SoLolita Grass Green Ombre Wig Review

wig review

I think most of my wigs are curly, I only have one straight hair wig and I didn't like it cause it tangles too much and once I wrap it in the hairnet, it turns wavy in not a good way. But I decided to try a new straight hair wig just because I liked the colors. Someone asked me "do you cosplay? why do you have many wigs?" well, I don't but it doesn't hurt to have too many as it's easy to change hairstyle and hair color that way without damaging my hair (besides I like my blonde hair so I'm not gonna change color anytime soon). Anyway, I received this wig from SoLolita. It's apparently a medium length 3 tone ombre wig.

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So I chose this wig because I fell in love with the colors and hairstyle. Here is the stock photo on the website.

That. Isn't it pretty? Like ashy green and dark blonde. Though I can't imagine myself with "green" hair but I knew I wanted to try this wig. But look what I got?

 Different bangs color :( Actually I didn't notice it at first, I mean, I seriously didn't remember what the stock photos are like when I got it. Until I looked it up again and noticed the difference. What I got, the bangs are pure green, well more like dark turquoise green I guess, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm no expert in colors. But the bangs is way more vibrant and totally a different color than the mid hair parts. This picture doesn't really show the different color cause of the poor lightning, but you can see below for clearer photos.

The bangs is vibrant dark turquoise green (?) maybe they run out of ashy grass green? Haha but despite the color difference, I don't hate it once I put it on. When I got the wig, it is pure straight with a little messy wave in the end, but since I took it out and wrapped it back in the hairnet, the next time I took it out it's pretty wavy but I like it. It looks natural looking.

I don't know about you, but I begin to love the color gradients. The top part to the bangs is mostly dark turquoise green mixed with ash green and blonde highlights. But I absolutely adore the mid part, the ashy green with blonde highlights to the ombre part. It's just lovely. The hair is so smooth and so far no nasty tangles, it also have great amount of hair so it's not so thin. Please note that I keep some of the hair back and didn't pull all the hair to the front :) It's also made of heat resistant fiber so it's safe to be ironed or curled.

kawaii wig
It is really comfortable to wear, the size is pretty big so my big head doesn't feel too tight. And the inside is made of lace so it's not hot at all. I don't know if it's my makeup (as if) or the hairstyle of this wig, but I feel... different? I really like the overall look while wearing this wig. The hairstyle is pretty basic and natural but probably cause it's a bit darker than my usual hair I feel slightly different and somewhat better. How I wish I can wear this wig everyday cause I feel prettier haha jk. This wig suits for gyaru and/or lolita style as well.

With the amount of photos I post, you can tell overall I really like this wig. On my day out with some friends next time I will definitely wear this when I have bad hair day (or more like bad black roots day). You can get this wig on SoLolita.

kawaii wig

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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