Sakurina Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

sakurina gyaru makeup tutorial

Hello guys I'm back with another makeup tutorial today ^^ A while ago I was invited to join this collab to recreate Sakurina's makeup look. While many people like Tsubasa Masukawa's look ( I do too ), but if I could choose, I would prefer Sakurina's makeup style anyday. I mean... excessive eyeliner and lashes anyone? Sakurina is more bold with her eye makeup (which I love), and her rokku styles, and also her rhinestone nail art. For this post, I collaborated with other lovely gyaru bloggers, Rina from Haneulpolaris and Jennifer & Vicky from Tofudachi. Did you notice that we all wear different lipstick colors? Haha, anyway visit their blogs to see their Sakurina's makeup tutorial!

Now, let's move on to the makeup tutorial.

Before we begin, let me display her gorgeousness, Sakurai Rina aka Sakurina.

Out of all Sakurina's styles, this is probably my most favorite. But I do love her no bangs platinum blonde style too. 

Anyway, I start with applying primer and foundation, then I dust my loose powder to get matte finish.

1. Blonde eyebrow is a must! Draw eyebrow with eyebrow pencil and swipe the hair with eyebrow mascara.
2. Apply eyelid primer if needed, then apply base eyeshadow around the eyes.
3. Apply black eyeshadow on your eyelid.

4. Extend the eyeshadow longer than your eyeline and apply black eyeshadow (or gel liner) on your lower line as well.
5. Give some space like shown on the picture when drawing the line to create bigger eye effect, and connect the lower and upper line.
6. Use eyeliner to draw the eyeline and the inner corner of your eye. As I have round eye, I always draw it that way to make my eyes look sharper, then I connect it with the lower line and blend the half line with the eyeshadow. (wow I'm bad at explaining)

7. Apply lipstick and lip gloss.
8. Put on upper and lower eyelashes. A little tips, put the lower lashes a bit lower around the bottom part of the drawn line.
9. Contour and highlight your nose. Also highlight your cheekbone and apply bronzer and blush.

gyaru sakurina makeup
Done! Different? That's cause Sakurina's look is too gorgeous to recreate haha.

Here is the list of products I use.

i.fairy Cherry Gold 

Banila Co Classic Primer
Bobbi Brown BB Cream
Lioele Moist Beam Cushion
Makeup Forever Super Matte Loose Powder
Sleek Face Form

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in sin
Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow
Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner
Diamond Eyelashes Glam
Diamond Eyelashes Sweet
Benefit It's Real Mascara

NYX Round Lipstick in Honey
Shu Uemura Lipgloss PK333S

gyaru sakurina makeupgyaru makeup
gyaru makeup

And that's all for this collab. Thank you Vicky for inviting me it was a fun one ^^ and hope this tutorial can help too~ I still have 4 more collab makeup tutorial posts so stay tune :D

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