Frankly Chat app

Download this app and find me with entering my pin fvw585 to chat with me ^^

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