Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick Review

holika holika heartful moisture lipstick review

I remember the first time I saw Holika Holika Heartful lipsticks last year and how cute the heart shaped bullet was. Then I ordered one only to find out I ordered the wrong one, which was Holika Holika Heartful Silky, cause it was a matte lipstick. The color was very lovely, my kind of nude color. But I couldn't wear it without mixing with other lipstick. And I still haven't had the chance to try the moisture lipstick, until early this year when I saw Holika Holika released 2 new colors to their Heartful Moisture Lipstick series, hot pink PK175 and purple PP701. As you may know, radiant orchid is 2014 Pantone's color of the year. I've been lusting for purple since forever, I have purple purse, shoes, phone cases, iPad case, and I thought why not purple lipstick? Remember when 2 weeks ago I posted this lipstick on my facebook page and some of you guessed the color? Only 2 people guessed it right ^^ maybe cause the pinkish red packaging is misleading and it's actually a purple lipstick :D

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holika holika heartful moisture lipstick
The box it comes with is the same box packaging the other Heartful lipsticks have. It's very cute, but this one has red and white colors with dozens of heart patterns. It's really cute, I'm so amused just by looking at it. 

holika heartful moisture lipstick review
I got PP701 shade, Miss Holika.

Isn't the packaging super cute? While some people prefer classic and sleek packaging I do love cute and adorable packaging like this one ^^

I personally think the color is gorgeous. It's not witchy dark purple or pale lavender, but sweet orchid. How adorable is the heart shaped bullet? I really love it and didn't want to try it on at first cause I was scared it'd lose shape once I apply it haha but fortunately it didn't. Sorry for the obvious noise, I had bad lighting when taking the photos :/

Fortunately it looks pretty sheer with just 1 swipe, since the color is pretty uncommon for me, I loved how sheer it was. But with 2-3 swipes the color is pretty and from the photos you can see it's pretty moisturizing with slight glossy finish, but not too glossy and sticky. The color is between hot pink and purple on my skin, but it's a bit more purple on my lips, probably because I have pigmented lips. And unlike the Heartful silky one, obviously this Holika Holika Heartful Moisture lipstick is moisturizing, not drying at all and it's just lovely. I love its sweet bubblegum scent.

- Moisturizing
- Buildable pigmentation
- Nice bubblegum scent
- Doesn't accentuate dry parts
- Adorable packaging
- Good lasting power
- Small and light, travel friendly

- None so far

This Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick has 8 colors, including the 2 new colors, hot pink and purple. It is meant to moisturize lips without accentuating dry parts of lips. I have to be honest it's not very pigmented like Etude House lipsticks, but is it very buildable. It starts off as sheer, but you can build it up. It lasts for 4-5 good hours before it fades away after I eat which is pretty normal and I don't mind reapplying after I eat and drink. The size makes it easy to carry around in my makeup pouch or my purse's inner pocket. Since it's moisturizing I don't need to apply lip balm first, so it's pretty convenient and quick to apply. The scent is a big plus for me, I mean bubblegum scent is probably my favorite, reminds me of my innocent childhood lol. Overall, I highly recommend this lipstick for anyone with dry to normal lips, it has some great color selections, not a lot of varieties unlike Apieu Nature Flower though. But yes, I found my new favorite lipstick that keeps my lips moist, though the color isn't something I can wear everyday to work.

I purchased this from W2Beauty

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