SNSD Hyoyeon Mr Mr Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys! After few days not posting, I'm back with another makeup tutorial. It's another collaboration post with other beauty blogger friends. Thank you to Charmaine who invited all of us to join and recreate SNSD's makeup style on Mr Mr MV. While some of you always know me as 2NE1 fan, I always like SNSD too, though not so musically cause I prefer YG music ^^ But I follow some of their variety shows and dramas and I have to say that Hyoyeon is probably my favorite, especially on variety shows. She's just witty and funny and a dork lol. I also like Jessica ^^ Anyway today, I will share Hyoyeon inspired makeup tutorial that I recreate. 

Here are the other girls I collaborate with this time, please do visit them too ^^

Taeyeon - Charmaine 
Jessica - Mary 
Sooyoung - Mindy 
Tiffany - Fifi
Hyoyeon - Misa
Yuri - Gin
Sunny - Yomi
Yoona - Bella
Seohyun - Aimee

Now let's see the tutorial~

First off, let's see how Hyoyeon looks like on the MV this time.

I don't like how the MV is like LTE speed I barely can see any of the girls makeup, but managed to find some screencaps online and Hyoyeon's makeup key points are dark brown-almost black eye shadow and liner, face contouring, highlight, and red/orange lips. Easy? Not really. Time consuming? Not at all.

1. First I start with clean moisturized and primed face.
2. Apply bb cream/foundation. I use base bb cream and pat my face with cushion foundation.
3. Dab concealer brush on blemishes.
4. Lastly I apply loose powder (this step is optional)

snsd hyoyeon eye makeup
5. Draw eyebrow (straight eyebrow is recommended but I draw curved eyebrow for this tutorial) with eyebrow pencil and use eyebrow mascara if needed.
6. Apply base eyeshadow around the eyes.
7. Apply dark brown eye shadow on the eye lid, extend the tail outward.
8. Draw a line with dark brown eyeshadow/liner on the lower liner and connect with the upper tail, making a wing.
9. Darken the outer part (around the wing) with grey/black eyeshadow.
10. Frame the upper line with eyeliner, then apply mascara on lashes.

11. Contour your nose.
12. Apply bronzer under the cheekbones using contour brush and blend upwards onto the cheeks. Then apply highlighter on the cheekbones.
13. Apply orange or reddish lipstick.


Products I use:

i.Fairy Cherry Gold

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser
Etude House SkinFit Foundation
Lioele Moist Beam Cushion
Physicians Formula RX Concealer in fair
Makeup Forever Super Matte Powder
MAC Blot Pressed Powder
Sleek Face Form in light

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in sin
Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil #1
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara #1
Kanebo KATE Super Sharp Liner

NYX Round Lipstick in circe
Tonymoly Cat Chu Wink Lip Tint

Thank you to Fifi and Charmaine for this photo lol. I look like Hyo's pregnant mom. She's so tiny and petite haha. Anyway, this collab was fun to do I got to talk with some new blogger friends to thanks to this project ^^ I know my tutorial isn't identical to what Hyoyeon wore in the MV but I tried my best so hopefully it can be helpful :)

Thank you for reading and see you on my next makeup tutorials!

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