Missha M Everlasting Lacquer Rouge Review

missha m lacquer rouge

Hello, everyone! I'm back with another makeup review today. I got this from Beauteque, read my previous post about their service if you haven't. Anyway, I can't call myself lipstick junkie, but I do prefer lipstick over lipgloss anyday. Since last year I fell in love with coral shade but kinda stopped buying anything coral since Marxie brainwashed me to love pink more, and I did. When I saw Missha lip lacquer and they have such a pretty coral shade, I decided to try it out. Actually I'm not a big fan of lip gloss cause sometimes I find lip gloss is too glossy and kinda sticky. So when I know that Missha M Everlasting Lacquer Rouge is like a matte lip gloss, I just had to try it. 

I got this lip lacquer from Beauteque. The shipping was quick, about less than a week I believe? Considering it was shipped from US... it didn't disappoint me :D Anyway, it comes with a pretty cool gradient box.

Can I say cute packaging? Love the gradient glass and the fancy cap. The size is a bit bigger than most of lip gloss I own. It's sturdy and doesn't crack or break when I drop it accidentally.

Look at the cap. I don't know how to describe it and maybe it's not important for some people, but I always love pretty packaging like this haha.

I got the coral shade, CR01

The doe foot applicator


The first time I apply it, it looks pretty glossy like any other lip gloss, but this lip lacquer turns matte in few seconds. At the beginning I'm so happy that this lip lacquer won't stain on my blouse and mug. But after some hours, I notice that it accentuates my dry lips so I don't know if I should wear it again. And it can be not moisturizing, so I actually don't recommend this for people with dry lips. In the second photo, I already applied lip balm under the lip lacquer and it did help a lot though I can still see the dry area, but it's not as bad as when I applied the lacquer on my raw lips. I've been using this couple times a week though just because I like the finish and color payoff.

- Fancy packaging
- Available in 5 shades
- Pigmented
- Lasts whole day
- Doesn't stain
- Matte
- Waterproof

- Can be too drying for people with dry lips
- Can only be removed by cleansing oil
- Accentuates dry parts

This is a waterproof matte lip lacquer and its scent is kind of fragrance-y but I don't find it disturbing, it smells nice for me. It's very pigmented, all you need is 1 swipe or 2. After few seconds, it turns matte and without it accentuates dry lips so make sure to exfoliate and also apply lip balm before, or a top coat after the lip lacquer. The best thing about this lip lacquer is it won't stain your shirt or leave any marks anywhere, even when you touch your lips with your fingers, you won't see a thing. And because of its staying power, the only way to remove it is by using cleansing oil. Lip remover works too but not as fast as cleansing oil. Overall, this lip lacquer is meant for people with healthy moisturized lips, might not be for chapped lips. But people with dry lips (like me) still can use it as long as you exfoliate and moisturize first. After using lip balm, and apply this lacquer, my lips has a pretty matte finish with less visible dry parts. If you prefer a bit of gloss, I recommend you to get the Missha lip top coat.

Beauteque for only $14. Currently Beauteque is having 10% off all products with coupon code: SAMPLE BAG and they're also offering free domestic shipping and flat rate international shipping until March 31st.

missha lacquer rouge

Have you tried lip lacquer products? What's your favorite lip colors?


Disclaimer: This product is sent for review purpose but my review is based on my honest experience and 100% my own.

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